fashion comes and goes

I can’t stop laughing XD  OKAY, THE STORY IS: there are some popular styles over art sites. It’s just a fashion that comes and goes; a few years ago wolves with HUGE paws were extremely famous.
Apparently these “well-trimmed-fur-bread-paws-everything-needs-to-be-cute-or-die” styles are popular now.
I tried to draw my character in a similar manner as well, but.. XD PFFF, LOOK AT HIM

My dear lgbt+ child,

Some people have a certain idea how lgbt+ people look like or how they dress.

Some of them are stereotypes: 

“Lesbians have short hair” 

“Gay men dress feminine”

Some are a lack of understanding what being lgbt+ means:

“Asexual? But she wears sexy dresses all the time!” 

“Trans woman? So, like those men who wear lots of make-up and sparkly dresses?” 

Some are less obvious and more visible in the lack of representation

The silent assumption there are no lgbt+ people of color 

The silent assumption there are no lgbt+ people with a disability 

Trust me, they’re dumb. Lgbt+ people look like people. That’s all. 

You can’t see someone is lgbt+ by just looking at them. We come in all sizes, shapes, colors, fashion styles, hairstyles.. The list goes on. 

If you don’t fit any stereotypes, you’re valid and real and fantastic! 

If you fit all the stereotypes, you’re valid and real and fantastic! 

If people show a lack of understanding, that’s their mistake - you’re valid and real and fantastic! 

And if you feel like there’s no representation of people like you, i feel your pain and i hope we can change that together - but in the meantime, please know even without any representation,  you’re valid and real and fantastic! 

With love, 

Your Tumblr mom 

DAY 3005

 Jalsa, Mumbai              June  22,  2016              Wed  11:32 pm

Birthday -  Ef Dr Prashant Naik @ZicoNaik

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Its today .. birthday of Doc Naik and we wish him, albeit a little late, the very best for his birthday and may he have wondrous days ahead in life .. we are in celebration for you .. the Ef

Birthday - EF - Anish Morarji Tataria

Thursday, June 23, 2016

and all our greetings go out here as well .. happy birthday Anish

 And so a quick break from the Euro 2016 and UEFA and a most exciting game between Hungary and Portugal, just concluded ; 6 goals in the game 3 each and almost in routine fashion, one goes up the other comes in and on  .. and now as we break, setting up for the next between Sweden and Belgium, which should produce another fabulous game ..!!

You may have observed by now the obsession that keeps me awake past normal hours .. but what can one do .. one has to communicate, one has to participate in the football, one has to respond to the Ef, one has to make sure that most of them get a reply if I have begun to give one, one has to bear the angst of those that do not get a reply despite my efforts to not ignore any, one has to admire the patience of those that never complain, one has to make sure that if you miss them on the Twitter they shall show disgust of them being put aside on FaceBook and if not there then the Blog and if not there then on the mobile and if not there then a private meeting and if not there then a Sunday well wishers at the gate and if not scrambled in through the security then, another stinker, stating that they had come from distant lands and they never expected this kind of treatment from me .. and these ‘ONE HAS TO’s..’ continue regardless of several assurances that certain Ef are not in any kind of priority or favour, but just a technical compulsion because their names do not come up at the time when I am replying .. it is closing in to 50 million followers collectively ..and that is a huge number to attend to  .. and even if I did miraculously do so .. that is all I would be doing for the rest of my time and life .. and that is not what I could possibly do, without being the reason why you contribute to my company as EF ..

GOT IT  …. ????!!!!

Right .. so now on to saner temperament and calmed fingers, and undisturbed time lines .. the next game starts in another 40 ..

Many and most wrote in last in the politest of terms, that they were unable to decipher, which in  common words would mean - ‘what the heck is he talking about’ - on the Blog  .. 

There is a finite story on that so called ‘rubbish’ .. and the story may not be wise to express here just yet .. I would do it though .. but it would have to wait, just as I have been asking many to wait for detailed stories on the many subjects that have been left incomplete …

But I will .. I will ..

There is much to do in life .. much that has been wished for long ..

There are languages to be learnt - Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati and Tamil  .. to start with .. then there is : French, German, Russian .. there is music to be done : Classical singing, instruments like the piano, sitar, sarod … there is recitations of my Father’s works to be done , much like the Theatre du Champs Elysee, Paris attended by some very gracious Ef from varied countries .. there is the English translations of my Father’s works, along with its deeper meanings from those that have spent time with him as colleagues, difficult, or students now aged, to get that which I may have never known .. and with the learning of the music, there is the desire to set his poems to them, sing them recite them video them, put them out on mediums that deliver on net and air and land and cable and whatever medium presents itself today … there is the reading and filing of all letters and documents that have been packed aside by my Father .. there is the clearance of much ‘bumfph’ that lies scattered around the residences, things that were valued when they came and suddenly with time have lost that intent and value .. making one wonder now, what it was that made you keep and store them in the first place .. !! etc etc etc .. 

And then of course to make ones mind and decision on the next line up of films on hold ..

SO let me ask a pertinent question ! Just as we had sent out the request to all for ‘TE3N’ its promotion and design ideas .. what would be the best that would now be expected for me in film .. role, story, maker etc …. 

That is then the fresh challenge .. !

To you and to me as well …

Love is for all ..

Amitabh Bachchan


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I’m 22 living in Thailand, I’m a Photographer/English Teacher - I love exploring & taking pictures of everything!
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Friends .. Maybe more .. P.S I’m single 🙈
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