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Issa Grimm Illustration | Givenchy Fall 2015

I have a love/hate relationship with fashion. Regardless, ever since Riccardo Tisci took over the house, Givenchy has been my favorite luxury brand for many reasons. One of the biggest ones being the lack of following trend. These girls were an expression of that. My love of the brand (or at least the version I get to see), mixed with the fact that fashion can be painful and look very different for those of us who work in the industry day to day. 

I should have posted this during fall fashion week I know ;( I’ve just been so incredibly busy, in the middle of apartment hunting and lot’s of work! I want to find a space I love as much as my current one, and that’s quite a process in New York. More art in the works that I’m very excited about!  



“I’ve always loved the idea of designing clothes. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawing fashion figures and styling them myself on paper. I remember how I would get into so much trouble in primary, junior and senior high school for drawing on the school desks, my class work and homework books. I grew up in a home where everyone was generally very fashion conscious. My mum Cynthia and her sister, my aunt Stella were very trendy women who wore very fashionable clothes. Even when I was younger, my mum and aunt would ask me what I thought of their outfits and sometimes even ask me to make fashion suggestions. As time went by, I became more and more fascinated with fashion and art and would go on to watch a lot runway shows and study designers that I admired.” (read more on vlisco)

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