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Dress for Dollfie Dream commission based on Valentino’s 2015 Prefall collection. I offered to make some changes to the design, and the customer decided to add the Zodiac constellations and provided design of the planets. You won’t see the silver dots that I painted on the previous dress, but there is a tiny silver and golden spraying and more stars that are spreaded unevenly with massive clusters at the bottom and a smaller starts at the top.

A semi-transparent pure silk gause was used for the dress too. The lining is a beige fabric.

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The Poor Man’s Guide to an Easy No-Sew Doll Wig Cap and Wig

Do you have a bald doll? Do you have absolutely no ability to sew or make wigs? Well it’s your lucky day! Because with The Poor Man’s Guide to an Easy No-Sew Doll Wig Cap and Wig, your bald dolly can have hair in no time! *yaaaaaaaaaaay*

The first thing you need is some tacky glue, a cruddy paint brush that you couldn’t care less if it died in a fire, and saran wrap!

Wrap your dolly’s head in the saran wrap like you’re trying to suffocate it! Seriously, stretch the saran wrap downward so there’s as few wrinkles as possible, and secure it tightly with a rubber band / twist tie / etc.

Wrap the doll’s head tightly again, but this time with a thin fabric that you will use as the base of the wig. I used thin cotton. start painting a layer of tacky glue alllll over the head.

Let the tacky glue dry (you may want to do a few layers) and when the fabric has hardened, you can cut the cap to the shape of the hairline. If you cut the saran wrap, you must wrap the doll again! Keep the doll covered safely in plastic wrap!

Apply hair (whatever you wanted to use, faux fur, alpaca, etc) by adding a small chunk at a time. Be sure to remove any undercoat or extra fluff from each bunch before applying to the wig cap. Paint the spot where you want to apply with glue, add hair, paint over again with glue to secure.

Go row by row until you reach the top.

This is where it gets tricky - It’s hard to see in the photos, but first you apply a chunk of hair going *against* the direction you want it to lay. Then, you add a small amount of glue and *fold* the hair so that it lays flowing in the correct direction, and creates a nice looking part in the hair.

And there it is! The Poor Man’s Easy No-Sew Doll Wig Cap and Wig! Enjoy!

!Extra tips!
+This method works with faux fur, alpaca, fibers of all sorts, thread, feathers, whatever you want! The glue is what worked best for us! There is nothing set in stone, Get creative!
+Drawing on a dried wig cap can help if you need to know where your part will be and which direction you want your hair to go!
+This is an excellent method for boyish or pixie wigs! Cutting as you go is also possible, but the end result can look a little choppy if you aren’t careful. For some people though, its much easier to cut as you go to create a more layered look!
+THE WIG CAP WILL END UP A HARDCAP! It will only fit similar dolls to the one you made it for!
+You can also keep a pair of scissors handy to cut into wefts first, paint glue on, and then add them.
+Laying down Saran Wrap on your workstation can help with keeping an easy to clean spot. 
+Glue WILL dry on the brush. In our experience, hay brushes are the easiest and don’t stick to the fibers as much.
+The finished products are delicate, and should only need light brushing or treatment with appropriate products!
+There is no set method for the part, everyone has their own method!

Lastly, if you use this tutorial, we would LOVE to see your wigs! :)
Here are some made using the method here!

Tutorials: Master Post

Shelving (Стеллажи, комоды):

Ladder shelf (Стеллаж №1)
4-cell shelf unit (Стеллаж 4 ячейки)
8-cell shelving unit (Стеллаж 8 ячеек)
12-cell shelving unit (Стеллаж 12 ячеек)
Bookcase (Стеллаж №3)

Window seat & shelving #2 (Стеллаж-окно №2)
Chest of drawers (Комод)
• Mini chest of drawers (Мини-комодик)
Staircase Storage Unit (Стеллаж-лесенка)

Tables (Столы):

Dressing table (Туалетный столик)
Coffee table #1 (Журнальный столик №1)
Table #3 (Стол №3)
Doll desk with 10 drawers (Рабочий стол с 10 ящиками)

Table with 2 drawers (Стол с выдвижными ящиками)  
Desktop shelf #1 (Полка на стол №1)
Secretary desk (Секретер) 

Chairs, armchairs, stools (Стулья, кресла, табуреты):

Chair #2 (Стул №2)
Chair #3 (Стул №3)
Chair #3 for SD (1/3) (Стул №3 для SD)
Armchair #2 (Кресло №2)
Rocking chair (Кресло-качалка)
Office chair (Рабочее кресло)

Bar stool (Барный табурет)
Round stool (Круглый табурет)

Fabric upholstery for Doll Armchair #1, #3 (Тканевая обтяжка кресла №1, №2)
Seat cushion for Doll Armchair #2, Sofa #2 and beds

Beds, sofas (Кровати, диваны):

Bed #1 (Кровать №1)
Bed #2 (Кровать №2)
Bunk bed (Двухъярусная кровать)
Daybed #1 (Кушетка №1)

Canopy bed (Кровать с балдахином)
Sofa #1 (Диван №1) 

Clothing (Для одежды):

Clothes rack with 3 drawers (Стойка №5 с ящиками)
Mannequin torso (Манекен)
Wardrobe (Гардероб)
Standing mirror (Напольное зеркало)

Other (Другое):

Stepladder (Стремянка)
Fireplace (Камин)
Mini wooden toys (Мини игрушки-каталки)


Emerald in the Autumn Forest 🍂 by Squishdellia


BaroQue PoP by Paul Pham
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OOAK pale skin Sung.


☆ Sweet Origami ☆ par Citrouille Sucrée


Rococo Princess by Amadiz


Geisha par Amadiz