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alright, recently my mind has been kind of barren but i really wanted to write something, so this here’s a crack actor au drabble in the form of shitty headlines. also posted in this drabble collection on ao3

EXCLUSIVE! VoltronMedia star Takashi Shirogane to play half of a gay couple in upcoming movie to be produced by Altean Films

VoltronMedia instagram account teases fans with photo of star Takashi Shirogane with caption “Shiro loves you baby”

MORE: Takashi Shirogane’s leading man in upcoming movie to be revealed at last??

HOT NOW: VoltronMedia’s instagram photo of Shirogane with the caption “He is looking at Keith” sparks fan speculations about movie casting

CONFIRMED! Keith Kogane to star in upcoming movie “Of Red and Black Lights” as Takashi Shirogane’s onscreen husband

Hot Topic! VoltronMedia dishes on possible multiple kiss scenes between two of its hottest male actors!

FEATURED! Find out what onscreen husbands-to-be Takashi Shirogane and Keith Kogane think about mac & cheese, motorbikes, and working together

CORAN: “Oh, you’re gonna thank me for casting” and other juicy movie tidbits!

“Of Red and Black Lights” movie screenwriter Pidge Gunderson confirms Shirogane-Kogane kiss scene

“KEITH Kogane is a very good kisser”: Takashi Shirogane talks about hairstyles, fitness, and what it’s like to work with fellow actor Keith Kogane in upcoming movie

Kogane replies to Shirogane’s recent statement: “Kissing [Shiro] was pretty much the reason I signed up for this”

Actor Hunk Garret on upcoming film: “You wouldn’t believe the offscreen bromance happening here”

“Of Red and Black Lights” – the next groundbreaking hit!!!

Critics applaud Takashi Shirogane and Keith Kogane for stellar performance on “Of Red and Black Lights”; talks of sequel spark excitement in rapidly growing fanbase

OR&BL stars Lance Mcclain and Hunk Garret share their own speculations on possible sequel and reaction on positive fan involvement

Most celebrated onscreen husbands bag “Best Kiss Award”

“[He]’s the best person I could think of to do that movie with,” Best Kiss Awardee Keith Kogane on exclusive interview with The Arus Times

Takashi Shirogane posts instagram photo with OR&BL onscreen husband to thank fans for support

SECRET RENDEZVOUS: Famous big screen couple spotted together at dinner in local family restaurant

VoltronMedia: “We’re not against our actors dating”

“Love is a beautiful thing” – Fashion icon and director Allura talks about hit movie, latest fads, and more

“HE SAID YES” – Takashi Shirogane and Keith Kogane on “Us


1970s Style Icon: David Byrne ↳ “The starving artist frame and handsome,boyish face often paired with neutral toned trousers and dress shirts buttoned right up to his neck made Byrne look like a frenetic professor onstage or perhaps a slightly spastic Bill Nye, a true “live wire” that was bound to spark at any moment. At a time when rock stars were expected to look shocking or glamorous, Byrne was quirky and unpredictable with a refreshingly natural look that made him seem even cooler in comparison. Though his style has went through several changes over the past forty years, (need I mention the oversize suit phase he went through in 80s?) there’s no denying that Byrne’s 1970s style is just as fresh today as it was then.

Iain sighting, looks like he went to Disneyland last friday. I find it shocking he’s wearing khaki shorts, his wardrobe choices make me giggle. Oh Iain, how I love you and hope you had fun that day.

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