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Imperial Yellow 18th Century Fashion

I know, I’ve already made a yellow post before (you can check it HERE) but this very shade of yellow that came into fashion because of the Chinese influence became popular is just beautiful.

BTW I found a cotton velvet in this very shade and I think it would make a gorgeous riding habit!

Images from top:

  1. Back detail of a robe à l’anglaise (check out the buttons to wear it retroussée à la polonaise!!), ca. 1770s-1780s, Victoria & Albert Museum.
  2. French Brunswick jacket, 1765 - 1775, Victoria & Albert Museum.
  3. Dress, 1770s; men’s coat, 1790s, Fashion Institute of Technology.
  4. Dress made of 1740s Spitalfields fabric, 1770s, The Kyoto Costume Institute.
  5. Caitriona Balfe as Claire in Outlander, costume design by Terry Dresbach.
  6. French mitt, late 18th century-early 19th century, Museum of Fine Arts Boston.
  7. Floral robe á la polonaise, American, 1780-85, Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  8. Robe à la française, England, ca. 1760, LACMA.
  9. Embroidered vest, Norway, Nasjonalmuseet.
  10. Maternity outfit, mid 18th century, Sweden, Nordiskamuseet.

Our Top 10 Fashion Colleges 

Ever heard the saying “You know when you know?” Usually it pertains to love or finding ‘the one.’ Well, the same is with college, you have to find the one after so many choices but you will know when you know! 

1. Parsons, The New School of Design 

Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion studies, Fashion Marketing

Students: undergrads, 4,191; graduate, 555

Tuition: $38,510

Alumni: Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Narisco Rodriguez, Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Jenna Lyons of J.Crew, Anna Sui, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, Prabal Gurung (only to name a few.)

Fun Fact: Parsons is an aspiring fashion designer’s dream! I’m sure you know of Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan and their amazing collections. Well, how would you like it if they were your teacher for a couple days? These events are common in the New York City’s best design school. They have collaborations with the fashion house LVMH. 

2. Fashion Institute of Technology

Programs: anything from fashion merchandising to media arts

Students: 10,386

Tuition: $5,168 for NYC residents, $13,550 out-of-state

Alumni: Reem Acra, Nina Garcia, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Nanette Lepore

Fun Fact: I visited FIT in the Fall and it was an extremely impressive school. Your career after FIT is pretty much set up for you after you graduate. You will definitely leave will a job. 

3. Pratt

Programs: Fashion design

Students: 2,100

Tuition: $37,500

Alumni: Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson

Fun Fact: It is an up-and-coming design school located in Brooklyn, New York. It is part of a larger art school and is one of the few design programs that offer fashion editorializing and magazine publishing. 

4. Kent State University

Programs: Design and Merchandising 

Students: 18,000; 800 are fashion students

Tuition: Ohio resident: $9,030, for out-of-state, $16,900

Fun Fact: They have a garment center in NYC and is starting to become quite famous. They have a huge endowment, study abroad programs in Paris and Milan. You will be able to study fashion and get a full college experience. 

5. Academy of Art 

Programs: Fashion Design, Knitwear Design, Textile Design, Fashion Journalism and Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

Students: 17,000; 2,700 are fashion

Tuition: $17,760

Fun Fact: Located in sunny San Francisco and have a show in New York Fashion Week. 

6. The Savannah College of Art and Design 

Programs: Fashion design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Accessories Design

Students: 9,800; 940 fashion students

Tuition: $30,510

Fun Fact: Only school to have Luxury and Fashion Management program. And it’s not only a fashion school but, an excellent art college. Located in Savannah, Georgia.

7. Drexel Univeristy

Programs: Fashion Design, Design and Merchandising 

Students: 2,800 art and design students, 120 fashion students, 260 Design and Merchandising

Tuition: $39,700

Fun Fact: Philadelphia’s university also offers a sophomore year opportunity when you can study abroad in London School of Fashion, and many alumni have gotten successful jobs in France in their field. 

8. Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising 

Programs: Fashion Design, Footwear Design, Costume Design, Jewelry Design, Textile Design, Merchandising (Fashion & Beauty Programs)

Students: 8,000

Tuition: $27,000-$36,000 depending on area of study

Alumni: Monique Lhuillier, Pamela Skaist-Levy

Fun Fact: Los Angeles’s has beauty programs and is in the heart of the city of angels. 

