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Can we talk about Harry styles and how he's simultaneously an awkward noodle-limbed human and a gorgeous fashion icon model??

you’re talking about henrold vs Harry Styles™️ and i’m very invested in this topic

here we have henrold. a bean, a beauty, an enigma all in one. he also goes by hercule, henri, hollando, henrietta, heffrey, harriet, henriqué, and harold. his many pseudonyms make him all the more enigmatic, and this means that he comes in many forms. you must be very particular when attempting to spot Henrold. i’ll provide a few examples to make it easier for all involved.

a drunk hollando. gives u a lil bit of sass so u know he’s his true self, but is actually plastered

henrole shows himself, glamour and all

a disgruntled harriet, ready to speak his mind but also wary of the repercussions

hercule, chuffed at his own achievements, flashes his iconic dimples…… a true Cheeseball™️

the most henri of them all, the Best Henri. smiling big, hawaiian shirt… the epitome of everything harold

and now we move on… to Harry Styles by Harry Styles™️, a casual model turned pop sensation turned rockstar turned bane of my existence

where’s his fragrance????? Harry Edward… where

a beauty and a wonder

look at this smooth motherfucker…. Styles™️ at his prime

witch harry ready to rock and roll but also provide you with the best herbal remedy for your cold

here we have Harry Styles reaching peak Rockstar™️, making both all woman and Dads fall in love with him. an icon that can never be matched. the most dangerous of them all when paired with henri. enjoy hell and suffering 🙃 you’re very welcome

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What is up with you and @elijahwoodnot 's disapproval of Elijah's cute fedora? xD what started this madness?? It's just a silly hat that makes him look cute. :D

hahaha it’s all just good fun i don’t actually dislike his hat but i mean like seriously though why does he wear that fedora all the time, it’s like he can’t live without it ?!?

ok for reals let’s forget the fedora, we should bring this hat back 

and this one

A True Fashion Icon™

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i always remember that photoshoot of matt dressed in the leather trousers and also dressed like a high school english teacher

okay first of all i gotta say, photoshoots are different bc it’s not really matthew dressing himself but this look is fucking iconic (ignoring the socks) everything about this look is so good ??????

also high school english teacher???? are we talking about this???? because yes, i mean, still a very hot high school english teacher, but i definitely see your point. idk what it is with this look, it seem like a bit of a mess… like could they at least have had him tuck the shirt in??? 

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