fashion hero of the week


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

Please join us for our Spring Collection of fashionable shoulder holsters, presented by our most handsome male models

Agent Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. shows off his weapon and his equally impressive “guns.”

His partner Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) makes all the women swoon with the classic black holster/white shirt ensemble.

Double the holster, double the swoon.

Agent Kelly Robinson (Robert Culp) of I Spy looks lovely in powder blue.

It seems Agent Robinson is quite the exhibitionist and must insist on wearing his holster au naturel.

Control Agent Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) of Get Smart adds to the powder blue look with this stylish vest.

Representing the wrong side of crime, professional killer Eddie Lorca (Robert Conrad) of Mission: Impossible shows us the sexy side of evil.

And rounding out our Spring Line, veteran FBI Agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) of The Greatest American Hero proves that you’re never too old to rock the shoulder holster.

Please look for our Autumn Collection just around the corner.


// CFTD inspired by Miyazaki //


Costume for the day:

- Linen tunic dress with faux raw fringe edges & built in bias scarf

- Tan & green pin striped cardigan

- Brown leggings (that have many holes)

- Grey Sock Dreams slouch socks

- Dark brown thrift-store boots that make me feel like a super hero ^_^

- Gold geo stud earrings from Madewell

- Handmade arrowhead necklace (I made this!)

- Mercury talisman necklace