9. California College of the Arts 

Programs: Fashion Design, Textiles, Jewelry Design 

Students: 1,640; 65 fashion students 

Tuition: $36,960

Fun Fact: This college has two locations; one in San Francisco and one in Oakland, California. This is a CFDA affiliated school and is known for their prestigious awards and the fashion world’s favoritism. 

10. Labratory Institute of Merchandising

Programs: International Business, Fashion Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Marketing and Management 

Students: 1,508

Tuition: $23,070

Almuni: Rea Laccone, CEO of Vince 

Fun Fact: New York City’s college requires internships three out of the four years. Freshman and sophomore years required 300 hours of retail. They have several concentrations of many jobs that will be helpful in many fields. 

Not your type.

Riley laid flat on her stomach across her bed, mindlessly flipping through a vogue magazine as her best friend aggressively went through her wardrobe, leaving no shoe un-turned.

“I don’t get it.” Maya mumbles under her breath, “how on earth is it that you go to the Fashion Institute of Technology and yet your closet has no fashion.” She huffs throwing one of Riley’s scarves on the floor.

“Looking for anything specific?” The brunette asks, though truth be told she had zoned out 15 minutes ago and couldn’t for the life of her remember why the petite girl was rummaging through her clothes.

“Something nice?” The blonde states but the way it sounds comes off as more of a question. “I don’t know. The guy I’m seeing tonight is kind of boring? Okay, maybe not boring per say but he’s kind of this goody-goody, he’s in med school I think? Super polite, you know the type.”

“Yeah, I do.” Riley raises her eyebrow, “And he doesn’t sound like yours.”

“He’s not.” Maya smirks. “I figure I can mess him up a bit. Make him more fun, maybe a little dangerous.”

“Or, and hear me out on this one, you can date someone you actually like.” Riley offers, finally sitting up from her bed to inspect the damage her friend had caused.

The entire contents of her dresser and closet were sprawled out on the floor, making the carpet underneath it barely noticeable.

“The guys I date suck.” The blonde pouts, “Besides, they’re always so predictable.”

“That’s because you have a very specific type.” Riley rolls her eyes, “Musician or Artist. Super sexy and always super emotionally unavailable.”

“Which is exactly why I’m going out with this guy.” Maya reiterates. “- and usually I wouldn’t know what the hell to talk about with someone like him but that’s exactly why you’ll be there.”

“What?!” Riley stands to her feet, crossing her arms over her chest. “Nah uh no way not going to happen.”

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What to know about being a Fashion Student

What people will say when you tell them you’re studying fashion

External image

They’ll then assume that you want to be a designer

External image

Not everyone who studies fashion is a designer. There are stylists, buyers, CEO’s, publicists, journalists, marketing analysts, social media managers, the list goes on..

They will probably assume you have the intelligence level of a goat.

External image

And when they do you tell them this

We’re not rocket scientists, but we take calculus classes, statistics, economics, etc. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. You think it’s run by idiots?

However there are times where you’ll walk into a class like

Not so bright people are everywhere, in fashion and elsewhere. If you find yourself surrounded by an astounding number of them, sit back and enjoy the probably rare moment that you’re the smartest person in the room. 

According to our Instagrams this is what we do on the weekend.

External image

But this is probably what we’re actually doing on the weekend.

External image

Working, going to school, interning, it’s all tiring and by the end of the week your bed is just about the only place you want to be. 

How people think we all talk all the time

External image

How we actually talk

How people think we look going to class

External image

And yeah some girls do look like this, but then theres the other 50% who look like this

External image

Sweatpants are never something to be ashamed of.

How people think we spend our Friday nights

External image

How we actually spend our Friday nights

External image

Going out is expensive. Especially if you’re going to school in a big city like New York. Most of the time its easier and wayy cheaper to just bring the party inside. Which brings me to my next point:

People will assume you shop all the time. 

No. We’re just like other college students

People will think these are the guys you get to date

But really if we can find just one single, straight, remotely aesthetically pleasing guy we be like

External image

Oh and everyone will assume you’re on some kind of diet

External image

But its a lie

External image


Spring 2017 Worn Wear College Tour!

