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  • -Sasuke is walking Sarada to the academy, has her wrapped in his cloak, only her head is sticking out-
  • Sarada: Papa c'mon, this is so humiliating.
  • Sasuke: I'll keep following you around like that until you change your outfit.
  • Sarada: But papa, short dresses are trendy now!
  • Sasuke: Not on my watch. As a shinobi you should dress decently.
  • Sarada: You are the one to talk about dress-code! Mama showed me the outfit you wore at sixteen. Even aunt Tsunade doesn't show so much cleavage. And that purple rope...! (starts laughing)
  • Sasuke: ...Your mother keeps undermining my authority.

i may be 3 hrs late but Happy birthday my son!! 🎂💕🎉

(also thank u @thingsteruwouldwear bc i only found that hat and sweater thanks to ur blog!)


And just one more for today~ Nadiv’s look hasn’t changed at all in a year, minus hiding his backpack and getting a neat bow!

Nadiv served as a Warden before pursuing his Wyld hunt, eventually picking up the mantle as -the-Commander of his group, enlisting the help of Cahalathin and others along the way. He’s polite and patient when dealing with others (and dotes greatly upon his pet Wyvern and River Drake), but ruthless and absolute in battle. Nadiv awoke from the Dream during the celebration of the Mad King and wears the phantom’s hood in honor of it, though he’d never outwardly admit just how cool he thinks the Mad King is.

Gear: Phantom’s Hood, Firstborn Shoulderguards, Firstborn Coat, Nightshade Gloves, Firstborn Leggings, Firstborn Boots

Dyes: White, Illumination, Indigo

Commission for @lenkalost of Lambert from the witcher series.

Also works as day 4 of inktober



So I heard you are all gay for Ithaca… me too.

Shelter Me

Title: Shelter Me 

Rating: M - for language and a tiny bit of sexy times.

Genre: Humor, Romance

Summary: Killian develops a habit of bringing home abandoned pets, he uses his pirate prowess to convince his Swan to let the animals stay. Featuring Tad Cooper, Swashbuckling Killian and sidekick Henry, and Leroy the Saboter.

A/N:  This fic was inspired by this picture, from the lovely artist @tennant-the-tigger.  A huge thank you for beta and read through to @xhookswenchx and a huge thank you for the read through and providing the title @laschatzi for this, my first ever fan fic!  Thanks also ladies for supporting me in the technical aspects as well.  


“Swan, I am keeping this old tramp, and you can’t stop me!“

 Emma’s eyes turned as big as saucers as she stared down her pirate.

 "I’m sorry love, I don’t know what came over me,” he apologized, rubbing at the back of his neck sheepishly.

 "I think you temporarily lost your mind, pirate,“ Emma replied, even though deep down she knew, if he really asked, she’d be hard pressed to find it within herself to tell him no…about anything.

 "Apologies milady,” Killian crooned in that deep timbre as he swept her into an all encompassing hug. It was worth a try, he thought.

 "Please love, can we keep him, look at those eyes,“ he pleaded.

 Emma looked down at the unkempt dog, and back up to Killian, unable to decide who looked more pathetic. "Please,” he begged once more.

 She rolled her eyes skyward, “Fine pirate, but he’s your dog and you take care of him”.

 His responding smile could’ve lit up the whole of Storybrooke. Emma secretly cherished being able to make him smile like that, her own personal smile. It made her feel as though his joy was, in some small part, due to her.

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