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Thank you so much for being 1 of the most humble, creative, authentic, rule-breaking cultural icons of our lifetime. Your legacy will live on forever…Also thanks for telling me you loved my outfit twice, hugging me on stage, giving me great advice, taking this cute ass picture with me, and taking my business card. THANK U MOST OF ALL FOR ALWAYS BELIEVING IN THE YOUTH AND BEING 4 THE CULTURE. Hoping to work with you one day. Love you always!  


🍂 Autumn Outfit Ideas 🍂

Hey babes, new video is up on my channel showing you guys some of my outfits I’m living for this fall :)❤️ Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, especially since my birthday is this month in October, so I love it 😍 I hope you guys enjoy this video and get some inspiration for outfit ideas, I think I had a good range of different kinds of outfits in the video 💕 Don’t forget to comment your favorite outfit on YouTube, subscribe, thumbs up, and turn on my YouTube notifications! 😙🍂

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What You're Most Likely to Succeed in/as Based on your Midheaven

Aries: Police, Athlete, Manager, Fireman, Business in general.

Taurus: Real Estate, Beautician, Singer, Actor, Gardener, Banker, Fashion Designer, Architect.

Gemini: Journalist, Reporter, Writer, Books, Flight Attendant, Comedian, Programer, Dancer, Acrobat, Professor.

Cancer: Cook, Musician, Corporate Manager, Poet, Sailor, Accountant, Nanny.

Leo: Actor, Film Director, Fashion, Writer, Ambassador, Gambling, Jeweler, Fireman, Police, Driver.

Virgo: Architect, Mathematician, Secretary, Assistant, Breeder, Medicine, Pharmacist, Vet, Doctor, Finance, Designer.

Libra: Fashion, Model, Presenter, Beauty Guru, Hairdresser, Judge, Marriage Counselor, Musician, Painter, Singer, Writer, Dancer, Journalist.

Scorpio: Police, Engineer, Scientist, Gynecologist, Sexologist, Astrologer, Psychiatrist, Medium.

Sagittarius: Explorer, Pilot, Driver, Travel Agent, Tour Guide, Trader, Politician, Spiritual Leader.

Capricorn: Manager, Banker, Agent, Scientist, Cultivator, Judge, Mechanic, Politician.

Aquarius: Engineer, Astronaut, Astronomer, Specialist, Photographer, Film-Maker, Activist, Philosopher.

Pisces: Musician, Dancer, Consular, Medium, Priest, Doctor, Writer, Poet.

“I’m not a mere bird
Dont insult me with such slander !
I’m the most desired,
Most admired,
I’m the epitome
Of Beauty.”
Model: @tomiiculmer
Dress: @thenavashionbrand 

Tekken Thoughts: The Devil is a snazzy man.

So Tekken would lead you to believe that or Kazuya wants is power. That his sole purpose if to maximum the power of the Devil’s Gene and keep that all to himself. Well I believe he has another passion. Fashion!

Kazuya Mishima is one stylish motherfucker. The well-groomed shirts, fancy suits, complete with shiny shoes and business ties. The Tekken 1 booklet even states that he collect trainers. Do you think Kazuya’s business attire is because the that what society desire or because he likes it?