Folks, we’re hitting the road and traveling to colleges around the country to repair clothing for free and teach folks how to fix their own clothes. In an effort to repair more than just clothes, for this tour we’ve teamed up with the Post Landfill Action Network to create conversation and action towards a world with less waste. There will be some fun talks along the way from our own Rick Ridgeway, Vincent Stanley and many others.

The Patagonia Worn Wear repair team can fix about 40 garments per day (sorry, no repairs on luggage or shoes). All repairs are made on a first come, first served basis. One repair per guest. We fix all brands!

Tour stops

Click on each stop for details:

Thur 2/16  Feb. 16  10am-5pm  College of Charleston  Charleston, SC

Tue 2/21  Feb. 21  10am-5pm  University of Georgia  Athens, GA  

Thur 2/23  Feb. 23  11am-6pm  Clemson University  Clemson, SC     

Mon. 2/27  Feb. 27  10am-5pm  Warren Wilson College  Swannanoa, NC

Wed 3/1  Mar. 1  9am-3pm  American University  Washington DC 

Fri 3/3  Mar. 3  10am-5pm  Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)  New York, NY  

Mon. 3/6  Mar. 6  11am-6pm  Yale University  New Haven, CT  

Wed 3/8  Mar. 8  10am-5pm   Mass Amherst  Amherst, MA 

Fri. 3/10  Mar. 10  10am-5pm  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)   Cambridge, MA       

Tues 3/21  Mar. 21  9am-5pm  University of New Hampshire  Durham, NH  

Thurs. 3/23  Mar. 23  11am-6pm  University of Vermont  Burlington, VT  

Mon. 3/27  Mar. 7  10am-5pm  Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)   Rochester, NY  

Wed. 3/29  Mar. 29  12pm-7pm  Ohio University  Athens, OH 

Fri 3/31  Mar. 31  10am-4pm  Michigan State University  East Lansing, MI  

Wed 4/5  Apr. 5  10am-4pm  University of Minnesota  Minneapolis, MN

Mon. 4/10  Apr. 10  10am-5pm  University of Colorado: Colorado Springs  Colorado Springs, CO  

Wed. 4/12  Apr. 12  10am-5pm  Utah State University  Logan, UT  

Tues. 4/18  Apr. 18  10am-5pm  University of Oregon   Eugene, OR 

Fri. 4/21  Apr. 21  10am-5pm  UC Berkeley  Berkeley, CA 

Tue. 4/25  Apr. 25  10am-5pm  Cal Poly SLO  San Luis Obispo, CA

Wed. 4/26  Apr. 26  11am-5pm  UC Santa Barbara  Santa Barbara, CA 

The Middle: Three Major Lessons (Almost) Two Years at FIT Have Taught Me

It has been 467 days since my parents dropped me off in front of FIT’s doors. That is roughly 11,000 hours of my life spent as a business student at one of the top fashion schools in the country, if not the world.

In that time I have faced more here than any amount of time spent outside of New York before my college years. It’s true what they say: New York will eat you up and spit your pretty little self back out on the concrete. But, looking back from the half way point I finally understand what they mean when they say you will come out the other side a better, tougher, and even more stylish person. Being at FIT is the same deal. You are constantly surrounded by people with the drive of a Duracell bunny and the talent to match. There really is no better place to grow and get a serious reality check. Here are three very important lessons that as a sophomore going into her fourth semester can lay on you.

Lesson #1: Heels to a Monday 8 AM are NEVER a good idea.

Everyone thinks it before they come to fashion school: we all run around all hours of the morning and night in our best 6-inch stilettos. Wrong. Expectation: we drown ourselves in the biggest labels, the greatest designers, and are always dressed to the nines at all possible moments. We don’t believe in even going to the deli down the street without a full face of makeup and our Louboutins. Reality: alongside rent, tuition, and paying to live in a city that robs you of at least twenty dollars every time you step out your apartment doors, we go for affordable (but chic, of course) looks. Look around your morning classes and what will you see? Undoubtedly a group of twenty something’s that look like… wait for it. Normal college students. Ok, maybe not your typical sweatpants and hoodie duds, but we certainly don’t (all) look like we just stepped off the set of The Real Housewives. Fashion students are people too.

Lesson #2: Everything you think you already know is wrong.

