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First Date With Steve

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Slight swearing? Listen, y’all know I love the f-bomb

Word count: 975

A/N: I’m swamped with work atm so my time to write is fairly limited. I hope this fluffy Steve fic will make your forgive me for my lack of posts. 

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red and green (don’t break the law).

A/N: So, I saw AOU yesterday, and I have the biggest Brutasha feels. Anyway, here’s this. It’s on my account if you wanna check it out there. This is set before and after the events of AOU.

The first time he notices, it’s from afar and he’s a little bit surprised, but mostly pleased. They are sitting next to each other, elbows touching and legs intertwined in the fashion that’s common in the twenty-first century. He wonders what he’d say to that open intimacy if he were a ninety year old man, but the Captain’s a sucker for love, always has been, and so he watches them from behind, smiling at their subtle touches and open flirtation.

She doesn’t act that way around just anyone.

And the Captain knows he probably shouldn’t allow it, because it’s Dr. Banner and Natasha Romanoff, for God’s sake, but he rides with it anyway because what can he say?

They’re good together.

The second time it occurs, Steve pretends he hasn’t just seen Natasha playfully touch Banner’s lips with her finger, or see Banner carefully, cautiously, dance his hands towards her hair, gently tucking a curl back and whispering something inaudible to the Russian doll.

“They’re something, huh?” A voice asks, and when he turns, Maria Hill is standing beside him.

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ligayaharukadiwata  asked:

Imagine Steve realizing that he has a crush on Maria, who reminds him of the points he loved most about Peggy. Imagine Maria making an exception for shy, dated Steve because he's nothing like the douchebags she works with on a daily basis. (I just really liked the Steve and Maria friendship fics and I figured they could be a bit more with just the right nudge.)

He notices her eyes first. They have the same determined look that Peggy’s had – intense and hardened by the male patriarchy she’s been subjected to but still soft and caring. He notices her lightning fast instincts and razor sharp wit next. He marvels her ability to be commanding and the way she fills a room with her presence. Lastly, he notices how well they work together. Fighting side-by-side with her reminds Steve of how it was when he and Peggy fought together. It wasn’t until after the Chitauri invasion and they started working together more that Steve realized his awe of Maria Hill went deeper than just professional feelings.

He hasn’t been this nervous since he climbed into the pod right before he got the serum. 

“Can I help you, Captain?” Maria asks, not looking up from her papers.

Steve shuffles his feet and transfers his weight nervously. He opens his mouth but no sound comes out. He tries again. “I-uh…well,” he clears his throat. Maria looks up from her desk expectantly. “So, I was, uh, wondering, if you’d like to, uh, go out some time?” he finished in a rush.

Maria smiles and flushes a little. “Well, I don’t usually mix business and pleasure, but I think that can be arranged, Captain.”

Steve smiles, letting out a breath of air he didn’t know he had been holding. “Friday night. Eight o’clock. I’ll pick you up. And call me Steve.”

Maria laughs at something Steve says. “Well Steve, this was a lovely evening. I never expected that you’d go for a movie and milkshakes.”

“What can I say? I’m an old fashioned fella. Gotta treat the ladies right,” he says with a smile.

“You’re so different than everyone else. If you were any of the other men from the office, he’d be trying to get in my pants from the get-go.”

“That’s no way to be a gentleman,” Steve says, stopping in front of her apartment. He looks down sheepishly. “I’d love to do this again.”

Maria smiles. “Me too. It was a nice change of pace. Want to come in for some coffee?”

“I think it’s best if I don’t,” Steve tells her. He leans in and places a soft kiss on her cheek. “See you on Monday.”