Hello! Based on a lot of requests and positive reactions, I am looking to commission some pieces from my designs! This would be a paid commission/collaboration.

So what I’m looking for is a seamstress who has at least 5+ years experience under their belt. Someone who has a portfolio or something that can showcase their work. Also possibly professional references or a website. (Please understand I need to make sure someone can be trusted with this big project especially since I would like to put good money into professional quality clothing). I need someone who understands this style and aesthetic and has great knowledge of construction and textiles. All questions and negotiations will be discussed privately.

Privately message me for serious interest ONLY.

Please reblog to get the word out, thank you so much everyone!


This is the first drawing of my demonsona Alæru I’ve made in a while, with a full outfit design and everything~

Her versatile chaos magic is god-mode, but she’s terrible at using it for the majority of the story @cyanea-capillata and I have been writing together. Like me, she’s ace and demiromantic.

Monster High - Frankie Stein - Voltageous Fashion - From yet another late night sketch…. Maybe I will have to start actually making the dolls that feature my designs…. or look into getting my designs made into clothes :)

Might not have so much art for a while as I need to spend all my free time preparing my new house so OH and I have a nice place to live ; - ; But I will finally have a studio to work in !!

Close up here :

Process is here for those who are interested: