fashion fuss

  • Aries Venus: Probably likes to look edgy or tough. Is drawn to black clothes. Might not enjoy seeming formal. Won't be that into accessories. Likes wearing make-up.
  • Taurus Venus: May enjoy natural fabrics. Prizes comfort over the way they look. Probably likes wearing jewellery and bright, rich shades of red and brown.
  • Gemini Venus: Likes red clothes, probably enjoys small or tight clothes. Enjoys accessories. Will emphasise jewellery, hair, and cosmetics, especially nail polish.
  • Cancer Venus: Is probably drawn to grey or black clothes. Might like loose clothes. Will probably want to display cleavage. Likes wearing eye make-up.
  • Leo Venus: Loves the colour red, also likes gold. Wants to wear clothes that display their figure at its best. Might like band T-shirts. Likes doing their hair.
  • Virgo Venus: Will probably really like wearing black. May appear 'tough chic'. Likes wearing form-fitting or backless dresses. Might use a lot of perfume.
  • Libra Venus: Likes wearing dark pink or gold, probably likes clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. Has an obsession with fashion. Likes make-up.
  • Scorpio Venus: Probably adores the colour black and may really like appearing slim-look clothes. May like wearing eyeliner or lipstick. May like tattoos.
  • Sagittarius Venus: Is probably not very interested in fashion. Doesn't usually have a particular favourite colour. Probably cares more about hair than clothes.
  • Capricorn Venus: Probably likes wearing the colour black. Is fairly comfortable with formal-wear. May use foundation, concealer, toner, or cleanser.
  • Aquarius Venus: Unlikely to care about fashion, probably wears humorous tees or band shirts. Likes black and dark purple. Might have messy hair.
  • Pisces Venus: Wants to be naturally attractive, so not too fussed about fashion. Likes to wear 'tough' black boots or trainers. Attends a lot to their eyes.
  • Aries Venus: Probably doesn't like fashion much. Wants to wear dark brown or possibly black clothes. Emphasis on skincare regime and perhaps jewellery or cosmetics.
  • Taurus Venus: Wears flowing or comfortable clothes, may be concerned with their origin. Cares more about the aesthetic of their appearance than fashion statements.
  • Gemini Venus: Might like slightly old-fashioned clothes. Enjoys the colours orange and yellow. Is probably very interested in jewellery and eye make-up.
  • Cancer Venus: Likes rolling clothes that emphasise the bust and hips. Probably prefers to wear their hair loose. Doesn't really like wearing much cosmetics.
  • Leo Venus: Probably loves gold or gold-brown colours. Cares a lot about fashion and the aesthetics of their appearance. Likely to have very beautiful hair.
  • Virgo Venus: Will like to wear solid, formal clothes in earthy colours. Probably cares a lot about the practicality of clothes. Loves understated jewellery.
  • Libra Venus: Has almost a fear of being aesthetically unattractive. Probably likes to put emphasis on their hips. Might like wearing skirts instead of trousers.
  • Scorpio Venus: Might worry a lot about the ethics of their clothes. Has a very independent, maybe unfashionable, style. Likely to adore eye make-up.
  • Sagittarius Venus: Style which might be described as 'hippy'. Likes wearing golds, dark reds, and browns. Might emphasize hair and skin in their outfits.
  • Capricorn Venus: Probably don't care about fashion at all. Likes to wear quite neat clothes; probably likes the colour brown. Really dislikes wearing jewellery.
  • Aquarius Venus: Might like the colour green. Probably wears quite eccentric or different clothes. Is likely to wear very nice, aesthetically pleasing cosmetics.
  • Pisces Venus: Loves wearing flowing clothes and likes to be perceived as 'different' or 'a hippy'. Probably really likes the colour green. Has lovely hair.
  • Aries Venus: Might have an 'indie' style and wears tight or black clothes. Probably wears short-sleeved or strapped tops. May adore jewellery and cosmetics.
  • Taurus Venus: Probably loves to show off their neck and collarbones. Wears quite versatile and practical clothes a lot of them. Likes long, 'hippy' jewellery.
  • Gemini Venus: Probably wears bright colours, especially gold or silver. Is quite eccentric or alternative with clothes. Can adore nail polish, bracelets, and rings.
  • Cancer Venus: Is likely to be quite risque sometimes, and especially enjoys wearing low necklines. Likes silver and bright blue. Wears a lot of eyeliner.
  • Leo Venus: Might be very fashionable and loves wearing gorgeous, 'now', clothes. Might like the colour gold. Probably has perfect hair, cosmetics, and jewellery.
  • Virgo Venus: Likes wearing tight clothes and is good at choosing formal-wear. Probably prefers skirts and dressers to trousers. Has very neat, well-done hair.
