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WIP: Teen Model Career (part of the Fashion Career Updates!)

Wanted to give you guys a little sneak peek of the Teen Model career.  Out of the three branches in the Fashion Career, I chose Model to allow Teens to do, since it’s been highly requested, and because plenty of teens IRL are fashion models :) 

There are three levels, just like all teen careers.  Special custom interactions just for teens (teens can also “Research Fashion” but it’s renamed “Browse Fashion Blogs” for them ;)), career tones, a custom reward, and chance cards, of course :)

Oh, and teens who complete the model career will get a boost when joining the Fashion career as an adult- they’ll automatically start off at Level 4 :D

Are you guys excited for the Teen Model Career and the rest of the Fashion Career updates?  Coming next week! <3

div-op  asked:

Why "fuck her silence"? Maybe Louis wanted her to stay quiet on this whole thing?? Why does everybody in this fandom ruthlessly belittle this girl based on her public persona? If Louis is so great and you claim to love him so much, shouldn't you be supportive of his decisions??

Because Eleanor got a choice and Louis didn’t. 

Because she got the luxury of being able to leave, of not being arrested, of not having her name dragged through the mud in the press (falsely, I might add). 

Because the articles about her in this shit show are positive, career summaries and recaps of her time as his brave girlfriend while the Louis alternative has been to paint to him as a violent, uncontrollable asshole who punches people in the face at will. 

Because she signed up for this again.

Because she doesn’t give a fuck about Louis beyond how his name can help her further her sad “fashion” career.

Because she’s never stood up for him in any way whatsoever, and has, in fact, disparaged him to several people I know. 

I support Louis’ actions trying to help a woman who has largely done nothing to help him in 6 long years. I support his bravery and compassion in that moment. 

But he didn’t choose this closet - the first or second version of it, and I don’t have to do shit to support that or her existence in it. 

‘You ask too many questions. Damn. You should be a journalist’, said my first love.

‘You’re a really good listener. And you have the best advice. You should definitely become a therapist’, said my best friend.

‘Your calculations are always so accurate and you’re so precise about dealings. You should be a business woman’, said the local shopkeeper.

‘You are so argumentative and headstrong. You must become a lawyer’, said a friend who lost yet another argument.

‘I love your girl cartoons. They have so much style and edge. Fashion designing is the way to go’, said a new friend.

I ask too many questions because I want to know you. I want to know everything about you.

I listen because I care. But my advice is just quotes because that’s what I read all the time. I have the basic application skills to tell you the right ones with a touch of empathy.

I accurately calculate because I have my constant accounts open in my head and if they don’t balance, I get restless. I don’t know about business, this seems like some sort of ocd to me.

I speak passionately, not aggressively. I speak on emotions, not world affairs.

I grew up, my skills didn’t is what I want to say to my friend who is now is design school and claims to have been inspired by me.

No one ever told me that I should be a writer but here I am.

No one ever told me to be a kind person. But I swear I am trying each and every day.

Add some silver sparkle to your life

This sounds….familiar ;)

Edit: I just wanted to clarify: I’m not angry about this, nor am I trying to insinuate that EA stole my ideas or content. To be fair, the ideas of modelling and/or fashion designing have been part of the Sims games in almost every iteriation of the series, and I definitely looked at some of the previous games for inspiration when I was creating the Fashion Career.

I can’t definitively say if EA steals ideas from modders. One thing that immediately comes to mind is Zerbu and his mods, though; Zerbu had created a Politician career long before we had the official one in City Living. And I also remember seeing another EA survey about “following your kids to school” which came out at least a full year after Zerbu created the Go to School mod. Did EA copy him? Maybe. Or maybe it was just a coincidence.

All I’m willing to think is that perhaps I inpsired them to bring back a fashion-inspired career to TS4 after seeing how (moderately) popular my career has been, lol

If I feel anything negative at all about this, it’s just a bit sad that the career I spent so much time and love making could possibly be made redundant by official EA content. Nothing I mod in can compare to official content, with a team of paid developers and animators behind it.

But hey, this pack might never be made….and even if it is, you’ll at least have my free “version” to play with if you don’t feel like spending $15-20 bucks on EA’s pack ;)

Isn’t it WILD how Lucas lost all his money trying to start Hanna’s fashion career but yet, despite him telling her this, she still lives in his apartment, drives his car (all for free), and now is allowing Caleb to stay there too? You mean to tell me #SugarDaddyLucas is out here living in a hotel and riding bikes to work because Hanna doesn’t have any manners let alone common courtesy to give him back his life? Lmao


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“They wanna see me fall, but like Joseline, I can naaaaht, I can naaaaht”

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7 Jobs for Fashion Merchandising Majors

When I decided that I wanted to major in fashion merchandiser, I knew nothing about which career paths I could pursue. All I knew was that I liked the curriculum and that it combined fashion and business- two things I have a knack for. After doing extensive research, I learned that the opportunities were endless!

