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ive been trying to find that taako aesthetic in dark souls but tbh it kinda doesnt work since i tend to run around with an oversized shield and sword but hey, i try


say what you want about prussia but there’s no denying that by 18th century beauty standards their country technically had the most attractive representative in europe

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Well because fashion should be a priority! I mean you're lucky you have a natural sense of style so I guess if the bandages didn't cover things they'd still be aesthetic as fuck wouldn't they be? Besides now they've come to be your fashion symbol! Like Chuuya has his hat,Yosano has her butterfly clip etc.

but…I have a bolo tie for that!
Chuuya gave it to me and it’s supposed to be the fashion focal point. Bandages are just because well…they’re better to look at than whats beneath them.

“Mark and the Malamute” - Digital Oil Painting

“This is why I got him; because he laughs. I thought he was laughing at all my jokes… turns out it’s my fashion sense. I stand by that green sweater!”

Mark is very loyal to his clothes. I was going to go with a modern Mark Hamill and go for a Grandpa-Chic feel… but it just wasn’t going with the rest of the series. So we have a Classic Mark instead. ^_^

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More Xros Wars AU thing~ in XW, Nene becomes an Idol in Hong Kong right? well, here Lapis will become a musician with her band Knife of Gay “Water Witch” also this was mostly inspired by that poster of Yamato in this same pose and I tried to copy the background as well :3 also I forgot how to properly color OTL and for the sake of the otp, a peculiar nerd will be her manager.

Peri can’t see shit btw