  • Libra Venus: Has a very gorgeous, 'pretty' style. Might like wearing a lot of pink and white. Is likely to have very beautiful, soft or curly hair and adore lipstick.
  • Scorpio Venus: Is probably very into alternative clothes, and especially likes revealing clothes. Might wear a lot of black. Enjoys using excessive make-up.
  • Sagittarius Venus: A very adventurous, exciting style, probably focussing on a lot of gold. Expresses their interests through clothes. Wears lots of nail polish.
  • Capricorn Venus: Probably likes wearing shorts or skinny trousers to expose their legs. Likes wearing versatile and practical clothes. Has lovely teeth.
  • Aquarius Venus: Is very individual with fashion, yet still makes it work. Probably likes wearing humorous tees, or tight jeans. Has an obsession with eyeliner.
  • Pisces Venus: Is generally very focussed on shoes. Is likely to like shiny, fun, bright, or 'weird' colours. Probably really likes wearing lipstick and necklaces.
  • Aries Venus: Has a very alternative, maybe dark, style. Probably says they don't like fashion but is actually very good at it. Might like to expose their cleavage.
  • Taurus Venus: Likes to wear necklaces and low necklines. May emphasise the bust and hips. Likes to wear very aesthetically pleasing, flowing clothes.
  • Gemini Venus: Might not have much interest in fashion or be much affected by these placements. Probably likes dark grey, dark blue, black, and white. Likes eyeliner.
  • Cancer Venus: Probably adores light blues, silvers, and whites. Loves to wear loose and 'beautiful' clothes, likes to be formal. May like to wear lots of jewellery.
  • Leo Venus: Probably doesn't like wearing high necklines, long sleeves, or low-hemmed shirts. Very proud of their style. Enjoys wearing their hair loose.
  • Virgo Venus: A very neatly pretty style, probably loves formal wear and is likely to wear a lot of monochrome. Is self-conscious of their chest. Wears nail varnish.
  • Libra Venus: Probably really likes wearing white, and might enjoy sweet and girly styles. Likes flowing clothes, is very into fashion. Wears a lot of lipstick.
  • Scorpio Venus: Is likely scorn fashion, but gravitates towards dark and loose clothes. Appreciates 'true beauty'. Likes eye make-up and silver jewellery.
  • Capricorn Venus: Might not be interested in clothes, but prefers them dark. Wears a lot of tight trousers. May have a fixation on hair, teeth, and nails.
  • Aquarius Venus: Probably wears lots of blue and silver, and loose clothes. Doesn't really care about fashion, but about looking 'beautiful'. Likes jewellery.
  • Pisces Venus: Gravitates towards delicate, pretty, or vintage clothes - likes blue, silver, white, and turquoise. Might paint their nails. Loves eye make-up.
  • Aries Venus: Wants to look chic and edgy - adores black and gold. Is probably very stylish, maybe alternative. Might wear a lot of cosmetics and chunky jewellery.
  • Taurus Venus: Probably loves the colour gold, and likes wearing lots of gold necklaces or maybe thick, warm scarves. Might have lovely hair. Emphasis on skincare.
  • Gemini Venus: So well-dressed they're blinding to look at. Very fashionable and on-trend. Will usually adore doing their make-up and hair perfectly, and jewellery.
  • Cancer Venus: Probably likes soft or flowing clothes in gold or silver. Pursues traditional beauty. Loves styling their hair and might dye it blonde or gold.
  • Leo Venus: Often wears skimpy, summery clothes. Might pursue fashion almost obsessively. Probably loves wearing massive sunglasses and bright lipstick.
  • Virgo Venus: Adores tight clothes, especially shirts, in very stylish, complementing colours. May obsess over formal wear. Probably wishes their hair was darker.
  • Libra Venus: Has a very delicate style, maybe centering around gold and white. Might like floral or vintage pieces. Is very focussed on having perfect make-up.
  • Scorpio Venus: Wants a very edgy and rebellious style. Probably wears lots of black, with gold jewellery. Adores cat-like eye make-up and having perfect skin.
  • Sagittarius Venus: Is probably very into bright colours, especially gold or orange. Likes to wear their own style of clothes. Enjoys doing their hair.
  • Capricorn Venus: Has a very shiny and professional style. In informal situations, likes to show off their legs. Probably dislikes jewellery but likes make-up.
  • Aquarius Venus: Grabs attention with bright clothes and likely to dye their hair. Really likes wearing high-heels. If they wear a lot of make-up, eyebrow focus.
  • Pisces Venus: Soft and girlish clothes, might choose yellow and pale gold. Probably likes wearing dresses and skirts. Has less of a focus on cosmetics and hair.
  • Aries Venus: Probably wears black or dark red clothes and may like skinny jeans. Is into jackets and dislikes soft fabrics. Won't really tend to like jewellery much.
