fashion cops

Okay but imagine a cop AU.

Pike is a medical examiner. She was in med school when she met Grog, and once she graduated, Grog went to the police academy because he wanted to use his immense strength to help people, and this was the best way he knew how. Pike immediately changes her career course from doctor to medical examiner so she can work with her best buddy.

Vax and Vex are the lead investigators, Vex being an expert at tracking people down with the help of her abnormally large German Shepherd, Trinket, and Vax being a master at infiltration. One of his undercover jobs was as a member of The Clasp, the biggest drug ring in Emon.

Keyleth works in the forensics lab. Her mother once worked in the same lab until her disappearance when Keyleth was 13. She decided to follow in her footsteps in the hopes that it would lead her to the truth about what happened to her mother.

She shares the lab with Percy, the ballistics expert. He comes from a politically powerful family in Whitestone, but after a car accident kills his family and severely injures Percy, he’s set on proving that it was planned by his family’s rivals, the Briarwoods.

Scanlan is the DA, although he rose to fame as a musician when he was younger. After finding out he had a daughter, he decided he needed a more steady lifestyle to provide for her, and went to law school to learn how to utilize his charm in a different way.

Gilmore runs a pawn shop a couple streets over, and serves as one of their main informants. Jarrett is a rookie that sometimes tags along with the twins for training. Allura is a judge, and Kima is a bailiff. Everyone is convinced they’re dating, considering the fact that one is rarely seen without the other.