fashion industry two

zayn is 24 years old. sometimes i forget just how young he is and like it’s just crazy that he’s managed to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. he’s breaking/has broken so many walls and has made a name for himself in both the music industry AND the fashion industry which are both two industries that are hard to make it in. zayn is so important and i am so proud of him and everything he’s done/is doing and i am so glad to support him mkay

Hell of an evening

TITLE: Hell of an evening


AUTHOR: teawitchjoan

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine attending a formal event and meeting a dark tall stranger named Loki, who ends up spending the night with you.

RATING: Teen and up

NOTES/WARNINGS: none really. Sorry for minor errors and mistakes, especially when it comes to punctuation. English is not my native language and nobody ever bothered to explain punctuation in class.


“Why did I even agree, I should have told them I’m sick or something”, you muttered under your breath, getting out of a taxi and handing a bill to the driver.

This whole evening was some awful mistake. Your boss called a few hours earlier and said he needed you to attend an event organised by the owner of a big company you were trying to make a deal with and it was crucial that you go there and make sure they agree to all the terms, otherwise the newest collection wouldn’t be ready on time.

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