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Let’s Go Loopin’

Hello again! Exploring has almost become a part of my extremely loose routine here in Minneapolis and as a result my multiple visits into the unknown have allowed me to come across something interesting & effortlessly cool almost every time. Recently I came across ‘The North Loop’, an inner-city suburb that is a perfect example of organic urban renewal. A section of the city that was once filled with warehouses, strip clubs & crime has now been transformed into a hub for up and coming artists, boutiques, restaurants & coffee shops. This transformation happened when several artists found this troubled area and moved in for the cheap rent, close proximity to the city & the abundance of space. Without this shift of artists to the area we would never have an authentic area for all things creative in North Minneapolis like we have now. Therefore The North Loop that we have now is one I’ll treasure for the rest of my time here in Minneapolis.

Key Places to Visit
- Moose & Sadie’s
Serving authentic coffee since ‘91.
- The Foundry Home Goods
An Abundance of Minimalistic Decor.
- Origami
Best Sushi in the Twin Cities for a consecutive 17 Years.
- Kit & Ace
Technical Cashmere for your Wardrobe.

Shirt - American Apparel
Shorts - American Apparel
Socks - Uniqlo
Shoes - Vans
Hat - American Apparel
Bag - House of Riot

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So if you ever find yourself in Minneapolis come visit 'The North Loop’ for a beautiful example of organic Urban Renewal.

Until Next Time - Luke x