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"main character is a shop owner/blacksmith/innkeeper who gets to see all the heroes (+one special hero?) inbetween their adventures" aus?


  • okay but ya’ll remember that blacksmith witch one I did right? Bring that back
  • yes your whole party comes to me to get their weapons/armor fixed but their kinda loud tbh I wouldn’t mind just you coming
  • literally EVERY time I see you you’re bandaged from head to toe but you always grin at me and say at least you made it out alive (whether you won or not) and DAMN if that smile doesn’t make me melt
  • you need better weapons/armor because you keep getting your ass(es) kicked and I’ve given you my best but when you ask me to please try I’m gonna make sure I give the best equipment out there dammit
  • you have different equipment?? that I didn’t give you???? yea it’s impractical to keep coming back to the same place while adventuring but I feel cheated on here
  • okay it’s waaaay too impractical to keep coming back to the same place while adventuring what’s going on

I hope these work for you!!! And I’m really really curious on these ones, you don’t usually have a story from a “side” point of view! If you write these I’d be ecstatic to see what you do with them if you link it!
~Mod Karissa

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can you recommend any other podcasts

Do you mean history podcasts?

Backstory was a really great history podcast! I don’t listen to it much after they changed their format in February but they’ve got a solid back catalog. They did really great ones on advertising, marriage, drugs, the history of the middle class, eating, censorship, police, timekeeping, women in the workplace, civil rights, holidays, fashion and even garbage. There were three professors who’d each tackle a time period and give his time period’s perspective on the topic. Now it’s more “timely” topics (like, Trump) and they’re shorter, like half the time, and one of the hosts is gone. 

History Extra by the BBC is another good one, they’re about an hour long and usually feature two different “stories”. I really liked The Russian Revolution and Myths of Ancient Egypt, The 20s: Roaring or Tame, The End of the First World War and The Duke of Wellington, Two King Edwards, Student Life and Working Class Culture, Regency Scandal and the History of Canals and a lot of others.

Thinking Sideways does weird and unexplained mysteries and a good number of them pretty old, like the Hall-Mills murders, Did Elizabeth 1 Have a Child, “Who Finked on the Franks” (Anne Frank and family).

Witness (another BBC podcast) is very short, like ten minutes, but they usually include interviews with first hand accounts which is always interesting, and there’s over a thousand of them: they recently did Charlie Chaplin Returns to America from Exile. They’ve cover everything: Houdini, Picasso, anthrax, Star Treck, the Kray gang, Studio Ghibli, JD Salinger, the death of Bruce Lee, Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, Hitler’s nuclear program, McCarthyism, Charles Darwin’s funeral…

Stuff You Should Know has almost a thousand episodes and sometimes they do historical stuff, they recently did one on corsets that was interesting! The Jack the Ripper one from 2009 was good.

Other podcasts I listen to regularly: 

My Brother My Brother and Me
Uhh Yeah Dude
Roderick on the Line
This American Life
All Killa No Filla
Snap Judgement 

My 93 year old great-grandmother likes my tattoo sleeve. Literally nobody is allowed to use the “I’m old fashioned” excuse to put me down. Ninety freaking three years old. It barely gets more “old fashioned” than that. If you don’t like tattoos then good for you don’t get one but don’t think that for one second that you get to talk down to me for having them because you are “old fashioned”. Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years so don’t use that bullshit excuse to pretend that you’re a better person because you don’t have tattoos and I do.

Goodbye, Temperature of Love

it’s been a while since i wrote a critique this long. but sometimes i get annoyed and spit out walls of text. and sometimes i like to give these posts dramatic titles. so here: a 1k work piece on why i’m no longer going to be watching this drama. read at your peril.

(@the-feminine-grotesque​ and @theflowergirl, this is for you guys haha)

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The Back-to-School Jumper, Advance 8064

Along with those new packs of Crayolas come the new clothes to wear for back to school. Today, they mostly resemble the same play clothes kids wore all summer, but in the 1950s when this jumper was designed, school was considered a kind of workplace and the fashions, although perky and youthful as you can see in the plaid version, were a notch more formal than play clothes. This pattern offers “separates news” as the blouse and skirt can mix and match with other items, making it practical for the girls with a smaller budget. Especially in the ruffled version, the blouse becomes a more formal item when worn with a trim skirt.

This “suspender skirt” had the tiny waist and and full skirt popular from the late 1950s through the 1950s. It is a bit shorter which means later 1950s as hemlines inched their way up. The skirt is astonishingly wide at the hem: 5 yards wide! And of course, the skirt would only puff out like this with the right kind of petticoat underneath–see the recently re-issued Simplicity 8456 which I blogged on August 14th. Because the skirt is so wide at the hem, the fabric cannot be too heavy, and the pattern suggested light weight fabrics from cotton, linen, silk, or wool. The midriff pieces are interfaced to give them more structure. A playful, yet polished look, for the teenage crowd of the 1950s

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Hola! Puedes aconsejarme algunas series de Tv para practicar mi español? Compriendo bastante bien ( los dibujos animados son muy fácil para mí ) pero creo que es mejor practicar más! Saludo desde Italia !!

hello! I don’t really watch tv at all but I’ve done some research and I found some tv shows that you might like. (I’ve never watched them though lol)


Leading into slightly more experimental (but thrilling) territory, Güeros is both a scathing critique of the Mexican film industry and the youthful naïveté of student protests. After a young boy is sent to live with his older, equally good-for-nothing brother as punishment, the pair fall into a series of scrapes and misadventures that make little-to-no sense but have very much to say about Mexico’s present-day progressive and arts communities.

