Damn right I’m being rude to people still not willing to vote for Hillary. Partly cause they’re dumb if they’re still believing the 25 years’ worth of lies that have been told about her, but mostly because HOLY SHIT HAVE YOU SEEN WHO’S ON THE OTHER SIDE?!

This is not a regular Republican she’s running against. This is not a case of “Oh, damn, the GOP is in control of the White House again; let’s try to get it back in 2020.” This is not some milquetoast, run-of-the-mill Republican. This is a selfish, impulsive, xenophobic, racist fascist with no political experience and no desire to figure out what a job such as President would actually entail.

We’re not just talking about someone we disagree with ideologically. We’re talking about someone who is such a threat to this country, and the people in it, that prominent members of his own party are shitting themselves at the prospect of “victory.”

By being “principled” or “voting with your conscience,” all you’re doing is supporting him. So congrats on that. Assholes.

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Your massively deprecating posts on the 'inevitability' of Clinton's presidential postage, and your massively hateful comments against people's political freedoms have appeared on my feed. Claiming that people who do support Trump are in fact bringing down the U.S. & individual safety, is one thing- and is respectable. But, claiming supporters of third party leaders, or other running mates are BIGOTED? or ideologically puritan? You are speaking out against freedom of choice, and are disgusting.

I am speaking out against using your freedom of choice to be complicit in electing an actual fascist demagogue. A third-party candidate is not going to win, and dividing the vote is only going to lead to Trump being elected. It’s happened before, it got George W Bush elected, which lead to two wars and a economic recession, among many other awful things. And Bush was a moderate and a saint compared to Trump.

I am not telling you that you don’t have the freedom of choice, I am telling you that using that freedom of choice to vote third-party is fucking stupid and could result in unimaginable atrocities. Use your freedom of choice at another time when it won’t result in Hitler 2.0 becoming President.

Not only am I a problematic person because I engage with and sympathize with a Latina lesbian over random people with fascistic avatars, I’m also a typical privileged trans person who thinks that voting for the Democrats and hoping for the best is bad strategy wow I’m gonna get wrecked when a bunch of people who have never and will never follow me look through my blog and decide I’m a bad person


If Stormpilot happened, I’ll be happy,

If Finnrey happens, I’ll be happy, 

If Kylux doesn’t happen… I’ll be happy!

Tbh the story has nothing to do with General Hux, I mean he got three minutes of screen time. As much as I love him as a character, my love for him doesn’t take away from the fact that the story is very much so about Rey and Finn. Not some fascist ginger fuck.

London Black Revs and the Malcolm X Movement Shut Down Two Byron Restaurants with a Swarm of Insects

London Black Revs and the Malcolm X Movement have taken affirmative action against Byron restaurants chain in response to the Byron restaurants chains despicable actions in the past weeks having entrapped waiters, back of house staff and chefs in collaboration with UK Border Agency. Some 35 staff members many of whom were led off in handcuffs and have been deported out of the country while hundreds more are hiding in fear.

Many thousands of live cockroaches, locusts and crickets into these restaurants. We apologise to customers and staff for any irritation, however, we had to act as forced deportations such as this and others are unacceptable, we must defend these people and their families from such dehumanised treatment.

In a context of a unelected new Tory government that is the most vicious and right wing government in living memory, and in the context of growing racist and even fascist oriented policies encouraging and fostering mass resentment, racism and xenophobia towards ethnic and migrant communities, the MXM and LBRs decided we had to take some clear action to remind our communities we have the ability to strategically defend ourselves under this growing repression and exploitation in the face of adversity.

UK government minister David Davis is arguing for fascist policies that even far-right and fascist organisations stopped campaigning for decades ago in his advocacy of forced mass deportation of migrants, and a minister in the German Bavarian government is also advocating forced
mass deportation of migrants. The Brexit victory was a massive boost to anti-immigrant hate and racism, Trump is ascendant in the USA, fascist parties are about to win national elections in France and in Austria.

We as immigrant communities, Black, African, Asian, Latin American communities must all unite and defeat this growing menace that is before us, otherwise our very future as communities inside the ‘West’ is in direct jeopardy.

