fashion ıcon

I want Japanese food…..ple a se……

Hey cuties! I have an exciting announcement to make! I am going to be attending Sakura-Con this year in Seattle, Washington! 

I’ve never been to Washington state before so I am SO EXCITED! (I am staying with the lovely TABBY so I know its going to be a blast!) This was a very last minute decision on my part so Im sorry that I’m announcing it so late! I don’t know how often I’ll be traveling to West Coast cons in the future so if you’ll be attending this year I would loooooove to meet you!!! I don’t quite know what Im wearing yet (its hard to pack since I’m flying) but I’ll keep you posted! I’ve also.. never flown by myself before so Im incredibly nervous T_T Please send me all of your good vibes lol.

But anyway!!!!!!!!! Im so excited!!!!!!! I have soooo much to plan now with such little time haha! I hope to see you all there~~!!


A model wears “The Always Dress” designed by Selina “Szmoon” Zawacki at the Her Universe fashion show during San Diego Comic Con 2016. Lights embedded in the dress turn into Harry Potter’s Patronus.