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I get so mellow on cloudy/rainy days and nothing is more low key and cozy than overalls. These are my favorite pair and I got them a couple years ago in Paris, France. Overalls usually come with a ton of pockets so no need for a bag. We are going for a mega minimalist look.

I love pairing overalls with a turtleneck because it’s an instant look that allows both pieces to stand out. The contrast of the yellow and black colors brings more life and dimension to this super basic outfit. Hoops or statement earrings can glam up the conservative style of a turtleneck and add a girly touch to the boyish silhouette of these overalls. + white adidas for a clean swaggy feel to bring the look home!

Overalls - thrifted (Paris)
Turtleneck - thrifted
Esprit Windbreaker - thrifted
Adidas - thrifted
Yellow socks - gift
Hoops - gift




I am rebelling against the summer in this all black look but it’s really angelic when you see the happy smiling face of the legend Bob Ross. If you don’t know Bob Ross you have to check him out on Netflix/YouTube because he is the most peaceful sweet man and he is a magnificent painter/artist. You basically watch him paint a masterpiece and it’s almost a meditative thing.

Now for my lil art piece aka my outfit, I layered this oversized T-shirt over a fishnet crop top. I’ve had this little fishnet thing for years but haven’t been able to style becos I was waiting on someone to return it me. I finally got it back and I’ve been wearing it non stop. It feels kinda like new again and the fishnet fabric as well as layering are def on trend right now.

I love the different textures that you can mix when layering and the fishnet makes for a breathable longsleeve to wear under a tee or even a sleeveless dress. I love wearing a long sleeved garment when I’m showing a lot of leg, I think it creates a nice balance for any look. I paired the whole thing with these amazing boots that I got on eBay! They were a major bargain and they are the best boots ever. My newest obsession. I love a few inches because I’m a shorty but the platform makes this heel so comfortable and tbh the most perfect festival boot. (I am planning a festival lookbook post so I’ll def add my festival essentials in there too!).

+ three necklaces and my newest fave fatty tattoo choker + baby hoops and my glitter jelly backpack because obviously, tomboy glam.

Bob Ross Tee (bfs) <$6
Fishnet Top (h&m; cropped & altered by me) <$15
Unbranded platform Chunky Boots (eBay) <$45
Jelly Backpack (LA Fashion District) <$25
Assorted Necklaces (thrifted, h&m)