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Ninette Week Day 5: Love of the Arts

“See, while her lyrics are pretty lame, her songs have some quality beats.” Nino gestured emphatically at the TV.

“I guess, but I can’t get over how boring her dress is. It’s a beige cocktail dress! Who wears a beige cocktail dress to an international music awards show?” Marinette grabbed another cookie and stuffed it in her mouth.

“It’s pretty boring, isn’t it?” He agreed. “Her’s looks kinda cool.” He pointed to a singer who had just come on stage.

“I like the skirt but I’d have gone with a different neckline.” The woman started to sing. “Oh, I love this song.”

Nino smiled. “It is pretty generic, but I can’t say it isn’t catchy.” He laughed as Marinette began to sing along off key.


I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.