fashion in the workplace

My 93 year old great-grandmother likes my tattoo sleeve. Literally nobody is allowed to use the “I’m old fashioned” excuse to put me down. Ninety freaking three years old. It barely gets more “old fashioned” than that. If you don’t like tattoos then good for you don’t get one but don’t think that for one second that you get to talk down to me for having them because you are “old fashioned”. Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years so don’t use that bullshit excuse to pretend that you’re a better person because you don’t have tattoos and I do.


The great home/ studio of French fashion photographer Fred Meylan, in Paris

In rue Saint-Honoré, a former upholsterer atelier became the apartment of the fashion photographer Fred Meylan. Both home and workplace, this intimate and meeting space meets old and new, with its original battered walls and worn floors, vintage pieces and design icons, becoming the perfect backdrop for some of his best photos.