Here are 7 of my favorite careers, in no particular order of awesome-ness.

1. Fashion Designer

Yes, it’s true; you don’t need to major in fashion design to become a fashion designer. It is a common misconception within the world of fashion school students. However, if one has a natural knack for fashion design, and can or has already taught oneself the basics of sewing, another major could successfully be pursued. A fashion designer with a strong background in fashion merchandising (in this case a degree) will have extensive knowledge on trend-forecasting, branding, marketing, and other key factors in the success of an already-awesome line. While it’s true that an artful eye and raging sewing and fashion design skills are at the root, merchandising knowledge will gives a designer the upper-hand.

     what a fashion designer does: study trends, sketch and design clothing, pattern-making, sew, attend trade shows, conduct fittings, communicate with clients

2. Visual Merchandiser

Although many fashion and art & design schools offer a major in visual merchandising, a degree in the more-general fashion merchandising can lead to a career as a visual merchandiser as well. You know those luminous, magnetic window displays you are drawn to when walking around downtown? The ones that no matter how hard you fight it, you just can’t resist pressing your nose and hands against? The ones that make your eyes glaze over, drool pour out, and your imagination run wild? That would be the work of the visual merchandiser, the creative mastermind whose job is to craft the most perfect window display that will draw potential shoppers and fellow dreamers into their store.

     what visual merchandisers do: create holiday displays and store displays, rearrange fixtures, move merchandise to “floor set,” dressing mannequins, selecting and organizing overall store layout, applying decals and painting

3. Fashion Buyer

To all of my Shopaholics Anonymous peope, did you know that there is a such thing as a professional shopper? The main difference between this and your typical saturday morning shopping spree is that as a fashion buyer, you are picking and choosing for the masses. The job of the fashion buyer entails choosing what will be viscously clawed over in a particular store- AKA what a store will sell. Perfect for the trend-saavy, a fashion buyer pays close attention to what is “in” at any particular moment and stocks the store with items that will not sit on the racks decaying away all season. It is a real job and a crucial one at that. A fashion buyer is at the root of the determination of success of sales, and of a store itself, and can be one a brand’s strongest weapons.

     what a fashion buyer does: meet with clients (suppliers) and maintaining a good relationship, purchase fashions, constantly follow and forecast trends, constant communication with clients, order clothes and negotiate prices, travel

4. Fashion Event Coordinator

Trunk shows, fashion week, mannequin modeling, model fittings- these should all be familiar to a fashion event coordinator. Like a conductor of a classical symphony, or the ringleader of a circus, a fashion event coordinator is what holds the big show together. Although on the outside it may look simple, this position is usually responsible for making sure every little detail runs smoothly- the creative visionary. “Fashion events” can constitute for a wide variety of things, but the most-coveted is definitely fashion week. Think Kelly Cutrone of Bravo’s Kell on Earth or MTV’s The Hills. The fashion event coordinator can have a huge impact on the success or humiliation of a designer or brand.

     what a fashion even coordinator does: hire models, schedule and oversee fittings, book fashion shows, coordinate seating for fashion shows and other important events, finalize clothing and accessories choices, handle the public, plan event

5. Fashion Journalist/Editor

Another career that can surprisingly be created without major in the obvious field. Nowadays with the ever-blooming popularity of blogs, it seems as though every girl and her sister wants to be a fashion editor. It seems simple- writing about fashion and deciding the who what wear of a magazine; but in my opinion, fashion editors have one of the most difficult jobs in fashion. They must prepare each issue months in advance, oversee countless articles,pictures, layouts, etc. while juggling travel, staff, fashion news, and so much more. On top of that, as if there isn’t already enough competition in the fashion world alone, the top magazines are a whole new exclusive, dog-eat-dog realm. Although it is more work than the average person can handle, the right person, with extension knowledge of fashion, an eye for journalism form and layout, and a mammoth work ethic, can rise to the level of fashion publications such as Glamour, Teen Vogue, Nylon, and maybe even one day, Vogue.

     what a fashion journalist does: oversee publication, create fashion magazine or newspaper, investigate fashion, fact-check, up-to-date on trends, designers, and shows, forecast trends, attend runway shows and fashion week, build reputation, select demographics, prepare months in advance, in charge of staff, develop image

6. Fashion Merchandiser

Duh! A fashion merchandiser must have strong visuals insight, a deep understanding of textiles, an articulate tongue, and of course, creative mind. So what exactly is a fashion merchandiser anyways? A fashion designer is the person who chooses the fabrics, textiles, and coloring of a garment. This is who is in charge of the image of a line of clothing in a way, and influences manufacturing by artistically combining the elements of fashion as the final step to a piece of clothing. Fashion skills are combined with business and production to assure the success of a garment. 

