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The Signs As Jobs-

Aquarius- Nurse, Doctor, Dentist, Optician.

Pisces- Independent Business Owner, Shop Manager.

Aries- Primary School Teacher, Teaching Assistant.

Taurus- Fashion Designer, Artist.

Gemini- Sports Coach, Hiker, Personal Trainer.

Cancer- Solider, Army Officer.

Leo- Artist, Comic Designer, Animator.

Virgo- Intelligence Operator, Ethical Hacker.

Libra- Journalist, Newswriter, Interviewer.

Scorpio- Psychiatrist, Neurosurgeon, Psychiatric Nurse.

Sagittarius- Actor, Scriptwriter, Independent Performer.

Capricorn- Social Worker, Charity Worker.

brokenknifefrisk  asked:

"Hullo, Papyrus! I know you're mostly here just to visit, but since you strike me as a very fashionable little skeleton, did you have any thoughts on looking for new clothes for yourself, too?"


Caddy: “Well, I can text G and let him know we’ll be a little late… but would that be okay with you, mom? I know you must be busy… ”

Jenny: “Caddy, I can always make time for my grandkids! And besides, you know we always keep a stack of plain kids’ clothes around from Thrift And Salvage… for those ‘needs a new wardrobe’ orders, y’know?”

Hellany: “Papyrus can choose his colors, pick out his embellishments, and we’ll take care of the rest.”


Hellany: “Well, Sometimes when monsters grow up, their bodies go through big changes - so it’s just easier for their parents to buy a lot of clothes at once to fit their new shape.”


Caddy: “I don’t think so, Pap… I’m pretty sure skeletons don’t undergo metamorphosis… ”

Jennifer: “And embellishments are like fancy things, sweetie! Ribbons, patches, sequins… we let kids choose the ones they like, and we add them to their clothes!”


Hellany: “I like the kid’s enthusiasm…”

Jenny: “Well step right this way, young monster, and we can make that happen… ”

Caddy: “You guys can go on ahead! I’ll catch up with you in a little while… ”

PUMP UP THE VOLUME - model: Valery Kaufman - photographer: Paola Kudacki - fashion editor/stylist: Samira Nasr - hair: Romina Manenti - makeup: Fulvia Farolfi - manicure: Casey Herman - fashion assistant: Yashua Simmons - Elle February 2017

  • Balenciaga trench coat & top - Closer by WWake earrings - Verdura brooch

anonymous asked:

So are the thousand foot clients the hardest to make outfits for or are there other types that give you more trouble?

 “Any kind of elemental monster often finds it hard to get clothes they can wear - which is why I’m glad I have Hellany, besides the obvious… ”

Hellany: “Did you get taller, Papyrus? I can sense that you’re due for a growth spurt any time now… ”


Jenny: “Having an enchantress on hand is indispensable for fireproofing, waterproofing and so on…  I think the art would have died out already if not for clients like those!”

Caddy: “Well our family still very much appreciates Hellany’s charms, both decorative and practical! G still wears that glow-in-the-dark bow tie on special occasions… ”

PUMP UP THE VOLUME - model: Valery Kaufman - photographer: Paola Kudacki - fashion editor/stylist: Samira Nasr - hair: Romina Manenti - makeup: Fulvia Farolfi - manicure: Casey Herman - fashion assistant: Yashua Simmons - Elle February 2017

  • Vetements x Brioni jacket & trousers - Van Cleef & Arpels earrings - Gucci - latex socks / sandals


Fashion, music, and collaboration… aren’t they fantastic? Courant creative director Franck Lada never thought his mind would merge to create a brand so unique in a space that is now very saturated thanks to the ease of creating online shops in the digital era.

Mostly because of his sensitive creative process often played out in his mysterious basement flat/office/music studio and vintage showroom; eventually leading to a random commission with underground artist Ben Montero.

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anonymous asked:

I hope business has been going well for you Jenny! You probably make a good deal just with letting out Gs clothes alone. Hehehe!

Caddy: “Well, they would, but I practically have to force the G into her hand most days. Mom already makes my outfits for free, and she insisted on eating the entire cost of G’s Royal Gala outfit as his Gyftmas present… ”

Jenny: “Well can ya blame me, Teacup? Your good looks an’ charms have brought me more business than any kinda advertising, an’ a basic infusion stretch takes Hellany just a few minutes with a calculator and some magic circles.”

Hellany: “And Papyrus can help sell our children’s clothing, too. What do you say when someone asks where you got your cute outfit from?”


Caddy: “Well you should at least let me take you guys out to eat sometime. My treat - maybe we could even check out the new Cozy’s together!”


BIEGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - model: Salieu Jalloh - photographer: Cyrill Matter - fashion editor / stylist: Allan Kennedy - photo assistant: JP Bevins - fashion assistant: Melissa Infante - groomer: Miyako

  • Paul Smith Jeans camel peacoat - Boglioli brown military shawl wool sweater
  • Ferragamo camel cashmere coat - Louis Vuitton beige jersey knit shirt - Dunhill gold cotton twill trousers
  • Paul Smith wide-leg trousers - Berluti knitted high-neck sweater - Dunhill forest corduroy peacoat - Uniqlo white cotton socks
  • Paul Smith wool roll-neck sweater - Boglioli tan velvet double-breasted retford blazer - Dunhill gold cotton twill trousers - Uniqlo white cotton socks - Converse tan jack purcell sneakers
Supercat and Mirandy

Has anyone talked about the similarity between these two pairs?  Besides the obvious boss and assistant relationship, they have a lot in common.

Both Cat and Miranda:

-dress nicely and insult their assistant’s fashion choices

-doesn’t let anyone else ride in the same elevator

-demand hot coffee/lattes

-is a single parent

-likes to leave parties early

-pretend not to know their assistant’s names xD

Both Kara and Andy:

-get very angry/frustrated with their bosses but still cares a lot about them and are always trying to please them

-are optimists who are a bit naive about the world at times

-are adorkable but still manages to be great at their jobs

-start out thinking their bosses are just mean and bitchy but gradually realize what amazing career women they are

- are very loyal puppies who protects their master :D  

“EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED’- Beautiful, Talented, Well-read, Open-minded, Opinionated, Feminist, Fashion-forward Keira Knightlely” - photographer: Paola Kudacki - stylist: Samira Nasir - hair: Kevin Ryan - make-up: Romy Soleimani - nails: Charlene Coquard - production Octopix - fashion assistant: Yashua Simmons - Elle September 2015

  • Balenciaga earrings

@elleuk: Today we’re celebrating @zayn one of our icons of change’s #septemberELLE cover (on sale now) with some exclusive #behindthescenes pictures, most shot by #Zayn himself! Stay tuned. (Zayn wears @burberry jacket, @troojo top and @cartier necklace. Photography by @nabildo, fashion by @itsdwallace and @jasonrembert, fashion assistants @thedaviddaley and @rvsilberstein, hair by @byvernonscott, grooming by @shannonpezzetta, interview by @lenadecasparis.) #ELLExZAYN

@elleuk: ‘Authenticity is the key to being a successful artist and to being iconic’ - @zayn talks to @lenadecasparis in #septemberELLE. (#Zayn wears @driesvannoten coat, @thekooplesofficial jeans, @dior boots and @worldmcqueen vest. Photography by @nabildo, fashion by @itsdwallace and @jasonrembert, fashion assistants @thedaviddaley and @rvsilberstein, hair by @byvernonscott, grooming by @shannonpezzetta.)