fashion 1875

Profile portrait of President Ulysses S. Grant with his mustache and chin beard shaven so a cameo portrait could be made of him, 1875.

Source: National Archives and Records Administration.

Animated stereoview portrait of a man identified as a hermit posing in the interior of his house in Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1875. By C. H. Shute and Son.

Source: New York Public Library.

1875. La moda elegante ilustrada, 6 de noviembre. Sombreros.

Sombrero de fieltro blanco para señoritas. La parte de debajo del ala va adornada con un torzal azul, lazos iguales y dos plumitas azules. Encima del sombrero cocas de cinta blanca, pájaro azul y plumas blancas.

Sombrero de terciopelo negro. Diadema de blonda blanca y margaritas blancas con hojas verdes. El sombrero va guarnecido ademas con una blonda de tela adamascada color blanco crema y una pluma blanca. Bridas de tul y encaje negro.

Sombrero redondo de fieltro negro guarnecido de una banda  adamascada gris azul, muchas plumas del mismo color y un ala grande azul.

Sombrero de terciopelo azul con ala muy levantada, adornado de flores azules y pluma azul.

Sombrero de terciopelo color albaricoque. Cocas del mismo terciopelo. Flores de geranio encarnado envueltas en un tul negro. Ala de pájaro negro y pajarito verde.


I was pleased to find this April 1875 fashion plate from Peterson’s. It shows a lot of the details seen in Carlotta’s red 2nd Manager’s dress - the backdrape in particular, but also the sleeves, the three-tiered apron and the overall shape of back bodice and bustle.

The only thing lacking in the fashion plate is the pleated main skirt, and the military decorations. But whether Maria Bjørnson saw and used this 1875 fashion plate or not, it goes to show she surely knew her period fashions.