This growing racist and fascist policies, political discussion and atmosphere is taking this colonial and capitalist system into deeper crises where wars abroad and further repression at home will be increasing unless immigrant and allied communities halt this march of oppression. It’s a great challenge before us, but the stakes are increasingly high for our communities and our families and communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and East Europe.

The deceptive actions of Byron is in line with this growing far-right repression of the state. The very immigrant labour that has since the medieval times been a necessary part of our societies to function, the very ones who cook, serve our food, clean up after the nation and much much more and the ones
being targeted the most. LBRs and MXM stand in solidarity with them, and consider our immigrant communities one of the first communities we should be defending and they should be in the lead of a working class and oppressed peoples struggle against colonialism and capitalism.

Our intentions of this action were to:

1. Make Byron pay for their horrifically exploitative misdeeds.

2. To inspire others to ensure Byron is shut down until they either go out of business and, they apologise to those staff impacted especially the deportees, and compensate them and their families according to sums the victims decide including any remaining wages, overtime or holiday pay due.

3. Serve as a warning to other businesses in the hospitality and catering industry that you will be targeted by those who stand in solidarity with immigrants if you entrap migrant workers.

4. We warn all immigrant communities and families that now is the time to stand up, unite, organise and push back and defeat this upsurge of anti-immigrant racism and oppression.

We apologise to customers and staff for any disruption, however, with the growing climate of racism and xenophobia, a line must be drawn and we say: enough is enough. No one is 'illegal’. We’ve acted today in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are being deported daily. If you stand in solidarity against the underhand entrapment of its workers that Byron has carried out. You should support the actions in defence of migrant workers and refugees.

London Black Revs & Malcolm X Movement
Friday 29 July 2016

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u can't spell "aplatonickylo" without "icky" ;)

i’ve been reading their url this whole time but i haven’t actually processed it and ……. kylo isn’t aplatonic he’s a fascist abusive piece of shit holy crap?

so yeah, icky :/

24.7.2016 - Haifa, Palestine/Israel

Antifa as well as members of Unity protecting a lecture of Breaking The Silence from fascists that threatened to disrupt it, despite their ideological differences.

Honestly though the only huge difference I see between clinton and trump is that trump is a fascist and clinton appears democratic. Trump seeks to be the singular ruler of this nation’s government, while clinton seeks to rally the citzens and have the power of society on her side and then to take control and be an imperialist murderer. Clinton’s only ‘positive’ comparatively is she wants to play the system and get everyone on her side before doing all the horrible things trump plans to do lmao

Three female blackshirts, members of the British Union of Fascists, salute as they leave their Chelsea headquarters for Birmingham, where they will attend a meeting addressed by their leader, Oswald Mosley. 1934


Okay, last one, and then I promise I’m off my political soapbox. I’ve got something about Cannonball Run and a Wonder Woman thing I was gonna write anyway, so this outrage has a shelf-life. Pop culture always wins. Stay tuned for the fun factory.

I have an honest question, and I bet it won’t be a popular question: Let’s say you buy the narrative that Trump is a white supremacist undercover Nazi fascist, and is America’s soon-to-be Hitler (And also America’s Pol Pot, Nero, the Ayatollah Khomeni, and L.Ron Hubbard, just in case we needed some of those). Let’s say we buy the whole “Sleeper Agent for Putin” deal, because Putin wants to destroy the West, for some reason no one can articulate except “it’s something we’re used to the Russians wanting to do,” according to ourselves.  Let’s say we’re buying the narrative that a defeat for Trump is a big win for democracy the world over; we’ll have strangled the new Nazi party in its crib, we’ll have hobbled the KKK, we’ll have nipped a new KGB in the bud and we’ll have saved the world from, er, us … and will they be ever so grateful!

And with all of that in mind, what’s our long-term plan?

Because this narrative is awfully familiar. Some variation of the *white supremacist/fascist/totalitarian/”he’s gonna build camps!”* accusation was lobbed against Mitt Romney, the whole magilla was set up against George W.Bush (and there’s how well THAT tactic worked) and, while McCain was never the direct recipient of it, Sarah Palin sure was. In fact, she was worse, because she was a pretty Nazi Barbie (I don’t know why that’s worse, but apparently it was)! They might’ve lobbed it against Dole, too, I dunno, no one paid attention to Dole in ‘96 except Norm MacDonald.

