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A 17-year-old wore a long-sleeved T-shirt dress to school — and was promptly dress-coded

  • Another day, another story about a girl getting dress-coded at school for an outfit that looks, well, not worthy of getting dress-coded for. This time, it’s 17-year-old Sophia Abuabara, who attends Tom C. Clark High School in San Antonio, Texas. 
  • She was wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt dress. Abuabara’s mother, Rosey Abuabara, took to Facebook and Instagram  to write about the situation, first posting a picture of her daughter’s outfit, a black and white striped T-shirt dress that extends farther than her fingertips, with the caption: “What is more important here? 
  • My daughter’s skirt length, or her PHYSICS AP TEST SCORE? She also had an [Advanced Placement U.S. history] test, and a LATIN 3 test, back to back. Don’t understand how this is a dress code violation. She’s 5'9”. It’s hard to find anything that fits longer.“ Read more. (4/11/2017 11:01 AM)