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Hi, Auntie Jilli! The goth night in my town is having an All Types Of Goth-themed night, and we're all supposed to dress up like a different kind of goth than we usually go for. I'm sort of a tradrock/glam/deathrocker type, and I was wondering if you knew of any sort of goth style that you love that I could try out for a night without too much financial investment. (I was thinking Victorian, but that's kinda expensive and I like dancing all night with minimal sweating!) Thank you!

Ooooh! Hit the thrift stores* and look for some flowy skirts, lighweight lace scarves, and shawls. Wear your usual deathrocker top pieces, but add the skirts, tie the shawls around your waist , and use safety pins to secure other scarves and shawls to your top(s). Ta-da! Super-easy dark mori/witch fashion! 

*You also can find these things on Amazon from the Asian fast-fashion companies, for prices that are only slightly more expensive than thrift stores. 


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