fashion friday


One more dress to for today’s Valentino love fest! I managed to download these images from farfetch before the dress sold out (tears…) so I guess now I can just day dream about it without the damage to my non-existent savings.  Thanks, Universe. 

Le sigh.

- Summer


Wrapping up some Friday Fashion with a bang!

Okay so these Pre-Fall 2017 looks from Moschino are more sci-fi than pure sci, but I’m still loving them. I would especially love to wear either of the top two dresses while giving a talk on the Big Bang - guaranteed to make an impact.*  

- Summer

*sorry, not sorry

Happy #Fashion Friday Everyone!!!

Don’t know what to wear to your next holiday party??? Use Queen Margaret of Scotland for your inspiration!!! 

From our Stacks: Margaret, Queen of James 3rd of Scotland.  Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages by Henry Shaw F.S.A. Volume the Second. William Pickering, London, 1843

#Fashion Friday

“La flute de pan” from Falbalas et Fanfreluches 2eme Almanach des Modes Présentes, Passées & Futures Pour 1923. 1923 Colette Modes. Aquarelles par G. Barbier. Meynial editeur Paris.


Robinson Crusoe

This 1791 edition of Robinson Crusoe features embroidered bindings on the front and back cover. The front cover binding shows a ship with English flags and the back cover shows the Eastern and Western Hemispheres (only Eastern is shown above, with Australia’s historical name “New Holland”).