We’re all guilty of it— we’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada a million and one times and can quote every line from every episode of Sex and the City so of course we think we know it all. It’s okay, it happened. It’s over. Time to move forward. Living and working in New York is not always like the movies. I can guarantee that working in the fashion industry is not what you think. One of the greatest things I have learned in my three internships thus far is to always listen and absorb everything happening around you, and throw everything you think you know out the window. Everyone starts at the same place: the bottom. You are not entitled to anything when you are just starting out, so be prepared to learn, learn, learn and work, work, work.

Lesson #3: Nothing is handed to you, ever.

I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or however many connections you have coming into fashion school, we all have to prove that we have the drive, the passion, and the commitment to go after what we want. It’s a hard-knock and often times stressful life as a fashion student. You’ve got to remember that nothing happens by just waiting around and hoping. You have to make the effort. Pick up the phone, send an email, and scour the Internet to find out what you need in order to move forward. For every internship you apply to, there are seas of other candidates that want that spot. For every paper or article you write, there are twenty others for your professor to read. You aren’t ever going to be handed the opportunity of a lifetime, you’ve got to create the opportunities for yourself because once you get there it will feel a hundred more times as satisfying. Trust me.

Note: This article was written as part of my final project for my fashion journalism class in December 2013.
Doctor/Nurse AU Masterlist

All for you by Soulsong26

Summary:  After his grandma dies, Yuuri get attached to a nurse assistant named Viktor and becomes a nurse in hopes to see Viktor again.

Art of Medicine, Art of Humanity byFaramirsBlessing

Summary:  Little Yuri gets himself injured and in the emergency room and is under the care of nurse Yuuri Katsuki and Dr. Viktor Nikiforov.

Butt Stuff by Plumpie

Summary:  AU in which top Japanese male figure skater Katsuki Yuuri is recovering from an invasive (and frankly, quite embarrassing) surgical procedure, and his visitation nurse turns out to be terribly, terribly attractive. If only they had met under less humiliating circumstances.

Chemistry of a Car Crash by super_queer

Summary:  Katsuki Yuuri gets into a car accident and the doctor caring for him is Viktor Nikiforov. Features fluff, and a Viktor that doesn’t know how to ice skate.

(TW) Enthrall by poppysicle

Summary:  No one knew something was wrong with him. No one cared to even ask the competitive figure skater. Not until it lead to him laying in the bed of a hospital room, feeling absolute regret that what he did couldn’t be finished. But maybe it was for the best, Victor doesn’t know that yet.

Fight me? by theaceangel

Summary:  Yuri pretty much sucks at flirting. It’s a good thing the hot nurse doesn’t mind.

Glasshouse by Potato_man

Summary:  AU where Yuuri is a doctor and has no knowledge in skating whatsoever.

Hi, Screw Me? by queeravocado

Summary:  Victor Nikiforov is New York’s acclaimed doctor, nationally famous for his work. He gets a call one day to fill in for Dr. Yakov Feltsman, the main doctor who’s out sick for the day. Victor’s not too happy to be working on his day off, but when he gets to the office he happens to meet Yuuri Katsuki, an overseas fashion designer from Japan and a professor at FIT(Fashion Institute of Technology.) Not to mention he’s hot as fuck and those glasses are driving him insane, so when Victor messes up his words and says the wrong thing while giving him a check-up, will everything turn out all right for him?

it must be the caffeine by cyanoscarlet

Summary: “If it’s any consolation, I only got hot water from this thing,” Viktor admits, tapping a hand over the button for the 3-in-1 coffee. “It cost a quarter, too.”Katsuki lets out a sound between a snort and a laugh. “Wow, that sucks, Doc.”Let it be known that The Doctor Is In (Love).

Paging Dr. Katsuki by katsudon_s

Summary:  Night shifts are never particularly fun for Yuuri, but a certain patient might be able to change that.

oxytocin and serotonin by half_n_half

Summary: Yuuri loves being a surgeon.He understands that the hours are long and the immense responsibility that comes with holding a human heart in your hands is nearly crippling, but something makes it all worth it.Little did he know, the years put into medical school would wield something greater than adrenalin.Victor Nikiforov.

