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George Harrison sporting his Sgt. Pepper suit in the “Ding Dong, Ding Dong” and “When We Was Fab” videos.

Requested by lizpisani: What became of George’s Sgt. Pepper suit?

George seems to have kept the suit from 1967 on, including it in the above mentioned videos and also for a cardboard cut-out that came with a limited edition “When We Was Fab” single release. There was a blurb somewhere about him having given it away at some point after 1974, but then getting it back, although as yet, no concrete source of that information appears to be available. The suit, as far as is known, is still owned by the Harrison family today.

“I’ve got a few things. I have a few Beatle boots. Some ski boots from when we made the film “Help”. I’ve got some of those original Pierre Cardin collarless suits. I’ve got the jacket we wore at Shea Stadium. I’ve got my Sgt. Pepper suit. And a lot of sort of crazy psychedelic things which just look ridiculous now. Hysterical things – fancy dress.” - George Harrison, 1988 [x]

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“Larking about in front of a mirror wearing Sergeant Pepper jackets at George Harrison’s house on a boys’ night in.
‘He always used to get out a bottle of 1961 Chateau Lafite and his wife Olivia was out somewhere. He said: "Come with me”, led me up a wide staircase and along this amazing corridor lined with gold discs to a massive old wardrobe with all the Beatles clothes, hanging in order.’
Alongside their iconic collarless suits were three of the four jackets worn on the Sgt Pepper album cover. 'So he starts getting them out and we start trying them on,’ giggles [Dave] Edmunds. 'He said: "This one is Paul’s; don’t tell him, he doesn’t know I’ve got it”.’“ - Express, 16 February 2014

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"George found his and wore it in a video. But he had to let it out, which is funny because he was always the skinny one.” - Ringo Starr, Rolling Stone, 9 April 2015 [x]