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The red fabric of the tunic and the silk embroidery on its front and sleeves distinguished Jewish women’s dress in the Tafilalet region. The women would wrap a fabric over their tunic and fasten it with pins.

The distinctive head covering of married women, the grun (“horns”), was an elaborate construction demanding much expertise to fit and adjust. On the eighth day of wedding celebrations, a married woman would put the grun on the new bride, who would thereafter do it herself every morning. It was believed that this head covering would ensure her a long and happy marriage.

The Israel Museum

Feels so good to be 21. The 22 mark is about to come so fast. Time is flying but new chapters are arising. Thankful for everything that’s ever happened to me because I’ve ended up in the spot that I am in now. I love the woman I’m with, almost done with community college, adding art to my body, and making art as well. Life is pretty cool and I feel at ease

London 1969
British model Mandy Rice-Davies (1944-2014) poses wearing a black bikini swimsuit with gold belt, designed and manufactured by Gottex, in Grosvenor Square, London on 11th September 1969. Mandy Rice-Davies became associated with and caught up in the Profumo affair and resulting trial before moving to Israel in 1966.