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Author’s note: I feel like I’ve made a set like this that’s really similar but I’m not entirely sure. I really enjoy the colors in this and I was really debating whether or not to even put shorts in this bc like it’s a lazy day- no pants required. But I did anyway bc I liked them. Tell me how you feel about the outfit! -Admin Tal


Default Guidelines:

  • 4 members per request (but we’re doing all members right now)
  • one group per request

Proposal Dinner with Jimin 

“Hello! Can I request an outfit ship with BTS! My day to day style is cute and casual. On special occasions, I dress nice and accordingly. I’m open minded. I’m pretty bubbly and love to laugh. I’ve been told I have a seductive nature (I hope that’s a good thing idk???). I like to think I’m sweet and kind. Scenario: dinner where member proposes(?) or a fancy date. Whichever you prefer. Thank you. I hope this isn’t too much”

A/N: I don’t do well with putting fancy outfits together because if you were to take a look in my closest I have 2 dresses I wore only once. 1 that was supposed to be for my middle school graduation and one from my dinner dance. But I tried my best and I’m sorry it turned out to be an all black outfit, I tried to avoid it but it just stuck. I hope you like it nonetheless~

me @ bighit : listen here, i need my boys to shine, not just shine-shine ya kno, i want the sun to shit his pants okay? Their outfits must be lit af, must bring fire to the red carpet idc, i want a katniss everdeen-shit-ish outfits get me? My boys are outstanding so does their outfits imma being clear?? I don’t want to know how much, i just want them to break necks, i want every-damn-one turn their heads to see them. You better call bbmas staff  and tell’em to bring some water bc bts will make stars sweating hard while questioning their sexuality and their path career. I want all the paparazzi and journalists loosing their shit around the boys asking to book them. I want all the stylists shakin realizing their error and directly send a cv to burger king okay? I want that the only sounds that my boys will hear during the red carpet are gasps, feel me enough ? My boys need to look expen$ive

Do i make myself crystal clear? bc i’m dead serious now

A Day Chilling with Yoongi

“Can I request an outfit ship with BTS? I would describe my style as Stylish?, Monochrome and Street style-ish yet Casual. My personality is a mix of crazy, lazy and done with everyone’s bullshit and drama. Honestly the thing I would be doing right now is either sleeping, listening to music, reading or drawing. Thanksss💕”

A/N: A simple and basic 3 piece outfit is the perfect go-to look when meeting up with Yoongi because he’s not the type of person to really care what you are wearing as long you are not contorting yourself or showing too much skin. Comfort over fashion is the best option for just a day chilling with Min Yoongi!

IMPORTANT message to the STYLIST NOONA for the BBMAS:

DEAR stylist, 

Please don’t put some weird clothes on BTS while trying to grab the attention. They have their faces already that can do the job just fine. Something from BS&T ERA will be ideal. THANK YOU !

Sincerly, An ARMY who wants the boys to SLAY THAT US RED CARPET DEBUT

Theme Park with Taehyung

“Oh I just sent the group bts and described my style as edgy, girly, and comfortable.. And I’m a no bullshit person when I need to be, sensitive, and a meme The scenario I want is like a theme park date :) Thanks! ❤”

A/N: Theme Park = Casual and Practicality. My mistake when I went to an amusement park and forgot to bring a sweater with me and I was cold on the way there and back. But since it’s Taehyung I’m sure he’d give up his coat for you or cuddle you till you’re warm ❤ (Ik im so fucking cheesy help me) I feel like one of the best people to go to a theme park with is Taehyung because he’d most likely pull you everywhere whether it be an attraction or a ride that’s caught his eye.


Greetings, this is Audrey! 

So I’ve been creating edits in private, for my own pleasure for quite a while now and I’ve finally decided to share them out. Be gentle!

Anyways, I present you the first issue of my ‘Fashion With BTS’ weekly magazine! I will be publishing a new issue every week.

Issue No. 1 - Styling muted colour tones - by knj. 

Issue No.2 is fresh out the oven and can be found here.