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Mars - The inner fire
  • Mars in Aries: Imagination and intuitive idealism, reckless defiance and rose petals of daggers await the Mars in Aries person as she sets foot on the battlefield. Mars is ruled by Aries and creates a ferocious storm with a smouldering expression, a deep fire inside filled with passion, desire, sexual power, and lava whipped warrior expression. She is brave, filled with infinite energies at her disposal, and susceptible to a volatile emotional nature.
  • Mars in Taurus: The wind blowing through the petals, the elemental rage of storms, the placid sequence of nature rhythms - these are all energizing sources for Mars in Taurus. The individual could be perceived as lethargic because she adopts the steady, calculative, and enduring pace of mother earth. There is a steady energy generated by the individual that is dispersed like the lyrics of the universe, sweet, melodic, lethargic, and everlasting.
  • Mars in Gemini: The Mars in Gemini person can be a tremendous debater, and use the sword of words to confront the battle of Mars. There is an incredible flow of ideas and vocal acuity, and the individual can become over excited in learning environments. When the mind is content the body feels refreshed.
  • Mars in Cancer: There are supernatural ripples triggered by the shifts of the Moon and the eruption of course, overwhelming and erratic energy levels that coincide closely with the current emotional state. Much of the resources utilized by the individual will be poured into establishing a sanctuary of comfort, support, interpersonal nurturing and negating extremes to avoid conflict or confrontation.
  • Mars in Leo: Mars in Leo people shine the sun on the battlefield, and she is brilliantly confident, amorous, gracious, fierce, explosive and exuberant. She is the Queen who knows how to rule with command and grace. When she is in love, the whole world knows about it, because her heart roars and her spirit spindles flames into gold.
  • Mars in Virgo: Mars in Virgo people are energized by their own mindfulness, the exploration through the temple of the body, the feeling of physical touch, the sensational bliss of thoughts rumbling through the mind. The individual generates powerful mental energies and stays fixed and focused in midst of chaos. This quiet, constant, and enduring inertia generates over long periods and can spill into nervous tension, stresses, and anxieties.
  • Mars in Libra: Mars in Libra people are socially energized and enjoy initiating gatherings and social encounters. Th individual is skilled at problem solving and conflict management, motivated by the need to instal tranquility amongst collaborations. Art, music, fashion and literature are charming pursuits for Mars in Libra, and many people born under this placement summon incredible resources of creative talent and energy.
  • Mars in Scorpio: Mars in Scorpio people are willing to charge and tumble headfirst into dark hidden hollows. There is something erotic about the secretive. If you manage to break down the barriers the Mars in Scorpio erects around her heart, be careful you don’t shatter it, because a broken Mars in Scorpio heart is powerful enough to cause earthquakes and hurricanes. She makes a formidable enemy to those who wrong her, and those who harm those she holds closely.
  • Mars in Sagittarius: A dazzling wildlife burns a spectacular halo through the Mars in Sagittarius spirit. Energy is directed through the thighs and circulated through the active and rambunctious mind. She quivers her bow and arrow toward the bursts of stars in the distance, her vision is tremendous and her dreams are far ranging and enterprising.
  • Mars in Capricorn: The battlefield planet steers the stern mountain goat in the direction of fiery and disciplined ambition, unwavering tenacity and the manifestation of fantasy into reality. Mars in Capricorn personalities charge headfirst into the direction of their dreams and exude a surging recklessness in their urgency to succeed, achieve, weave the tapestry of dreams, and dissolve opposition
  • Mars in Aquarius: Mars in Aquarius are energized by the promotion of progression and revolution and scatter their love amongst humanity in a detached and impersonal way. The natural course for them is to restrict all authority and ignore their plights of their elders, garnering their innovative thought streams and creating practical particle. Their rebellious nature can act to isolate themselves from others, and these individuals often view themselves as separate from society or wider humanity as a whole
  • Mars in Pisces: The emotional state reflects energy distribution in Mars in Pisces. Pisces is a sign known for its moods and instabilities. The experience of divine elation can energize and enthuse the individual, while melancholic states are lethargic and sleepy. And emotions are amplified with Mars in Pisces, because its like the longings of the heart fuse with the ferocity of Mars.

North being 3 💛☺️📚


Water sign
Her name is Lora
Her name means flower
She is a blooming ocean
A rain cloud full of orchid petals
A sunflower thunderstorm
Got hydrangeas in the hurricane of her heart
Her hair is the garden of eden
She’s a cinnamon tree of life

I fully understood what was expected of me: I had to be a young woman who was fresh-faced and pretty, never moody and with no needs or desires of my own except to conform to the desires of those who were selecting me. And, above all, never stressed-out. Designers had the monopoly on stress: they were the ones whose career was on the line at the next show, who were exposing themselves to rave reviews or devastating criticism and who were taking all the risks. All we had to do was be good ‘clothes hangers’ as Karl Lagerfeld put it.  Slim, efficient, a winning walk and a killer gaze. Next please!  I’d also understood that when you were a model, eating in public was simply not the done thing. You absolutely had to give the impression you weren’t interested in food, or indeed, anything at all except fashion.
—  Victoire Dauxerre, Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model.

character aesthetic:  Catherine Earnshaw (Wuthering Heights)

“She burned too bright for this world.” 

There is no one way to be a goth. There is no “correct” way to be a goth. 

Do you like spooky things? Do you have an appreciation for the strange and unusual? Do you look for beauty in dark and unexpected places? Do you like the fashion, the music, the literature, the art? Congratulations, any one of those things means you have goth tendencies, and you can call yourself a goth.

You do not have to be thin.

You do not have to be pale.

You do not have to be over or under a certain age.

You do not have to have a specific hair color, own a certain pair of boots, like a particular band, or have read That One Book.

You are a goth if you say you are.

The only thing you MUST be (IMHO) is accepting of others. Do not be an elitist gatekeeper. And try to be kind.

Goth is as goth does. Don’t ever worry that you aren’t meeting some imaginary checklist. Just be yourself.