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“an acute angle– like a cute ANGEL, get it?!”

“you’re such a fucking nerd, alex.”

as a nonbinary person whenever someone in ah is struggling to come up with pronouns for a non-gendered character or smth, my fave thing is when michael just calmly says “it’s they” like its the most obvious thing in the world. it just makes me feel safe. its a nice feeling


I had the day COMPLETELY FREE so I was productive and drew a very pretty Quartz. The umbrella idea is and will always be my favorite.


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Lost my sketch pen and finding a new one is trying so I drew some silly doodles during my quest. There has been no good finds so far.

Also, Naga’s Tears was originally Hoshido Tears but it was too potent so Robin had to change the ingredients so that he could keep his customers lol