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ok so in “invasion of the ferb snatchers” candace says this

but thats not really true because when hes wearing a swimsuit its shown that his torso actually isnt that tiny

plus hes been shown to wear normal sized shirts/jackets/etc. on multiple occasions so its not just that “this is what shirts look like on ferb”

no, you know what this really means?

it means that ferb is always wearing high waisted shorts and crop tops

what a fashion icon



I get so mellow on cloudy/rainy days and nothing is more low key and cozy than overalls. These are my favorite pair and I got them a couple years ago in Paris, France. Overalls usually come with a ton of pockets so no need for a bag. We are going for a mega minimalist look.

I love pairing overalls with a turtleneck because it’s an instant look that allows both pieces to stand out. The contrast of the yellow and black colors brings more life and dimension to this super basic outfit. Hoops or statement earrings can glam up the conservative style of a turtleneck and add a girly touch to the boyish silhouette of these overalls. + white adidas for a clean swaggy feel to bring the look home!

Overalls - thrifted (Paris)
Turtleneck - thrifted
Esprit Windbreaker - thrifted
Adidas - thrifted
Yellow socks - gift
Hoops - gift