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Can we talk about Leslie Jones in the front row at Christian Siriano’s show for New York Fashion Week?

For anyone who may have forgotten, Leslie Jones met Siriano when he volunteered over twitter to dress her for the Ghostbusters 2016 premiere when she was struggling to find a dress as no designer had offered to work with her. This was also amid Leslie’s twitter harassment issues.

Siriano’s show included women of all sizes & skin tones as well as Avie Acosta, who is trans woman and the first trans person in any of Siriano’s NY fashion week shows. As well as being inclusive of gender identity, Siriano included two gender non conforming androgynous male models in the show.

Leslie has said of Siriano that “he’s so normal, he’s so down to earth, and he does love all women. That’s what I love about him. He loves all women.”

So in the words of Siriano himself, “people are people,” & “we all grow in the same garden.”


wmag:  #IAmAnImmigrant. No fewer than 80 of fashion’s most recognizable faces, including @Anja_Rubik, @therealDVF, and @iamMariaBorges, come together to make a statement in solidarity with those affected by the refugee ban: I am an immigrant. Video by @Kloss_Films.


With Gigi Hadid’s recent photoshoot at Kennedy Space Center, spaceflight once again is the backdrop for fashion photography. Photographers in that industry have found the allure of space technology irresistible since the dawn of the space age in the 1950s.

Famous fashion photographer Richard Avendon photographed world-renowned supermodels such as Domiva, Isabella Albanico and Jean Shrimpton in front of rockets, sights around Cape Canaveral, and even a Mercury-era spacesuit during the late 1950s and 1960s.

Gigi’s shoot occurred around Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex in the rocket garden, Moon theatre and other locations.

All the photos above - including Richard Avendon’s from the early space race era - were shot for Harper’s Baazar.

The models and photographers from above:

Domiva in front of an Atlas-Able rocket by Richard Avendon, 1950s.

Isabella Albanico by Richard Avendon, 1959.

Jean Shrimpton by Richard Avendon, 1965.

Gigi Hadid by Mariano Vivanco, 2017.
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This viral image says it all about the ridiculous way the fashion industry contorts our perceptions of ourselves

For Deena Shoemaker, who leads young women who are often self-conscious about their bodies, this is not okay. We’ve been so conditioned to identify with the number on our clothes that it’s hard to not listen to it, even when it’s a lie.

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