fashion font

fake ah crew aesthetics
  • geoff: hot pink, crisp white linen, abstract art, long fingers, cleanliness, high fashion, greyscale, stacks of money, minimalism
  • jack: plane windows, freckles, blinding sunlight, hawaiian patterns, thrift stores, wide skies, blurry polaroids, bedsheets, messy hair
  • ryan: dark shadows, wasteland, plants, black blood, bare skin, messages on bathroom walls, bronze, sleek cars, roman art, smirking
  • michael: canvas wrapped around fingers, bloody knuckles, leather, burnt orange skies, alleys, lions and wolves, fireworks, expensive white sneakers
  • gavin: japanese fashion, 80's fonts, vintage patches, peeling gold paint, sunkissed skin, pale gradients, mini handmade things, glitches, scribbled handwriting
  • ray: overexposed images, rooftops, tiny tattoos, embridered poetry, legs hanging off edges, nintendo, rose gold, skateboards, pink neon, ghosts
  • jeremy: yellowing bruises, cats, storms, flowers growing in sidewalk cracks, scraped knuckles, bones showing, flexibility, daffodils, stubble
  • matt: mirrors, plaid, being unkempt, soil, mechanical parts, symmetry, faded old pictures, raw metals, overcast days, eyes screwed shut, calloused hands
  • lindsay: scuffed converse, wings, riots, mixed drinks, crimson, hidden knives, sharp canines, 90's fashion, pins, rollerblades, tigers, bold eyebrows
  • kdin: strange glitches, glowing keyboards, unreality, dark rooms, white noise, blur, clicking and tapping, bitter cold, collections
  • trevor: double exposure, brightly coloured pills, small pops of colour, bumblebees, graffiti, baby blue, stick-n-poke tattoos, undercuts, neatness
  • barbara: smoky eye, nude lipstick, purple skies, urban fashion, darkness, burnt yellow, cigarette butts, blowing kisses, gold, bleach, bitten nails, toxicity
  • meg: rich colours, sugar and venom, blood red, lingerie, pretty knives, black strappy clothes, lollipops, feral grins, claw-like nails, matte lips
  • mica: long perfect nails, lavender, black lips, ashes, cracked iphones, counting money, sparklers, jello shots, sunsets, city glimmer, sharp outlines