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Character typing hell and bad MBTI arguments: The NJs

Do you want to run this train off the rails and/or straight into a mountain? Good because we’re in low-Se country. Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.


  • sociable and fun but needs alone time
  • Smart
  • likes physical contact with people they care about
  • can seem extroverted but is just popular
  • practical
  • reserved
  • kind
  • creative
  • warm but comes off as cold sometimes because people don’t understand
  • strong
  • complex
  • deep
  • more control over their mind than other types
  • seeks meaningful emotional relationships
  • appreciates normative accomplishments

Do you see now? Do you see why every so often the MBTI community turns on INFJs? It’s because of shit like this. If you are supposed to be less than 1% of the population why in the name of fuzzy caterpillars are you primarily defining yourself by completely universal things like “sometimes likes to be around people but sometimes does not” and “cares about their friends” plus a smattering of “by the way I’m better and smarter than you and I shall convey this using ultimately meaningless words”

Look you already hopefully read the Elsa forum argument that I posted earlier so yeah INFJs? GET YOUR FUCKING HOUSE IN ORDER.


  • relies on what they see
  • misanthropic
  • has a plan
  • lacks morals but is loyal
  • intense
  • only fix things to figure out how they work

Just a concept but maybe if you hate people you’re just an asshole. There was definitely a lot of the old “Ah, I see you have entered my minimalist lair. This is all a portion of the grand scheme” INTJ stereotype whereas I feel most of the tumblr INTJs have come around to the true state of things which is that an actual INTJ will clean all of their house in a 12-hour marathon and then send their friends, which they do in fact have and enjoy, a bunch of videos of their cat who is high on the catnip they (the INTJ, not the cat) found in said cleaning binge, but will also have some weird thoughts on entropy or something in the process.

Also people really need to stop typing sensor scientists as INTJs and INTPs just because they know what an atom is because then you get complete opposite descriptions of what intuition actually means, namely trusting the inference more than the observation. Every time you make an ISTJ accidentally type themselves as an INTJ due to poor examples, Isabel Myers’s ISTJ husband rolls in his grave.


  • doesn’t hold grudges
  • rebel with a cause
  • highly ethical
  • makes plans
  • Very expressive

“What’s an ENFJ? Oh, it’s an INFJ, but filthy extrovert scum? Eww.” This was the general forum vibe and basically every ENFJ-typed character was either an ENFP or ESFJ. Or Hermione, Patron Goddess of Te, you ungrateful motherfuckers. The actual description isn’t bad but it’s again kind of meaningless. Anyone can be a rebel with the cause if the rules are bad enough.


  • Doesn’t care about manners
  • immune to outside influence
  • don’t care about people except as pawns
  • spits out thoughts

I kind of get how ENTP and ENTJ get mistyped as each other on the forums now given the idea that ENTJs don’t care about manners but ENTPs do because of inferior Si. Really, speaking as someone who generally likes Te-doms unless they’re power-tripping professors, they got a kind of bad rap on the forums. Any moderately not a ruthless murderer businessperson was automatically an ENTP Entrepreneur which, yeah, you can’t spell Entrepreneur without ENTP but you also can’t spell it without Ent Pee and I haven’t seen any Tolkienites with a very specific fetish show up trying to sell me stuff. I think I lost the plot but you know what I mean. ENTJs: not just three embodiments of avarice in a trenchcoat.

In conclusion forums killed my pet turtle and ate all of my chocolate chips, and please learn how to structure a goddamn argument before you talk on the internet.

A final thought from said forums:

“Everyone has the right to type as they like” I mean true but I also have the right to walk around in crocs with a sign that says 2+2=17, doesn’t mean I’m correct about either math or fashion

TWICE as high school students
  • Nayeon: the popular girl everyone likes,nice to everyone,always smiling,knows boys have a crush on her and loves it
  • Jeongyeon: captain of the girl's soccer team,has a lot of guy friends who secretly wanna bang her,is disgusted by relationships,gets aggressive before every game
  • Momo: cheerleader,gets rid of stress by drowning in food,her cheer squad always messes up the routine and shes the one saving the day but never gets enough credit for it,hates math
  • Sana: the fashion icon,loves being in the spotlight but is really clumsy,the type to fight with the boy she secretly likes,does a lot of hair flicking and one time almost set the chem lab on fire during class
  • Jihyo: the class president,is always tired and sleepy,never gets the deserved recognition from the teachers but never complains,can't rely on her class so she just does the thing by herself
  • Mina: the mysterious girl that almost never speaks,lots of boys have a crush on her but she doesn't even know,isn't really mysterious just really awkward
  • Dahyun: the president of the drama club,considers everyone her best friend,teaches yoga to pregnant people part-time,the teachers love her
  • Chaeyoung: the art hoe,her drawings are always hung over the school walls,can't live without her earphones,has an instagram with a theme,aesthetic above everything else
  • Tzuyu: the freshman that looks like a senior,was popular before she even entered highschool,is the kid throwing smartass comments under her breath during class