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Name: Michaela
Age: 22
Country: Korea

Hi! I’m Michaela, a Canadian currently living in South Korea. I’ve been living in Korea for over a year now… even though my original intention was to only spend a few months here and then continue on to other countries. I have been to Japan for short trips (twice) but other than that I haven’t actually travelled to many places. Just back and forth between Busan & Seoul mostly (Busan is better, but I’m currently in Seoul and will be heading back to Canada in mid-July).
I do hope to travel to more places (this time with my boyfriend maybe?) after I spend a bit of time back in my home country. We’ll see how it goes!

Anyways if we’re pen pals you’ll hear all about how I left everything, hopped on a plane without planning much, and whats been happening since then. I should also probably give a fair warning that I’m not really a fangirl so if you’re looking for someone to gush over Korean pop idols with, look somewhere else please!
I do love music though (who doesn’t, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like music) and I’ll listen to pretty much anything (any genre, any language)!
I also am, very slowly, learning Korean (and I mean super slowly, just vocabulary mostly). Actually I thought my Korean would improve coming here (not that I knew much to begin with) but instead my English is getting worse so pretty soon I will have no language at all, just a seriously good talent for charades.

I feel like this is getting pretty long… maybe it’s not and I’ve just spent too much time writing. Either way! I’m looking for a few people to be pen pals with (should I have started with this? maybe) over email/SNS and eventually when I’m back in Canada maybe we can switch to snail mail. I can’t really do it in Korea since my address isn’t permanent and I have to be really frugal as a visa-free traveller (I am unfortunately not rich). Also if you’re not a native English speaker that would be nice because as good as my English might seem in this post (?) it’s really not this great usually (I’m being really careful?) and I need someone who isn’t going to get annoyed by my bad grammar and other mistakes.

Ah I forgot to go over some of the stuff I like to do (hobbies and whatnot). Apart from travelling and listening to music… I like to go hiking with friends (in Busan you can go at night! There’s no scary animals! It’s really strange!!), drawing (fashion designs mostly but when I’m back in Canada I have enough art supplies to start a studio so I usually do a lot more), and gardening (but I can’t in Korea). I also really really love going to cafes (when I have money) for hours on end to drink hot choco/strawberry smoothies, people watch, and draw in my sketchbook while listening to music. I think that’s the best way for someone to get a feel of what kind of person I am? You know, apart from everything else I just wrote.

I’m gonna cut off there and hope that somehow someone (you?) has read this whole thing and thinks we’d get along and become good friends. For now I’m setting my preferences as seen below (limiting who can contact me sorry!) because I’m only looking for a couple pen pals right now. Maybe later later when I’m in Canada and have more time and money I’ll have a new post with a less limited age range and whatnot. But for now I’d prefer to find some friends around my age (see below).

Thanks & looking forward to hearing from someone (hopefully)!

Preferences: 20-27 only please! And please note, right now I can only do email but later when I have a more permanent address I’d like to do snail mail.

anonymous asked:

I feel like I've asked this before so sorry for the repeat question but is Fenix known to be a stylist or a designer?

neither really! she’s a brand consultant and creative director with a background in visual and strategic marketing. naturally her portfolio has styling work accounted for but it’s a small part of what she does as a full-service fashion creative. 

some days she’ll do shoot production, other days she’ll just blog about whatever, and sometimes yeah she’ll take on a job where she’s the head stylist of a campaign or magazine spread. overall though she’s mostly working with various designers and brands to help develop new products for their lines and/or partner in collaborations which is why she has her boutique showroom as well. 

she started out as this cute little fashion blogger girl / aspiring stylist but a few years later with a lot of hard work she’s now her own brand and business. she even makes her own schedule now which is ideal for her since she keeps popping out little baby serial killers ;-;

chapter 15.

Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum 

Word Count: 1367

Warnings: a lot of feel? idk i wrote the word feeling wayy to many times

note: school is death. omg i wrote this chapter in less than two hours and honestly, i was a hard carry for me because it was hell to think of an idea. @marktuansflip would know lmaooo (thanks for giving the idea). anyways, don’t stress out (cuz i am with my 5 exams coming up rip) and have a great day. happy reading! -admin

The sun cracking through the curtains of Jaebum’s room made me toss and turn around. Finally waking up fully, I opened my eyes to see no one beside me. As expected from Jaebum, he would always leave after a one night stand. Usually, I wouldn’t be bothered by Jaebum leaving me alone. But today, I felt hurt for some odd reason. The nice feeling of someone being beside me, holding me in their arms was something I wanted from Jaebum. But I should’ve known he wouldn’t do anything like that anyways. The only thought that ran through my mind was; am I really getting feelings for Jaebum?

Sighing to myself, I slowly got out of bed and stepped over my dress that was messy thrown on the floor from last night. I looked at myself in the mirror in the bathroom, staring at the mess in front of me. Did I really look like this in front of Jaebum? Why was I suddenly so concerned about my looks? Staring at myself in mirror, I suddenly realize I was going mad. These feelings were messing with my mind and it was something I haven’t felt in awhile.

“Wake up, (Y/N).” I sighed to myself, while running my hair through my hair.

“Shower.” I said to myself. “Just take a shower.”

Stripping down to the bare minimum, I stepped into the shower, turning on the warm water that cascaded down my back. Closing my eyes, I let the warm water relax my muscles as I stood there thinking. I thought that a nice warm shower would help clear my mind off of Jaebum, but it didn’t really work out. After breaking it off with Jinyoung, I can’t help but feel attracted to Jaebum. From the moment I met him until now, I’ve always had a thing for him. But did he have a thing for me?