The Remains of War by mooseholmes

Summary:  Yuuri Katsuki is left alone after his family and home are destroyed in Hiroshima. His road to recovery is long and arduous, but with the help of nurse Victor Nikiforov and other survivors he meets along the way, he finds that he isn’t really alone after all.

seven months by doubletan

Summary:After Yuuri’s crippling loss in the 2015’s Grand Prix Finals, he decided to retire from his ice skating career and finish up his nursing degree. Now, he and Phichit works at Tokyo National Hospital as he tries his best to live a new life, even when his past failures continue to haunt him.However, at the World Figure Skating Championships 2016, ice skating legend Victor Nikiforov was found vomiting flowers onto the ice right before his performance. Contracted with Hanahaki, Victor was immediately sent to Tokyo National Hospital, and placed under the care of both Yuuri and Phichit.As his nurse, Yuuri attempts to maintain a professional relationship with Victor, but his presence causes Yuuri to constantly question his decision to retire as Victor tries to relight his passion for ice skating once again. What was more troubling, was why Victor’s friends, even Victor himself, refuses to contact Victor’s love or tell Yuuri who it was that could have stolen the internationally most desired bachelor’s heart. Nonetheless, Yuuri vows to find her (or him, Yuuri wouldn’t know would he?) to save his life. But will he ever find out before its too late?

shaky when i came to be by apollothyme

Summary: He goes for another triple axel just as his breath is about to run out again, only this time something is wrong. He knows it as soon as he jumps into the air, but by then there’s nothing he can do.His body moves almost by itself, sluggish and mechanic. Driven to the point of exhaustion, Yuuri can’t pull himself in anything fast enough; he can never do anything fast enough. His left foot falls first, too hard to stand upright. Before he’s got the chance to hold himself steady, he feels something snap, loud and clear in the air, this resounding crack that could just as well be a bolt of thunder. Yuuri’s ankle gives in, pushing to the right as the rest of his foot moves inwards towards the left.

Square Jaw Nurse by Zoodan21

Summary: Yuri hadn’t meant to get sick but it happened anyways.Though if it ment getting the number from one of the nurses he might not complain so much.Aka: Otabek as a nurse and Yuri admiring him with a fever

Take Your Vitamins by vriskittles

Summary: “Normally, these exams wouldn’t be necessary until middle-age, but according to your family history you have great uncle who’d had a brief battle with prostate cancer, yes?” He posed the question.He raised his brow at the question before it dawned on him why they’d be asked. A family history with a disease generally called for early examinations of those in the family if they shared a close enough relation with them. And an examination for this particular ailment was…“Dr. Nikiforov, what are you trying to say?” He asked, face and voice portraying the wariness he felt.He was met with a light-hearted, apologetic expression. “Ah, I’m afraid it calls for a prostate exam.“

Xiaomeng Yang London College of Fashion (LCF MA14 Graduate) - photography: Felix Cooper - styling: Anders Sølvsten Thomsen

  • Born in China, studied BA fashion design technology at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and MA menswear fashion design technology in London college of fashion. I drew inspiration from hands–the most flexible and complex part of human body. There are a variety of folding lines on the hands and they can be demonstrated by different types of gestures, just like dynamic wrinkles of the clothes which vary with the forms of different postures.
The Devil Wears Gucci (Preview)

A/N: Hello! I deleted the first post of this story because I didn’t like the cover and I wanted to edit some things a bit, but most of it is the same. Enjoy~

Description:  Jimin begins his summer working at a high end fashion magazine as a regular desk employee before he then earns the most feared position in the market: Kim Taehyung’s assistant.

Pairing: Jimin x Taehyung, Jimin x Jungkook

Warnings: Explicit wording


‘’Two what?’’

Hoseok heavily sighed on the other line.

‘’Four, soy caramel lattes, decaf, no fat.’’

Jimin furrowed his brows at the distant sound of Hoseok’s voice through the heavy crowd, working his way through two women dressed in black fur coats walking cocker spaniels before he made it to the door of Starbucks and nearly threw himself inside.

‘’U-uh, ok. Two coffe—‘’

‘’Four, Park Jimin, four! Soy caramel decaf nonfat lattes, and you need to be back in ten minutes. He’s almost done shooting.’’

A break of sweat started of Jimin’s forehead and his palms went cold, that familiar piercing cut of anxiety crushing through the pit of his stomach.

