fashion from the street

(*≧▽≦)   hq!! ot3+ week day 2: roommates!!

pynch karaoke au

•ronan, for some reason, is in an odd, super happy mood and is feeling generous, so takes gansey and noah out for drinks at a karaoke bar

•after a few drinks, ronan spots a cute boy with a girl ronan recognizes as blue, that non-psychic hippy chick with the weird fashion sense from that blue witch house down the street

•he’s at that level of drunk where he can make some really bad decisions, so with a little encouraging from gansey and noah, he decides to try and woo the cute boy

•by “woo the cute boy” he means “make a complete fool of himself by singing along to the karaoke version of ‘I want you to want me’ by cheap trick”

•so he gets up on stage, slightly wobbly, and begins a full on dance routine while singing really well actually, all the while staring at cute boy and pointing at him and finishes with a slide down the stage, stopping right in front of him

•the song ends and they stare at each other for a while until adam smiles really big, trying to suppress a laugh. “I’m Adam,” he says, warmly, with a sweet, thick, honey-like accent that makes ronan go quite red. “Ronan,” he finally says, his voice cracking as he does so.

•blue just looses it and can’t help cracking up at the absurdly cliche situation before her

•adam just laughs, pulls out a pen, and scribbles his phone number on ronan’s open palm, which results in ronan almost falling over twice while descending the stairs, still dizzy from the brief interaction

•once he gets back to his seat, he immediately pulls out his phone, which makes gansey and noah give each other concerned looks cause is he okay??? he never uses his phone??? does he need to lie down???

•but then they notice the numbers scrawled on his hand and their faces light up and ronan gets a standing ovation from the two of them