What seemed like an hour in the shower, I finally stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body as I made my way downstairs to the kitchen. Looking around, I realized no one was even home to greet me good morning. Somehow, I felt like I was going to see Jaebum sitting on the couch, waiting for me to come down. To be honest, I wanted him here with me but I couldn’t understand why I was feeling this way.

“Agh!” I screamed out loud, letting my emotions get to me. I can’t be feeling this towards Jaebum. He was Jinyoung’s best friend. And after breaking it off with Jinyoung, I felt like I was rebounding my love onto Jaebum.

Suddenly, I heard my phone ring on the counter of the kitchen table, totally forgetting I placed it there last night, as it made me flitch from the sudden noise. Quickly grabbing hold of it, I put the up onto my ear and answered the call.

“(Y/N).” A voice called on the other end.

“Ah boss,” I sighed in disappointment, “What’s going on?”

“Could you come to the office today? I need to have a word with you.” My boss replied on the other end. Suddenly feeling anxious, I could already feel the amount of disappointment I was going to get. I was still an intern at a design company and I knew what was going to happen next. They were going to fire me.

“Sure.” I said, trying to sound delighted. “I’ll be there in an hour.”

Hanging up the phone, I quickly ran upstairs and started to get ready to go outside. I was panicking. What if I actually lose my internship at this company? It was the only job that gave me enough money to pay off my needs. Plus what if I can’t make enough money to pay off the debt? There isn’t anything else I can do unless I go back to college and study. At this moment, I wanted someone like Jinyoung to help me plan out my life. Since he was always there for me, making sure I had a backup plan incase I lose my job. But now, he isn’t.

Quickly slipping on my shoes, I ran out the door and made my way to work. As I hopped onto a bus, I sat there thinking about the next thing I could do about my life. I could go back to school or marry a rich man. And of course, I thought of Jaebum. Sure, he was rich enough to pay my debt and support my needs. But the idea of using him made me feel disgusted. My actions could be worse than an actual playboy messing around with girls. I would be a gold digger. But I decided in the beginning that I would be my own independent self.

Walking into the company’s office was scary the first day when I had my first interview. But walking in today made me want to pass out because of this anxious feeling. Taking in a deep breath, I knocked on the door where my boss was and prepared myself for the worse.

“Come in.” He said. Slowly opening the door, I peeked inside the tidy modern room beforing entering and sitting down on the chair.

“Is there a reason you wanted to see me?” I spoke up, my voice getting a little bit shaky.

“Of course. I just wanted to talk about your submissions.” My boss smiled at me, trying the lighten the tense air.

“Is there a problem with them? Did it not get submitted?” I asked, panicking slightly about my submissions. Every month, as a fashion intern who designs clothes, it is required to send submissions to the boss so that he could evaluate our learning process. I sent in my latest drawings of my designs, that I worked hard on, and hoped for the best. Right now, my boss isn’t giving me reassurance about my submissions.

“There’s no problem with it.” My boss chuckled before pulling out a file. “I would like to say I’m quite impressed of your designs.”

“Really?” I looked at him with shock. Usually my boss would up my colleagues to either fire them or to yell at them for their behaviours. In the fashion industry, there were a lot of people who were rude and selfish that inspire to be at the top. I respect my boss highly and I was glad that he would fire those people. Never have I heard a good thing come out of his mouth, until today.

“Yes, (Y/N). I’m was very impressed with your work.” He noted, as he opened up the file. “Here are the copies of your drawings that you submitted.”

“The copies?” I raised my eyebrows at him. Why would he copy my drawings when I handed in the original drawings myself?

“Yes, I sent the originals to a friend of mine in France in which he sent the drawings down to a famous company down there.” My boss explained to me.

“Wait, what?” I breathed out, still shocked from all the information I was getting. My boss sent my drawings down to France and didn’t even tell me beforehand. What was going on?

“Listen to me, (Y/N).” My boss told me. “Your drawings have been by far the most impressive I’ve seen since you arrived at this company as an intern. I’ve kept all of your drawings from the previous months and created a portfolio of your drawings. After finally getting enough designs from you, I decided to send it down to France and hoped that you would get work with the most prestigious fashion designers.”

“But why would you do this?” I asked, trying to keep calm from the excitement building up inside of me.

“Because you have potential, (Y/N). Someone like you can make so much money in this world with your designs.” My boss smiled, before standing up from his desk. He had the biggest smile on his face, meaning he had great news for me. I could feel my hand starting to get sweaty while I tried to comprehend what was going on.  

“And guess what, (Y/N)?” My bossed leaned down, resting his hands on his desk.

“You’re going to Paris.”

(haha sorry for the really bad chapter…. i tried)

Lynn Johnson, wears a pale blue trapeze dress with welt seams by Claret; she rests her right leg on Joe Colombo’s green plywood curve chair at Design International Research.Mademoiselle 1967.
Photo by Dave McCabe

Skyeward AU

Grant Ward is an international fashion designers. So when he hires the newcomer model Skye for one of his shows he couldn’t have known that this woman will inspire him and love him like no one else ever could. Soon Ward and his muse Skye rise to the top of the fashion world. Together they didn’t just find success but also love.

London Photography Assistant

I am currently preparing for a couple of high profile photo shoots for an international fashion designer. Works to appear in Harrods.

I’m looking for someone to work with me on the shoots and thus would like to provide a professional paid opportunity to a budding photographer with a passion and eye for fashion photography. 

You will be working directly with the designer, his project manager, my stylist and myself.

Message if interested in joining the team.