  • Taurus Venus: Likes soft earthy colours: brown, grey, and green. Might care an awful lot about how they look and sometimes copy others. Has lovely, neat hair.
  • Gemini Venus: Might like wearing quite 'respectable' clothes, tending to prefer formal-wear. Probably likes wearing rich browns and muted golds. Lots of cosmetics.
  • Cancer Venus: Has a very typically beautiful style with a lot of formal, elegant greys. Might like exposing their back, collarbones, or cleavage. Likes smoky eyes.
  • Leo Venus: Is very fashionable and hates to go out poorly dressed. Prefers form-fitting or tight clothes, dislikes lighter colours. Probably adores ear-rings.
  • Virgo Venus: Has a very modest style and dislikes showing much skin. Is very professional, preferring dark or monochrome colours. Might dislike jewellery.
  • Libra Venus: Usually gorgeously dressed with a lot of white, silver, or pale grey. Tends to wear lovely shoes. Has well-done make-up and beautiful hairstyles.
  • Scorpio Venus: Probably adores black and edgy or tight clothes. Is nervous about showing skin and likes to appear neat. Might have a thing for silver jewellery.
  • Sagittarius Venus: Doesn't slave to fashion, wants to find their own 'beauty'. May like wearing dark browns, russets, and creams. Might not much like cosmetics.
  • Capricorn Venus: Loves to wear neat, professional clothes or appear smart and well-dressed. Likes grey or brown. Probably has really nice hair, teeth, and skin.
  • Aquarius Venus: Is not very fashion-focussed, but does adore silver. Will like heels and tight trousers: puts focus on the legs and calves. Might dislike make-up.
  • Pisces Venus: Probably really likes soft silvers, greys, and maybe light blue. Much prefers skirts to trousers. Might be very focussed on styling their hair.
  • Aries Venus: Probably likes wearing tight trousers or short skirts. May be drawn to high-heeled shoes. Is very particular about make-up, usually wears dark purple and red cosmetics.
  • Taurus Venus: Has a very flowing, relaxed style. Probably wears a lot of white. Adores having nice hair (usually prefers it loose) and might spend a long time adjusting their hair.
  • Gemini Venus: Lots of pinks and whites. Is probably very focussed on fashion, style, and looking their best. Wears a lot of make-up and hair products but not much jewellery.
  • Cancer Venus: Tends to like formal wear and slim-fit garments. Loves white and pastel colours. Will put a lot of emphasis on the bust and hips and might idealise hourglass figures.
  • Leo Venus: Is very fashionable and never misses a trend. Is probably drawn to gold or rose-gold as colours. Usually has very beautiful hair and really hates to neglect their hair.
  • Virgo Venus: Doesn't show much skin. Will wear quite delicate, pretty, and formal clothes. Might spend a lot of time on make-up and cosmetics, but probably dislikes jewellery.
  • Libra Venus: Adores fashion and may have a typically feminine expression of style. Probably puts a lot of thought into colour, but shape too. Prefers skirts and dresses.
  • Scorpio Venus: Might be very teasing with showing flesh. Probably wears very elegant, stylish clothes. Will tend to wear a lot of simple, attractive jewellery.
  • Sagittarius Venus: Probably puts a lot of effort into how they look, but follows their own style. Is particularly drawn to jewellery and trinkets. Might wear revealing clothes.
  • Capricorn Venus: Has a very clean and put-together style, probably revolves around white and pale grey. Hates showing flesh. Loves to wear tight trousers or skirts.
  • Aquarius Venus: Probably wears a lot of white and light blue. Might have a thing for high-heeled shoes. May be tangential with clothes and wears unexpected yet gorgeous outfits.
  • Pisces Venus: A very delicate, perhaps childish, and certainly feminine outfit. Probably likes wearing flat shoes. Loves to wear eye make-up, lipstick, and to paint their nails.
  • Aries Venus: Probably likes black clothes a lot. Might want to wear ripped or punk-ish styles as they enjoy standing out from the crowd and are drawn to rebellion. Adores eye make-up.
  • Taurus Venus: Doesn't really listen to fashion and cares more about their own personal aesthetic and the ethics of clothes. Is drawn to dark reds and rich browns. Wears little cosmetics.
  • Gemini Venus: Might wear quite skimpy or revealing clothes and especially hates long sleeves. Probably likes band T-shirts and following their own interests. Wears very precise make-up.
  • Cancer Venus: Is probably attracted to loose, flowing, and maybe slightly teasing clothes. Likes black and silver. Probably likes wearing a lot of mascara and eye-shadow.
  • Leo Venus: Might be quite naturally stylish without attending to trends. Probably really likes revealing clothes and the colour red. May be drawn to dramatic make-up.
  • Virgo Venus: Is likely to be quite modest with clothing and definitely prefers darker colours. Might shun fashion to the public ear. Will probably shy away from excessive jewellery.
