Creation Diary | Maxi Skirt

My friend Darren is having a launch for his new app, Storyboard tonight so I thought this posed the perfect opportunity to make a new dress!

I’ve had this maxi skirt for quite a while, however, I have never really worn it as I’m so short… So today I decided to make it into a dress.

I love the fabric and the print and therefore I didn’t want it to just sit in my wardrobe for another year.

This is a simple pattern to create; it’s quite similar to that of my shift dress in my previous post.

I’d have to say this fabric was a challenge but I got there in the end. The sixth photo is of the inside of the collar that was dreadfully painful to put together.

I’m quite happy with how this dress went, I’m still contemplating a couple of darts to it later.

Complete collection | My art, please do not remove the caption.

Fashion illustrations inspired by the songs from Twenty One Pilots’ album, Blurryface. The artwork seen in the official Blurryface audio videos were used as textiles to represent the cohesiveness yet individuality of a collection, whether in fashion or in music.


“Dream Girl” came about when I was thinking about all of the ways we tend to escape into our little worlds. Some find refuge in being in their own little bubbles. Escaping into their minds, daydreaming of all of the possible paths their lives may take. “Dream Girl” is dedicated to those people.

You are a dream girl. You’re imagination is what fuels you to take on another day. And you visionary tendencies are what keep you focus on your goals and passions.

Photographer: Morgan Smith (@phobymo)

Model: Arnelle Pierre-Louis

Makeup Artist: Janis Jameson

Stylist: Lia B. (@liarue)

Keep dreaming. Stay Sweet.


Crystal Tokyo Gala Gowns | All Senshi

. Sailor Moon. Sailor Mercury . Sailor Mars . Sailor Jupiter . Sailor Venus .

. Sailor Neptune. Sailor Uranus . Sailor Saturn . Sailor Pluto . Sailor Chibi Moon.


Front and back of my full Labyrinth Masquerade Ball costume.

I did not make the dress itself; I actually bought it to wear to my high school prom (which I ended up not attending) ten years ago. I think this was its destiny all along.
The armor was designed with the dress in mind, to compliment the lines and the beading motifs. I made some alterations to the dress, including cutting out the back to match the armor. I love how the whole look turned out and I’ll probably bring it to Dragon Con next month!