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Uliro, fashion au :)))

(referencing this au)

“I have destroyed the pictures in their possession,” Ulaz says, quietly. Shiro closes his eyes, sucks in a ragged breath. Ulaz is holding out a thumb drive. “I have checked and double-checked. These are the only copies that remain.”

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This was going to be for a request but I decided that I’m going to do something different for it, so here’s a simple Christmas dungaree dress I made!


Let’s be fashion twice.

I’m late, but here’s my jasicoper high school au for @polypjoweek! Piper is teaching a very nervous Nico how to skateboard after school while they wait for Piper and Jason’s rides to get there (Nico walks home with his sisters). Also tiny bf steals swol bf’s sweatshirt. Again. Tbh Nico probably has a lot of jackets from his bf and gf that he borrows and forgets to give back, not so accidental thief.

She is a party/wedding planner who throws the most elegant balls and celebrations. She makes & decorates the desserts for them too. High class but in an inviting way.


Growing up in St. Louis and being an American girl, this is “it”. I really feel like I’m living the American dream. - Karlie Kloss

Lily Forsher - Model-Colleen Bell Agency
Percy Alba Ibarra - Model
Photographer : Portr8t (IG)