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sleepiest baby at the party - I got a menstrual cup and turned all my excess period supplies into brooches (hmu if you want one for $5, also custom venus/feminist earrings are $15!)


Haven’t posted any outfit photos in a while. Mostly because I don’t have a full body mirror anymore… and my phone has been majorly malfunctioning. #living in my oversized sweater


Rainbow Store: Plus Size Edition! XDD

Rainbow’s a great store to buy clothes that have me feeling loud, vivacious and overly confident! Their sizes range from XL-3X and they also carry juniors, and kids. Depending on what you are wanting, prices range from 3$-24.99$ for separate outfits and dresses! If you have never gone to one, I encourage you to check one out! You’ll find hidden treasures in the sales rack every time! XDD


I’m super late on this, but who cares! :P 
Selfies of 2014 you cute, but you 2014 were not. So Glad for new beginnings and saying goodbye to this shitty year.

Mei inspired Outfit From My Neighbor Totoro~

Dress: Forever 21 Plus
Size: Up to 3X

Bag: Walmart
Price: 3

Shoes: Payless
Price: 15

Hat: Walmart
Price: 3

Spray paint: Walmart
Price: 3.99