  • Libra Venus: Will want to wear short skirts or tight trousers and tends to unconsciously follow fashion. Likes cerise and may wear a lot of it. Drawn to lip products especially.
  • Scorpio Venus: Might talk a lot about scorn of fashion, but is actually very stylish. Is probably quite rebellious and may have piercings, tattoos, or dyed hair. Likes wearing black.
  • Sagittarius Venus: Can be quite adventurous with clothing and probably wears band T-shirts. In general they don't follow trends. Is drawn to the eyes and gives them lots of attention.
  • Capricorn Venus: Definite focus on practicality with clothing. Is probably drawn to dark, modest, and form-fitting items. Will probably care more about hair, teeth, skin, and nails.
  • Aquarius Venus: Is likely to want to wear clothes that reflect their interests and can be very versatile. Probably likes dark blue. Might paint their nails or wear simple jewellery.
  • Pisces Venus: Definitely not very into fashion. Tends to wear simple garments which might be effortlessly pretty. May not like wearing shoes or clothes which restrict the feet.
  • Aries Venus: Is likely to be very rebellious and probably follow an alternative fashion style. Might wear a lot of jewellery or dyed hair and might be drawn to tattoos.
  • Taurus Venus: Takes inspiration from nature for what they wear and cares a lot about ethics. May like wearing henna or jewellery. Probably likes the colour gold a lot.
  • Gemini Venus: Is likely to wear tight or possibly revealing clothes. Probably adores bracelets and bangles. Is very likely to dye their hair or give lots of attention to it.
  • Cancer Venus: Is attracted to loose, flowing clothes and pale colours. Might like exposing or emphasising cleavage. Probably likes wearing necklaces and lots of eyeliner.
  • Leo Venus: More drawn to pursuing individual beauty than societal standards of fashion. Might like the colour gold or golden jewellery. Will probably enjoy wearing make-up.
  • Virgo Venus: Likes to wear versatile clothes but is repulsed by untidy clothing or hair. Probably wears dark clothes. May sometimes surprise others with attention-grabbing outfits.
  • Libra Venus: Very into flowing clothes and loves to wear very beautiful garments that others won't expect. Passionate about the ethics and meaning of clothes. Likes jewellery.
  • Scorpio Venus: Is probably very rebellious and doesn't care what others think. Might like tattoos or piercings. Will wear what they feel comfortable in and is drawn to red.
  • Sagittarius Venus: Can sometimes be described as 'hippy'. Tends to follow specific, alternative styles. Likes to wear revealing clothes and may like jewellery or henna.
  • Capricorn Venus: Thinks the versatility of clothes is what's more important. Is drawn to blouses and the colour white. Inexplicably adores short skirts when it comes to it.
  • Aquarius Venus: Very relaxed about their clothing. Likes to reflect themselves, rather than what others thing, with their style. Probably likes wearing trainers and loose clothes.
  • Pisces Venus: Likes to wear exciting and beautiful clothes. Probably dislikes wearing shoes. Adores jewellery such as pendants or charms and is likely to be drawn to henna.
  • Aries Venus: Probably drawn to rebellion and hates to follow trends. Might like wearing skinny jeans. Is likely to spend a lot of time doing their hair and likes silver jewellery.
  • Taurus Venus: Very earthy colours like brown and green are their favourites. Likes wearing versatile or practical clothes. Probably dislikes wearing their hair up.
  • Gemini Venus: Hates wearing impractical clothes. Will like wearing quite elegant colours and may be drawn to formal wear. Feels restricted by long sleeves or tight trousers.
  • Cancer Venus: Has a very elegant, subtle style and definitely prefers formal clothes. Is drawn to pale grey and white. May spend a lot of time on make-up, especially around the eyes.
  • Leo Venus: Probably spends a lot of time deciding what to wear. Is a slave to trends and always wants to look fashionable. Has lovely hair, likes cosmetics and sunglasses.
  • Virgo Venus: A very clean and practical sense of style. Is probably drawn to monochrome colours. Might like wearing suits and very formal clothes, feels uncomfortable in casual wear.
  • Libra Venus: Definitely likes wearing white and maybe cream. Probably prefers wearing knee-length skirts and dresses to most other things. Spends a lot of time on hair and make-up.
  • Scorpio Venus: Is probably a rebel and might wear a lot of black. Doesn't like people to think they're interested in fashion. Probably has really nice teeth and nice legs.
  • Sagittarius Venus: Has a very odd style which is difficult to predict. Definitely prefers shorter skirts and trousers. Probably likes to wear scarves, shawls, and wrap-arounds.
