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Sarah, 19

“I like clothes that speak for themselves, also pretty much all vintage and thrifted clothing because I think it has more character. New York street style inspires my style a lot, as well the past, the 70s and the 90s. I like Zoe Kravitz’s style a lot! My favorite designers are probably Public School, Proenza Schouler, and Jacquemus.”

May 26, 2017 ∙ Greenpoint

Josh, 20

“I am wearing my Champion sweatpants, my American Apparel halter bodysuit and a thrifted scarf. My style is inspired by sci-fi films, anime, 90s hip hop and R&B, banjie cunt realness and my mother. The clothes have to speak to me when I see them and when I try them on, they have to make me feel something. Something I always look for is, can this outfit be my “cartoon character outfit” because in cartoons they always wear the same thing, so I want the outfit to be able to represent me. But at the same time I’m still figuring out who I am as a person and I think fashion is one of the best ways to not only express yourself but find yourself.”

May 24, 2017 ∙ East Village

Clara, 22

“I’m wearing some pieces from Issey Miyake. My style is inspired by my mood and the weather. I live for comfort. I’m usually either in a lot of color or black and earth tones. I’m really into color blocking and classic grunge wear.”

Apr 29, 2017 ∙ Nolita

Stonie, 32

“Everything I’m wearing came from a thrift store. The 90’s does 60’s mock neck, beret, Paul Green wing tips, and elastic waste pants. My goal is basically to dress comfortable and timeless, but sometimes I think I end up looking like a cartoon character.I think my style is mostly inspired by older pop music: 60’s girl bands like The Shangri-Las and The Shaggs, French pop, berets, neck scarves, and hand painted portraits. I’m also a sucker for the styles of 80’s-90’s Athens, GA. I visit there often and have quite a reverence for all of the psychedelic weirdo kitsch of the B52s and their successors. It feels like the town sort of exists outside of time and I like that.”

May 26, 2017 ∙ Greenpoint