Two weeks ago, Jimin was laying down in his bed staring at the ceiling eating a bag of white cheddar puffs while season 1 of America’s Next Top Model played on his TV, the season he’s watched six times total and was working to get that lucky seven. Exactly a week later, he was rushing to wipe bread crumbs from the side of his mouth as he ran down the street from the subway directly into Dulcet Kalon, the high end fashion magazine company located on 59th and Ashwood, right in the East Village.

Never had Jimin thought that he’d be working this summer, let alone, in one of the most couture high fashion companies in the world.

Before his junior year of college ended, Jimin had signed himself up to be considered to work at local magazine and fashion corporations, as a part of a summer program offered by his school, the Fashion Institute of Technology. He had signed back in December, and by May, it was something he had completely forgotten about. Plus, it was never something he thought that he’d be able to do, as selected individuals were some of the top in the class, and Jimin never considered himself to be even close.

But like a sweet surprise, Jimin had gotten a call from his school counselor that he had gotten chosen, and he had gotten chosen for the company everyone had wanted.

Dulcet Kalon, or, Sweet Beauty, as it can be translated to literally meaning, is one of the biggest fashion and beauty blockbusters in the world, let alone the country. A fashion magazine and a modeling agency mixed together, DK has specialized for decades branding some of the most successful models society has ever seen, let alone having some of the prettiest magazine covers. Not only are they a couture fashion corporation, but they’re sister to Vogue, as they’re both under Conde Nast. A chance to intern here is a direct ticket to being able to work at any fashion journalism related company in the world, and here Jimin was, chosen to do it.

Of course, it was an amazing opportunity, and the people there were great. He got his own desk right across from Jung Hoseok, the senior two-year employee who was shadowing Jimin for the two month span he was going to be there. But, there was one person there who Jimin was scared of every time he saw them, and that was the most infamous model in the label.

Kim Taehyung, the ‘’Prince’’ of the company, the ‘’Diva,’’ or his most used label, the ‘’Devil.’’ Jimin didn’t know much about him, he rarely ever saw him and if he did, it was a few second passerby on their floor or walking out the building in an expensive fur coat on his way to his limo.

But, even though he was nearly a ghost to the floor, Jimin had found himself being scared of him, and it didn’t help that he was almost on every cover displayed in the building. Taehyung was one of their best models, if not unbiasedly the best, and he was endorsed and sponsored by several brands, including his personal favorites Gucci and Puma. Even though Taehyung is an independent model, he is still loyal to Dulcet, and comes back more often than any of the models who are free signed.

While as successful as he is, it isn’t hard to be aware of the presence that is created whenever Taehyung enters a room. Everyone looks away, walks the other direction, stops what they’re saying, hides their food, or goes to another room. In the least, Jimin knows he isn’t the only one who feels a weird air whenever he sees him; it’s almost like he can’t ever look directly at him.

According to Hoseok, people don’t treat Taehyung that way for no reason. His attitude matches his nicknames; he is a diva paired with a naturally sharp tongue and a gaze that could scare hundreds. He’s not scared to say what’s on his mind and be brutally honest, and he has the looks to back him up. The only real downside, is that because of this, Taehyung has never had a longterm assistant, which is the norm for every model to function properly, especially in DK. Every assistant has either quit because they can’t keep up with Taehyung’s requests, or are fired because they looked the wrong way (which actually happened). The longest one he’s had lasted for four months, and the story about that one is super hush hush, so Jimin’s never asked. But since several people want to work at the company, they always give them that job.

‘’It’s the ‘garbage’ job,’’ Hoseok once told Jimin at his desk rearranging a stack of papers.

‘’Anyone who wants to work here always starts with that job after something small like cleaning or front desk. They only last like two weeks, it’s a game of quit or be fired, and quit usually wins.’’

Thankfully, Jimin has missed that whole loophole and gets to work at the 22nd floor at his desk, minding his business and taking care of small tasks.

Which is exactly why when Jimin woke up and finally got to work on time did he almost faint when Hoseok told him he needed to get coffee for Kim Taehyung.

His assistant this time called in-sick (which is a direct way of getting fired), and there was no one to get his early daily fix of Starbuck’s coffee in the morning; not before Hoseok or Namjoon could come in to still in for a day until another assistant was assigned.

Jimin had tried avoiding communicating or doing any work for Taehyung as much as he could, but yet here he was, second week on the job, doing the exact thing he tried to avoid.

