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Pastel Goth Fashion for Angel (peace, pink, romance) (anon)

Pastel Sweater: $16.99 I love this sweater!! It’s so Tumblr, honestly. 

Braces Skirt: $13.99 It also comes in white and mint green, if you’d prefer! 

Angel Pendant: $12.88 This is so beautiful! 

Velvet Chokers: $16.90 These are so pretty! I love chokers a lot. 

Doll Dress: $15.99 It comes in a bunch of other colors, including black. However, I’ve found that if you wear a colored dress but a bunch of black accessories and makeup, you look pretty goth. 

Chiffon Blouse: $15.99 It also comes in mint green, if you’d prefer! 

Rose Gold Sunglasses: $2.99 + $1.99 To be like your rose gold eyes! They’re also a neat geometric pattern. It comes in a few different colors, including black, silver and blue if you’d prefer. 

Cami Minidress: $23.99 Woah, angel wings on the back! It also comes in white. Those aren’t actual feathers, by the way. It has a beautiful V-neckline. 

Wing Bracelet: $10.88 + $5.49 What a beautiful bracelet!

I am Pro-Cursing

Alright, so I know I’ve made posts like this in the past but someone I consider as a friend (I really hope you don’t mind me saying that!), @cosmic-witch , is getting way too much hate for making a post about wanting other pro cursing witches to reblog something so she can find more like minded people.

Now Nova is getting a shit ton of hate over this.

I thought we as a community were over the “curses debate”!?!?? Apparently not.

Look, curses have been a part of witchcraft since the very beginning. The practice of witchcraft technically doesn’t belong to any one religion. Anyone from any religion can use the Craft to help them be a better follower of their faith. Or you can use the Craft to help connect yourself to the Earth and all her wonders.

In my personal opinion, it really wasn’t until Christianity started to pick up in popularity that cursing and the practice of the Craft became taboo. Like who the fuck do you think helped deliver babies? Midwives (who were throughout history hinted to be Hedge or Cottage witches).

It wasn’t until G. Gardner in the fucking 1950’s helped make what is known as Wicca today. It was Gardner and a few others who came up with the Wiccan Rede and made the “law” saying that one shouldn’t curse.

What I am trying to say is that while I understand that a good chunk of those who are anti-cursing are Wiccan. That’s okay! But not everyone is of the Wiccan faith (and yes it is considered a religion no matter how new it truly is) and therefore doesn’t follow the threefold law.

So please before you send hate towards someone, please do the basic research and remember it’s okay that they follow a different Path than you do.

Just because someone is a Witch test doesn’t mean that they are Wiccan too.

Take myself for example.
I am mostly an Eclectic Witch with a mix of Hellenistic. I am very much pro cursing. I always make sure to cleanse before and after I do a curse to make sure the negative energy doesn’t seem into the world in an uncontrolled fashion. Plus the deities I work with at times encourage me to curse those who have wronged myself, my friends, my family, and this world. Do I do curses for shits and giggles? No! I do them to teach lessons and to protect myself and others. If that makes me a “bad person” in your eyes then so be it.

I don’t care. This is how I use MY Craft. This is MY way of doing things. I do not need your approval for how I practice.

Rihanna has done so much in her twelve-year career. She was one of the youngest Grammy winners ever at age 19 (tied with Xtina) and on top of that, she has 8 Grammys. She has 14 number ones hits, making her the fourth artist with the most #1s (second female artist). In addition to that, Riri has 30 top-ten hits making her the third artist to the have the most top 10s OF ALL TIME. And on top of that, out of all of her eight studio albums, SIX of them are platinum (about three are multi-platinum if I am correct) and TWO of them are gold.

Have I forgotten to mention that all of her albums are certified in PURE sales? (As in real sales and not streaming just in case y’all forget) 🐸 ☕

Besides music, Rihanna is like the Lil’ Kim of our generation, if not, a fashion DEITY. Sis can turn any ugly ass outfit into something iconic. You cannot tell me that there ain’t not ONE single bitch in this world that wouldn’t want to raid her closet and be like her, cause bitch I do!

And on top of that, Rihanna is not only the best current female artist and a fashion icon, sis is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Bitch got an award from one of the biggest Ivy League in the country, goes around the goddamn world sponsoring Global education and even founded “The Dollar Campaign” for students in Malawi. She also has a successful shoe collection AND an upcoming makeup line I can only predict will sell out before that shit is even released.

Rihanna went from being a 17-year-old pop princess from a little island of Barbados to a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. All before she is fucking 30 YEARS OLD.

Y’all cannot tell me that this woman is not a legend.

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anonymous asked:

why you draw archie so fat? in cannon he has a fit muscular build and he is a guy who would care about his appearance so you should respect that and stop drawing archie like that

Is this forreal? Is this something a real person typed and decided to send????

