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What's the difference between being a fashion market writer and editor

it gets confusing because it got weird after digital media became such a thing. because people who are market editors at print publications generally don’t write much. they just work on market (the clothes / accessories, etc) and then also work on getting clothes for shoots and sometimes style. fashion editors / fashion news editors + feature editors at the publications would be the ones to write.

with digital, like at refinery29 for instance, they have fashion writers + market editors. a lot of the time for their stories, like TK best jeans or whatever, the market editor picks the market (the jeans they showcase) and the fashion writer writes the intro/story. it’s weird imo lol, but that’s how they pump out so many stories a day. (that’s also why if you go to one persons author page, you’ll see stories that don’t have their byline because maybe they just picked the clothes but didn’t write it) 

a lot of smaller teams, like for me at i know at like and who what wear, the market editor does both, writes + does market. it’s really blurry lol. i think also in a lot of cases the writer vs. editor title is just like semantics.