Barely managing the phone against his ear as he shifted through the crowd and stepped inside of the Starbucks, Jimin walked himself straight into the line and let out a deep breath.

‘’Yeah, sure, got it.’’

‘’Repeat it back.’’

Jimin pulled back to look at the time on his phone before putting it back to his ear.

‘’Four cappuccinos, I’ll be back as soon as possible.’’

‘’Four soy lat–!’’

Exact second, a bulk body bumped into Jimin from the back and his phone went sailing to the floor, making an annoyingly loud clatter, and to his worst fear, ending the call.


Feeling the color leave his face, Jimin leaned down and quickly picked the phone up, first checking for the call than looking for any possible scratches. Completely annoyed, Jimin turned to the culprit who had bumped into him angrily.

‘’Can you act like you have two fucki—‘’

There were two things Jimin could do at this second. He could close his mouth and turn around as if nothing happened, or he could continue to stare at the incredible piece of art that was staring directly back at him.

A sharp cut jawline was the first thing Jimin saw, next to a pair of dark round brown eyes that looked back at him curiously. He was tan, whomever he was, and was wearing a leather jacket with something that looked like sheep fur around the lining and hoodie, a dark black shirt underneath, next to some leather pants and some boots. Aside from his out of season attire, his hair was dark and parted to the side and shined beautifully even under the horrible fluorescent lights. He had not one imperfection on his skin, and before Jimin could stare any longer, his concentration broke when he smiled.

‘’Excuse me.’’ He said, and Jimin blinked his eyes twice and looked down at the floor.

‘’Oh, uh, s-sorry.’’

Jimin started to turn around but his voice stopped him.

‘’I wasn’t paying attention when I walked in. I’m sorry about your phone, I hope it didn’t get scratched or cracked or anything.’’

It was as if Jimin had completely forgotten about his phone in the seconds he had seen him, and he glanced down at it and looked up at the man.

‘’No its fine, the phone is ok.’’

The man’s smile reached his eyes, and Jimin admired his nicely fit and small buttoned nose. Jimin started to turn around again before he was stopped.

‘’I hope this isn’t inappropriate to ask, but do you work at Dulcet Kalon?’’

Jimin looked back at him and lifted an eyebrow. He wasn’t wearing the ID tag around his neck or had any obvious signs of identifications to the company, so how the unknown man knew he worked for DK was beyond Jimin, but he was pretty so he was going to let it slide.

‘’Uh, yeah, matter of fact I do.’’

The man nodded at this with a light smile.


Raising an eyebrow slightly, Jimin turned around and unlocked his phone, looking for any missed calls or text messages from Hoseok, but nothing. He could have single handedly accidently just gotten himself fired, and the mere thought of that happening was enough to make him sick. But he had to at least get this right, he couldn’t have the call end prematurely and show up with the wrong order of coffees. If only he could remember what Hoseok said the first time, it seemed like everyone at work talked so fast and Jimin couldn’t keep up at all.

‘’Thre—no four, four…lowfat? Nonfat. No, low fat.’’

Jimin stopped himself and placed a hand over his face in frustration, and his anxiety grew worse when the line moved up, and there was one more person in front. If only he could just hear it one more time, there was no way he was about to allow himself to stand in front of this cashier and stutter on his own words for what he needed to order.

‘’Four…lowfat, c-chai?’’

Just as Jimin had whispered that to himself, the line moved up again and now he was face to face with the cashier.

Nervously wringing his fingers together, Jimin cracked a half-smile at the female who smiled back at him.

‘’Hello, how may I help you?’’

Quickly, Jimin fumbled with his phone and unlocked it as if the answer was laid right there before him. Well, maybe it technically was, he could easily call Hoseok but he would need to go to the back of the line; he couldn’t just call someone while people waited behind him. On top of that, he needed to be back within 10 minutes, and Starbucks was a nice 4 minute walk alone from the building.

‘’I believe it’s four soy caramel nonfat decaf lattes.’’

The young man from behind Jimin nodded at the cashier with a star-stellar smile as she glanced between the two for confirmation.

‘’Is that your order sir?’’ she asked Jimin, and taken back by the mystery man’s sudden inquiry, he snapped his head to the cashier and flashed a grin.

‘’Yes, yes it is.’’

Just as he had turned to say thank you, the man was already out the door and back into the busy summer NYC street, gone into the crowd.