fashion ill


This is a set of sketches and a story I did senior year of College for a small book I wanted to make as a personal project. It never came to completion but I have adapted the themes into a concept for a 2 part anthology I plan making someday in the future. I called it dissociation, which essentially means a disconnect between two things because I’ve always felt that my thoughts, actions, and emotions function in a lot of different pieces rather than one whole working mechanism.

Spoonie fashion problems. I can’t remember the last time I wore jeans :’)

My style now is hobo meets girly girl. Leggings, aladdin pants, sweaters, cardigans and flowy skirts in all lengths. My haircare routine is washing it once a week and brushing it whenever I do need to leave the house. I can’t bother with make up at all so I don’t own any.

Anyone else who’s style has completely changed since getting sick?