A touch of the absurd never hurt anyone, and the film carefully incorporates fantastical elements (like when a friend is bleeding in the backseat, the car is filling with chicken feathers instead of blood) to lighten its heavy critique on classicism, sexism and racism. Just don’t hurl the film’s title at anyone, it’s an insult meaning light-skinned elitism and cluelessness.


This is the first Spanish web series produced in the UK. Spaniards in London is about five Spaniards trying to start a new life in the UK. The episodes are focused on their experiences learning English and finding housing, jobs and new friends, all the while-while trying to keep in touch with their loved ones back in Spain. You can watch the episodes here:

Language specifications: This web series is perfect for beginners, since it will help you to develop your comprehension skills. I found it particularly useful because each episode has dialogues in Spanish and English (50/50). The show also has English subtitles when the characters are speaking in Spanish and vice versa, so you will not be completely lost. If your Spanish level isn’t that great, the subtitles are a great plus. You can practice your pronunciation and grammar by memorizing the dialogues.


This telenovela was added to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 as the most successful TV series of all time. Yo soy Betty La fea is one of the most famous Spanish TV shows of all time.  It was broadcasted in 180 countries, and 28 adaptations of it have been made around the world. One of the most popular is the American version ‘Ugly Betty’ produced by actress Salma Hayek. The story is about Beatriz Pinzón, an intelligent young woman who recently obtained her master’s degree and is on the hunt for a job. Eventually, she becomes the personal assistant to the CEO of Ecomoda, a leading fashion retail company. She is overqualified for this job but takes in on nonetheless after being rejected at previous interviews, since potential employers chose more attractive candidates over her. To be honest, Beatriz is not a “pretty” woman, but she is sweet and truthful. For that reason, her sexist boss and coworkers demean her throughout each episode.

Language specifications: This series is geared towards intermediate and upper-intermediate learners. It’s a great way to learn some vocabulary related to the workplace and the fashion industry. The characters don’t have strong accents, and they don’t speak much slang either. You can watch Yo soy Betty la fea on youtube


This 2015 charmer perhaps stars one of the smallest cast lists you’ll find on Netflix. The Princess of France is about a small theater group as they recreate Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour Lost. The director becomes enamored with a number of the women in his cast and, surprise, drama ensues.

From its unconventional orchestral beginnings to various loving close-ups of fine art, Argentinian filmmaker Matías Piñeiro looks to mix the business of creating art with the pleasure of how we experience it. Considering the movie’s brief 75 minute runtime, it’s an impressive amount of attention paid to details outside the characters.


Les Luthiers (French for musical instrument makers) are a very well-known Latin American music and comedy group. These guys are a class act, and their numerous Spanish TV shows are full of refined humor and musical skits. Hence their name, they play a homemade instrument each episode, in homage to their fictional character, Johann Sebastian Mastropiero. Sadly, Mastropiero lacks any real musical talent. Sad as it may be, Mastropiero’s failures are a spring of inspiration for the group. The guys poke fun at him in their acts, and it eventually leads them to world recognition and fame.

Language specifications: Once again, these shows are best for intermediate and advanced learners. The comedians speak slowly and very clearly. They’re perfect for learning vocabulary related to music, history and social aspects of modern and older times. You can purchase their DVDs here: Les Luthiers on Amazon. You can also watch them on youtube

I hope this helps you xx

#BestYearEver: Step Up Your Career Game

Office advice and outfit ideas to help you kill it at work

We could all benefit from a little boost at work, and we’re not talking about coffee. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new job, hoping for a promotion or just want to make a great impression at work, find out how to improve your career game with our tips and outfit ideas below.

Get organized. Find a system that works for you. Buy a planner and write down everything in it, so you’ll always have something to reference if you forget about an important meeting or to-do. Or, if you prefer digital, sync your computer calendar with your phone’s so you’ll always know what’s going on.

Think ahead. Don’t put off something just because you have the time to do so. Deadlines are in place for a reason, and even if you’re constantly getting things done in the nick of time, you will always feel a little behind.

Be proactive. If you’ve been at your current job for a while, it’s easy to get comfortable with your daily routine. Pretend like you’re a new hire and impress your boss and coworkers with your go-getter attitude.

Offer your opinion. Whether it’s a technical issue that needs solving or an unprompted design idea that you came up with, your colleagues will appreciate your eagerness to help. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Dress to impress. You’ve heard it before because it’s true - dress for the job you want. You don’t have to spend a fortune on new work clothes, but finding pieces that show your style and professionalism makes all the difference.

Office-Friendly Outfits

The Fashion Girl

Unstructured long jacket

ASOS Long Sleeve Deep V Neck Blouse

COPE Cropped Modern Trouser Pant

Crossover Sandals With Metallic Heel

Soleil Small Bucket Drawstring Bag

The Creative Girl

Denver Coat

Fitted boyfriend chambray shirt

Frida floral-print pencil skirt

Dolce Vita Wendi Heeled Sandal

Double Body City Bag

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One of the most important things about being successful is surrounding yourself with good people, people who have dreams, goals, desires.They’ll help you push for and realise your own.


The great home/ studio of French fashion photographer Fred Meylan, in Paris

In rue Saint-Honoré, a former upholsterer atelier became the apartment of the fashion photographer Fred Meylan. Both home and workplace, this intimate and meeting space meets old and new, with its original battered walls and worn floors, vintage pieces and design icons, becoming the perfect backdrop for some of his best photos.