  • Capricorn Venus: A formal and practical style that revolves around monochromes and browns. Always looks beautiful and very put-together. Puts a lot of emphasis on skincare.
  • Aquarius Venus: Probably doesn't care much about fashion. Likes practical clothes that reflect their interests. On formal occasions, wears shorter dresses, tights and heels.
  • Pisces Venus: Likes to wear neat, doll-like dresses and simple jewellery. Probably likes wearing pumps and might be shoe-obsessed. Won't like wearing trousers or very long skirts.
  • Aries Venus: Might like band T-shirts and clothes that reflect their interests. Probably quite punky. Might not enjoy wearing jewellery or make-up or styling their hair.
  • Taurus Venus: Really likes greens and blues. Probably wears a lot of necklaces, but not much other jewellery. Doesn't follow trends and would rather find their own kind of beauty.
  • Gemini Venus: May really like the colour white and is drawn to bracelets and wristbands. Most people don't expect them to be as stylish as they are. Is quite quirky and fun.
  • Cancer Venus: Is drawn to most shades of blue and maybe turquoise, as well as silver and grey. Doesn't follow fashion at all. Loves high-heels and can be breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Leo Venus: Has an eccentric and fun style and is drawn to bright colours. Probably has great hair. Isn't likely to ever want to wear flat shoes at all, except sometimes trainers.
  • Virgo Venus: Likes whites, greys, and blues. Wears very practical and versatile clothes. May feel restricted by a lot of clothes and dislikes long trousers or long-sleeved shirts.
  • Libra Venus: Hardly ever wears socks and is very picky about their shoes. Can make anything look stylish. Doesn't like things which are too tight or showy around the hips.
  • Scorpio Venus: Is absolutely gorgeous without even trying, fashion-wise. Might really like silver jewellery and likes high heels. Adores band T-shirts and making a statement.
  • Sagittarius Venus: Very adventurous and fun and probably doesn't actually care much about fashion. Loves bright colours and fun clothes. Probably likes wearing short skirts.
  • Capricorn Venus: Is drawn to the colour grey. Wears very practical, versatile clothes and maybe band T-shirts. For formal occasions, can't go out without heels.
  • Aquarius Venus: Definitely not that into fashion. Likes clothes that reflect their interests and show who they are. Prefers to be very casual with the way they dress.
  • Pisces Venus: Probably adores the colours blue, purple, and turquoise. Likes wearing short skirts. Is very creative and imaginative with the clothes they choose to wear.
  • Aries Venus: Actually very fashionable, which most people don't expect. Likes bright colours and is quite goofy with clothes. Is attracted to jewellery, hair, and make-up.
  • Taurus Venus: Has a very pretty and cute style. Probably likes wearing whites and light greens. Is drawn to creative clothes, and worries about the ethics of what they wear.
  • Gemini Venus: Probably likes wearing bright or pastel colours and is very inventive with style. Prefers skirts and is fussy about shoes. Loves short sleeves, bangles, and nail polish.
  • Cancer Venus: Might wear a lot of blue and has quite a mellow style. Loves white and silver. Wears a lot of lace, satin, and other delicate fabrics, as they have a very feminine style.
  • Leo Venus: Prefers bright colours and like wearing crop-tops. Wears quite unique clothes and probably wears a lot of jewellery. Is drawn to short skirts and dresses.
  • Virgo Venus: Likes wearing clothes in a delicate, feminine, and innocent style, especially white dresses. Might be drawn to a very vintage style. Prefers high-heels and formal-wear.
  • Libra Venus: Puts a lot of effort into their clothes and is very feminine. Probably likes to be quite cutesy. Wears a lot of charms, pendants, and prefers skirts / dresses to trousers.
  • Scorpio Venus: Has a charming sense of style which can be quite formal. Is quite a modest dresser and enjoys wearing jewellery. Pays a lot of attention to eyes and eye make-up.
  • Sagittarius Venus: Doesn't listen to fashion at all and loves to be a 'hippy'. Wears a lot of necklaces and long skirts and prefers bare feet. Cares about the ethics of their clothes.
  • Capricorn Venus: Probably really likes the colour white and has quite a clean, feminine style which might be very feminine. Wears lots of eyeliner. Is picky about shoes.
  • Aquarius Venus: Loves t-shirts with cute or funny mottos and prefers quite loose clothes. Is drawn to bright colours and goofy prints. Hates high-heels or hi-topped shoes.
  • Pisces Venus: Has a beautiful, creative and independent style which is very delicate and sweet. Probably dislikes wearing darker colours, except perhaps purple. Adores eye-shadow.