     What a fashion merchandiser does: works closely with designer, offers fashion and textile expertise, define target market, forecasting trends, selling to stores, negotiate with vendors

7. Fashion Marketer

Not to be confused with a fashion merchandiser, although the two often go hand-in-hand. As a fashion marketer, you play a huge role in the business side of fashion. I.E. strategic marketing (the way a brand is presented and sold) and evaluation of consumer habits. Marketing is the medium between the consumer and the brand, and is a vital role in a brand’s success or failure. This position isn’t all business, however. A fashion marketer must be fashion-savvy, and have a creative eye to create a memorable and unique campaign and image for a brand.

     What a fashion marketer does: create a story for a brand, present memorable image, advertise, studie buyer habits, select and maintain specific demographic, design ads, marketing strategy

Other careers:

  • Boutique Owner. Or clothing store owner, but boutique sounds fancier.
  • Stylist. Think Rachel Zoe, minus the “I die.”
  • Costumer. Movies and concerts and runways- oh my!
  • Public Relations. Kelly Cutrone, you’re my hero!
  • Design Assistant. Every fashion designer’s best friend.
  • Store Manager. J.Crew, Marc Jacobs, Free People- the options are endless.
  • Internet retailer. Open your own store from the comfort of your laptop.
  • Pattern Maker. Cut and draw, just like in kindergarden!
  • Textile Testing Specialist. Testing, testing, 123.
  • Many, many others.


Why does Hanna have to be such a bitch to Spencer? I think getting shot at, finding out your entire life is a lie and your dad not even coming home to see you after being in the hospital AND finding out your first love was in a car accident can make up for the fact that her turn was not as “diffiucult” (dont really give a shit about Hanna’s fashion career tbh). Plus Hanna has already been the reason Spencer and Caleb broke up and even asshat Caleb is more sensitive about the subject than she is. I never really liked Hanna to begin with but this is just ridiculous seriously the girls do not deserve Spencer at all

Imagine Jagged Stone being the reason and a driving force behind Marinette's Career taking offp

Imagine Jagged Stone getting really tired of people just not getting his style. The clothes that are chosen for him are boring, his new Image Consultant wants to turn him into a ‘XY-wannabe’ (needless to say they didn’t last very long) and his record contract with Bob Ross Music was torn up after a final explosive argument even though he reached number one again.

The only bright spot seems to be the album cover that the cheery middle-school student, Marinette, designed for him. Everything about it was him and she even added a smelly-sticker that had the whole ‘sweat and leather’ thing Rock ‘n’ Roll was about. Also the shades she gave him were pretty sweet. So he figures he’d personally give her some back stage passes to his latest concert as a thank you and maybe to see her again because her facial expressions are hilarious. 

Marinette arrives at the Palace to pick up the tickets and she practically falls over herself thanking him for the tickets. For convenient Plot Shenanigans, her sketchbook falls out of her bag while she’s thanking him and Jagged sees just how much talent Marinette has and where her true passion lies.


Imagine one thing leading to another and Marinette finds herself commissioned for a jacket for Jagged to wear at his next concert.

She makes the jacket and Jagged adores it. He loves it so much, he has to be talked out of making Marinette his personal fashion designer by Penny, his new contractor and Fang (though it’s definitely a close call and it’s only the fact Marinette hasn’t finished high school stops him [Education is important]).

So he does the next best thing. He hires her on a semi-regular basis.

Imagine Jagged and Marinette end up meeting often to discuss styles, colours, textures and general fashion choices.

Imagine Jagged hiring Marinette to make various accessories and clothes for various publicity events. (Though he does take into account of her schooling and doesn’t overwhelm her with commissions.)

Imagine Jagged Stone and Marinette becoming good friends to the point he gives her special behind-the-scenes access to publicity events so she can be inspired and he becomes something of a mentor when dealing with fame and publicity. She talks to him about the odd boy issue (he is no help at all because he just laughs at her) and Chloe being Chloe and how she gets discouraged about her designs occasionally.

Imagine Jagged bragging about the sweet, talented student that made his accessories for an award ceremony to other celebrities and on television. (He wanted her and her family to come too but it was a school night.)

Imagine Marinette wondering where all these commissions from celebrities are coming from and why Jagged looks a bit too pleased with himself every time she brings it up.

Imagine Jagged celebrating loudly when Marinette receives several summer internships from various fashion companies after seeing her talent even though she is so young.

Imagine Marinette’s fashion career taking off through various celebrities and public figures all adoring her designs . It becomes a thing where people begin to brag about having a 'Marinette Special’.

Imagine Jagged encouraging Marinette to push her limits and use her intuition to create the best designs possible for each of her commissions. (All of her customers love her for it.)

Just Imagine that it’s all Jagged Stone’s fault Marinette’s career takes off so early.

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