Okay then

1) why you draw archie so fat? 

I should have stopped reading after this line. Why are you trying to policy the way others draw fanart of their faves when it’s not offensive in any way, for starters? Fat/overweight people are vastly underrepresented, and when they do exist in media, they’re used as comic reliefs. 

Is it really hurting you that I want to take one (1) character and re-imagine him as overweight while people around him still like him and consider him hot and he is also complex? If the answer is yes, please reconsider how you view fat people/fat representation.

2) in cannon he has a fit muscular build

In canon art he doesn’t have a nose or nostrils either, nor does practically everyone in the pokémon world. 

You can argue that’s a stylistic choice. fine. Then let me tell you about how drawing him with more chub is my stylistic choice because i like to represent many different body types and not stick to the same-ness build that many characters in this game are depicted with. I also draw maxie more skinny than how he look in offcial art, I also draw lillie taller and skinnier, too, but i don’t see you complaining about that.

Also….. fitness =/= how many muscles you can see on someone’s body??? Honestly it’s an old argument that has been disproved many times (to mind comes that one overwatch post dicussing zarya, but I can’t finid it so I’ll paraphrase the gist of it)

When people think of strong, fit people, usually the picture of bodybuilders with big shoulders-small waist and lean, defined muscles pop into mind. I’m talking about this body type:

when, 90% of the time, these people are bodybuilders with little to no practical/useable strength. They’re just for show. This, on the other hand:

is the body of someone who wrestles elder whale gods in their spare time. All these people are powerlifters/weightlifters. They don’t have a tiny waist or defined abs. They are thick, they have fat and muscles, they’re endomorph.

 The way I draw Archie is not that thick (after all, he is not a professional athlete but just a regular guy who works out), but he is in that zone. I try to consistently draw him with his good share of stomach fat (meaning little noticeable abs), thick thighs, and a broad waist. Is he fat? Maybe to your standards. It depends from person to person, and also depends to what extent “fat” is considered a slur/insult. Is he not in good shape? Hell no. 

3) and he is a guy who would care about his appearance

……..Implying that fat = doesn’t care about their appearance??? No. This is blatant fatphobia, and I won’t tolerate it because, well, I’m fat. I’m overweight, I have a big stomach, large tighs, arm flab…. and I’m so fed up with the idea that fat people need to be dolled up 24/7 or overperform feminity/masculinity (make-up, beards) for them to not be considered lazy or disgusting, specially when thin people wearing some old pyjama tee-shirt are worshipped as fashion deities to hell and back.

4) so you should respect that and stop drawing archie like that

He just gained a stomach roll and three new stretch marks after this comment :)

Now seriously, outright offering criticism to an artist without them asking to is, hm, how do you say it, rude as fuck. 

You don’t get to decide what I draw in my spare time, and how I draw it, since hey, I’m doing it for free as a hobby. 

I don’t have to cater to anyone else’s view but mine. I draw fanart for the fandom to see and to like/reblog if they want, and i do love the feedback and the positive comments, but ultimately, it’s me who I’m making happy by drawing my faves.

tldr; fuck off and don’t come into my inbox trying to impose your fatphobia on me and policy my art 

you know what we need headcanons for? Exalt bonuses

What do those represent lore-wise? Are these the fashion movements of the deities? One moment, all the rage in Lightweaver’s court is Slate primary Pearlcatchers with Crackle; the next, Tidecaller rebuts with no, Black Tertiary Tundras are in! Especially with Eyespots! 

Over in the Shifting Expense, Stormcatcher feels a flare of competitive jealousy and disgust at the inefficiency of these designs. NO, he declares. WHITE SECONDARY RIDGEBACKS. WITH BUTTERFLY. 


In true Greek-style deity fashion, turns out Wanderjahre-verse Roulé and Crydamoure both have animal forms. I would imagine that it would come in handy whenever money is tight. Just buy a loaf of bread or a bunch of canned tuna, and you’re set for the week.

But little does Thomas know, he’s made a terrible enemy. You can never trust a pigeon. Who knows what secrets they hide in their beady, little eyes? (the answer: universe ending secrets)

Part I of High Fashion Deities: Zyglavis in Givenchy

Overcoat’s lapels were drawn incorrectly (no zipper) but by the time I realized, the details were nearly finished so I was too lazy to fix it (sorry in advance for the corruption of the original design +.+;; )

Largely inspired by this post by pewbirdy

Me modeling a new concept I discovered. Some people have “RBF” aka Resting Bitch Face. 

As an answer to that I think I discovered that I have “RDF” aka Resting Deity Face. Feel free to use this in your daily life.