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ronsy: pansy (famous fashion designer) fussing over ron's closet when she moved in xxxxxxxxx

  • you think pansy waited until she moved in to dress that man?
  • hahaha nope
  • when they first start hooking up it’s just that
  • a hook up
  • and then another
  • and another
  • they meet, have their fun, and then break away. it’s fun and simple and exactly what they need
  • and then one time ron accidentally sleeps through the night and pansy’s waking him up and kicking him out
  • sleepovers were an explicit no
  • “okay, geez, i’m sorry. bloody hell,” ron grumbles as he pulls on his old dirty jeans and garish orange sweater
  • he’s reaching for his beat up trainers when pansy finally realizes what he dresses like in the day time and she’s just aghast
  • “ugh, out!” she’s shoving him out of the door because she just can’t bare the sight of it all. she shuts the door behind him and shudders
  • it happens again a few weeks later and she just groans and kicks him awake. 
  • “ugh get out,” she mumbles into her pillow. because it’s five in the morning and she does not have the energy for the dramatics
  • he rolls out of the bed and pulls on coduroys of all things and she shoves her head under her pillow
  • she’s the one to make the next faux pas when she wakes up at seven at his place
  • once she gets over the initial disgust of realizing that his apartment isn’t decorated industrially… it just is industrial, the first thing she does is find his closet
  • ron wakes up to the sound of hangers hitting the floor and the sight of pansy in her underwear and his t-shirt throwing his clothes into piles on the ground and scoffing to herself
  • “the fuck parkinson?” he mumbles
  • “your wardrobe is insufferable,” she says, not pausing one bit in her movements. “and if seeing you in the light of day is going to become a thing now, we need to fix that.” 
  • “we?” he muses
  • she huffs and throws the last of his things into a pile and finally looks at him. she points to the largest pile “shit that absolutely must go.” ron sees most of old t-shirts, zip up jumpers, and jeans in that pile and while he sees a few things he’d keep, he knows that getting rid of most of that wouldn’t be the worst thing
  • she points to the medium pile. “shit that i can actually work with.” ron rolls his eyes and sees a few pairs of his nicer jeans, his dress robes, and the only three button downs he owns.
  • she points to the smallest pile. “shit that should be in the first pile, but i figured you had some sort of gross attachment too.” in that pile he sees most of his mom’s sweaters, his cudley cannon’s shirts, his holyhead harpies shirt, and his gryffindor stuff. 
  • he sighs and starts climbing out of the bed. “what, you going to take me shopping now?” 
  • “i obviously have too.” 
  • he nods and leans down to pluck a few shirts out of the big pile. “so what’s gross, the attachment-” he asks, tossing them into the small pile, “- or the attachment to these things?”
  • pansy scoffs. “both really, but any attachment is so unattractive.”
  • “you must be hideous then,” he says seriously, and she gets the most offended look on her face. “because i think you’re pretty attached to me.”
  • and before she can protest he scoops her up and carries her to the bed and she’s laughing and slapping at his shoulders
  • “if i’m hideous then you’re positively grotesque.”
Something Missing (something strange) - Gaston/OC

