fashion figure

So, this was my first rough draft for a plus size croquis. It’s a giant leap away from the standard 10-heads-tall, 14"-waist croquis that we’re all taught, and in some respects it’s probably a little too far in that it doesn’t look “fashiony” enough. (I did say it was a draft. And yes, her shoulders are lopsided-looking, you don’t have to tell me lol I see it) 

But I was dumb and showed my design prof my old figures, and she gushed over how stylized and dynamic they were—which is true—and then wanted me to incorporate some of their style into a new draft of a plus size figure. I resisted as much as I could when she said she would like to see thigh gap and a waspier, more defined waist just to start, but I’m on probation and I just really don’t want to get into trouble. :/ I’m trying to draw this figure “with more style references to the original fashion croquis” she wants to see, but everything I draw ends up looking more like an Amazon warrior than a luscious fat lady. (The thigh gap is the biggest challenge.) There’s nothing wrong with Amazonian-looking women, but that’s not the body I’m designing for.