fashion deity

Icewarden and the Arcanist are working together (or, mostly, their scholars are) on a classification system for all life forms on Sornieth, not unlike the Linnean taxonomic system we use today. (It’s based on a somewhat old form of the common draconic tongue that’s fallen mostly out of fashion, except when the deities talk amongst themselves, or when clan leaders and other important dragons give speeches of great significance.)

you know what we need headcanons for? Exalt bonuses

What do those represent lore-wise? Are these the fashion movements of the deities? One moment, all the rage in Lightweaver’s court is Slate primary Pearlcatchers with Crackle; the next, Tidecaller rebuts with no, Black Tertiary Tundras are in! Especially with Eyespots! 

Over in the Shifting Expense, Stormcatcher feels a flare of competitive jealousy and disgust at the inefficiency of these designs. NO, he declares. WHITE SECONDARY RIDGEBACKS. WITH BUTTERFLY.