Okay, so this is my first foray into Beauty and the Beast fics. I blame the 2017 movie (though I’ve been obsessed with the original movie since I first saw it as a child). I ended up writing the ending to this before the beginning and it turned out far longer than I had expected. It’s pretty rough right now but seeing as I’m leaving tomorrow for vacation, I wanted to give you something. (Also I could not get this out of my head). Let me know what you think (and if you find any errors both grammatically and characterization wise). 

Title: Something Missing (something strange)
Pairing: Gaston/OC
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast 
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really. Some misogyny because it’s Gaston.
Summary: Elise has finally returned to the village of her childhood. Things are not quite as she left them.

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Kate did two interviews with Hello. The first was right before she starting working for Jigsaw. She posed and answered questions- she stated she wasn't not into clothes but like two months later she was working for Jigsaw. The second was part when she was supposed to row with the sisterhood. She didn't she was William's girlfriend. She did not participate in the race because her and William were on vacation at an island. It's the same island they went after George was born - without him.

Honey bear, my little dove, you have fallen in to the trap of believing the utter crap you read on here as being fact. Mummy Jessica is here to help!

Firstly, an interview requires conversation and pre planning. If you catch someone on the street and ask them a question which they answer, it’s not an interview. That being said, if you would like to define interview as “any quote anyone gives” then kate has done two, neither about William and only one of which you’ve listed.

1) in 2005 she went to the launch of Jigsaw and said “I’m not fussed about fashion really, I’m just here to support Belle and John.” No William, no personal info, no follow up questions

2) in 2006 she went to an event for Jigsaw on a professional basis. She was asked if she was enjoying the event, she said there were lots of interesting talks on. No William, no personal info, no follow up questions. It’s on YouTube.

3) she didn’t give an interview to Hello about the Sisterhood. I’ve read the damn magazine!! She was split from William, Emma Sayle gave an interview, and Kate posed in a group photo with the other girls. That’s it. She was not quoted in the article as answering or even being asked any questions. She got back together with William and pulled out of the event for reasons unconfirmed.

4) whether they went on holiday without George is not relevant to the conversation but is also- you guessed it- not a fact. I listed all of the rumoured and confirmed holidays not too long ago and that one is rumour. No pictures, no confirmation, no named sources. It’s pure rumour with no evidence to support it.

You can choose to believe every negative story about the Cambridges with no evidence if you wish, but it’s important to me that you understand your opinion is not necessarily fact. I don’t think you’ve quite grasped that concept yet.


Dramatic irony is…

Realizing that Like likely had no real intention of restarting the Jedi or coming back to civilization after Ben’s betrayal and that none of what happened in The Force Awakens would have happened if Snoke realized how broken Luke had become.

In true dramatic irony fashion, making a huge fuss over acquiring the map set into motion the events that will probably be Snoke’s undoing, and all because he feared the rise of the new Jedi.

It’s days like this that I love having studied drama.

They loved each other not out of necessity, not “scorched by passion,” as it is falsely described. They loved each other because everything around them wanted it to be so: the earth beneath them, the sky over their heads, the clouds and trees. Everything around them was perhaps more pleased by their love than they were themselves. Strangers in the street, the distances opening out during their walks, the rooms they lived or met in. 
Ah, it was this, this was the chief thing that united them and made them akin! Never, never, even in moments of the most gratuitous, self-forgetful happiness, did that most lofty and thrilling thing abandon them: delight in the general mold of the world, the feeling of their relation to the whole picture, the sense of belonging to the beauty of the whole spectacle, to the whole universe. 
They breathed only by that oneness. And therefore the exaltation of man over the rest of nature, the fashionable fussing over and worshipping of man, never appealed to them. Such false principles of social life, turned into politics, seemed to them pathetically homemade and remained incomprehensible.
—  Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak 

chronoszephyr  asked:

Hi! :) can I request Nordics + England + Spain + Lithuania reacting to seeing S/O in a wedding dress (S/O wearing it for a fashion show- maybe hosted/designed by poland? ;) )

This is an adorable prompt! 

Denmark/Andersen Densen: He was invited to the special showing of the gowns designed by his friend Feliks Łukasiewicz, and was enjoying the little “party” beforehand. He bragged about you being in the show, and how beautiful you would look. He wouldn’t realize that seeing you in a wedding gown would have such a big impact on him, until he saw you walking down the runway. As he told his friends to shut up, so he could pay attention to you, his stomach bubbled with excitement, and he felt his heart fill with a different kind of love. Love that may prompt him into proposing soon…

Norway/Sigurd Thomassen: He is a little hesitant going to the fashion show, especially if the main focus was wedding dresses. Were you trying to tell him something? Did you want to get married? He turned the invitation over again and again. It was gold embossed, and had minimalist design on it. “You are cordially invited to the Spring Wedding Fashion Show, featuring special designer Feliks Łukasiewicz.” You would want him to be there. Sigurd arrived at the party hosted before, made polite small talk, and desperately wished that it would go faster so he could see you. When he did, boy was he shocked. You looked so stunning and happy to be in your dress. Though it didn’t make him propose soon after, it did get “the marriage.” going between the two of you.

Sweden/Berwald Oxensierna: He’ll go to support you, and Feliks, though he might feel like you might be sending a message about the future. But he figured he shouldn’t assume things so quickly, plus he’ll ask you about it sometime later. At the little gathering before the fashion show, he’ll listen to the presenters talking about the dresses, and wonder what yours will look like. He wouldn’t know most of the terminology, but will try and figure it out on your (and his) behalf. Sitting by himself at a table, since he did look a slight bit intimidating, Berwald would clap the loudest “dad” clap when you came on the runway, taken away by you in the dress. His face might get a little red, and so many positive emotions filled his heart that he couldn’t really explain them. He’d feel a little smug that his s/o is a “model”. He’ll ask you about marriage after it the show though, since the doubts and questions still hung in his mind. 

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen: Tino was positively bursting with excitement when you told him that you’d be modeling for a wedding fashion show, with dresses designed by one of his connections, Feliks. He might joke that he should go try on some suits to match you. Tino was a great guest, chatting away with the designers, other attendee’s, and complimenting everything. He’d eventually tell himself to shut up when the show began. Other models passed him, who looked quite nice, but when he saw you, he could barely breath. Tino would stare in awe at you and feel like you guys were the only people in the world right now. His eyes followed you as you pass him, and he could barely managed to wave to you he was so breathless. When the show was over, he’d compliment you over and over again. 

Iceland/Emil Steilsson: He’s a little reluctant about going to the fashion show that was wedding themed. Much like Berwald and Sigurd, he’d take this as some kind of underhanded message. He wasn’t ready to be married, and weddings made him uncomfortable. But he would begrudgingly go, “to support you.” While he forced himself to make small talk with the other attendee’s, he sat himself in the back of the room when the show started. Passing over every model that wasn’t you, when he finally saw you his mouth almost dropped open. You looked so different, and so.. mature, and beautiful in a way that he could not explain. It opened him up to weddings, though he might not admit to that later. 

England/Arthur Kirkland: When he got the invitation, he was reminded of his thoughts on marriage.  He had already mulled over marriage, and was planning to talk to you about it at a later date, the theme of the fashion show made it a little easier to bring up. Arthur would somewhat interested in going to the actual wedding fashion show. He’d fuss over you before, making sure that you felt okay, but would really only attend because he wanted to support you and Feliks. Other models passed, but they didn’t mean anything to him. But when you walked on the runway, he had to admit, he did get a few butterflies in his stomach. The dress looked amazing on you, and Arthur was awestruck for the entire time you were on stage. 

Spain/Antonio Fernández Carriedo: Antonio would be very excited to be invited to such an event. Especially since you were in the show, and the designs were by his friend Feliks. He didn’t know a lot about fashion, but he was very enthusiastic about you. He couldn’t wait to see your dress, and when he did, he felt so proud and loving. That was his s/o out there, being all professional model like, and looking like a million bucks. He realized that the whole theme was marriage, and weddings, and was berated by some people that he should start thinking; but he wouldn’t really want to bring it up unless you wanted to. 

Lithuania/Toris  Laurinaitis: He was how you got into the fashion show in the first place. Since his best friend was the featured designer. It also happened that he was one of the models for the grooms-wear portion of the show. He was more or less begged into doing it for Feliks, and didn’t want to be alone, so he thought that inviting you would help him feel less anxious about walking out on a runway in a fancy suit. Turns out, he was wrong. Inviting you to model the fashion show created more anxiety for him. Since you were his s/o, you guys looked even more like a couple who were about to get married. Don’t take him the wrong, he would like to get married sometime, but the comments from the other designers and models while everyone was getting “final touches” that “you guys look beautiful together”, and “I would love to design your actual wedding gown/suit.” didn’t help. Once the show was underway, the people in suits and the people in dresses were separated. The bridal show was first, and he was backstage watching on a camera, he saw you before you stepped out, but when you were in the lights and everything was put together, his breath was taken away. It took him everything not to stumble on his walk, since he was still a little dazed from yours.