Aaaand … It was before my time, but Norman Lear-scripted sitcoms inform me that much the same complaint was thrown Nixon’s way, and all the good music of 1979 informs me that Reagan was expected to don jackboots in a hurry, any second now.

I’m not suggesting that Trump isn’t awful, or that his running mate – whom it’s tacitly accepted will be the individual directing all actual policy - isn’t even more fucking awful, and the pair of them aren’t utterly undesirable as executive officers of the nation. What I’m asking is: If we buy the narrative that we’re facing the ominous threat of fascism every four years, what’s our long-term tactic for defeating it? 

Because fascists aren’t really dissuaded by losing an election or two, you know. Are we planning to just roll the dice every four years and hope to keep the bastards at bay? And are we going to continue to do that by rolling out increasingly-right-of-center Democratic candidates to take them on and drain Republican votes and endorsements (wait, weren’t the Republicans the party of racists and fascists? Do freedom-loving people want that kind of support? Again, assuming that you buy the narrative…), even at the risk of alienating Left-leaning voters? If America stands on the precipice of fascism – and I’m not saying that it’s not, please see below – then what are we doing to curb its growth across the board? Waving the animated Jumbotron version of Woody Guthrie’s guitar every four years can’t possibly be an effective solution.

If you’re wondering if I have any bright ideas, the answer is no. But, then again, I don’t buy the narrative. As terrible as Trump is, he strikes me as more of a Silvio Berlusconi than a Benito Mussolini, or even a Roberto Benigni without the childlike sense of delight. He and his team are reprehensible and execrable politicians, evangelists and carny barkers. Let’s simply not.

Although if I did have any sort of ideas on how to beat fascism, it would be to strengthen the working classes, curb monopolies and bust trusts, make all education – particularly higher education – more accessible if not wholly subsidized, improve the infrastructure of ideas, destabilize hate groups, mandate that the wealthy bear a proportionate but fair share of the country’s financial burden, eliminate gerrymandering, limit military expedition, withdraw military forces from overseas where possible, demilitarize the police, reinstate free travel … basically, you know, undermine the foundations of fascism at its roots. 

Because if all we’re doing to “fight fascism” is to trot out the “And the fascists are RIGHT. OVER. THERE!” tactic every four years, it might start to seem like … y’know … it’s a bogus narrative employed by the loud and the cynical to distract the electorate from the “anti-Fascist” party’s own excesses…

Above: A rally of anti-fascists cheer a military leader who screams about expanding American military might overseas to shore up our interests and the interests of our allies and, in a totally not-fascist way, to defeat the “evil,” “chaos” and “darkness” of our nation’s enemies, so that “they will fear us.” A chant of “No More War” is drowned out by the enthusiastic crowd of fascist-busters amidst a swarm of loud, trance-like jingoistic chanting. It’s a proud day for anti-fascism, hoo boy, you bet. 

Iranians Seek Contact With Outside World
Sky News visits Iran and finds its people keen for contact with the world but frustrated that the West is dragging its heels.

“Beneath the exterior, Iran is a great place to shop, eat and sightsee.”

I’m sure it is, in the same sense Saudi Arabia is a great place until you crack a beer open, your headscarf falls off or you hold your wife the wrong way, then the curtains come back up on the twelfth century theocracy again.

How completely fucking supine. How bizarre it is that western media outlets are effectively doing PR campaigns for foreign revolutionary fascist theocracies.

Anarchists like to think they are antifa but when a fascist begins his rise to power they actively encourage people to do nothing and just let it happen

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I fully believe that she's Jewish. It is by no means impossible for a Jewish person to harbour fascist sentiment, even if not under the banner of nazism.

maybe she’s just disassociating really really hard and thinks what she believes isn’t national socialism, but hey, it is.

The Trump-Putin Fallacy
Trump is not a foreign agent, controlled by Putin. He is a thoroughly American creation that poses an existential threat to American democracy. Now that Trump has become the Republican nominee—and has pulled even or even slightly ahead of Clinton in the most recent polls—it is time to force ourselves to imagine the unimaginable: Trump as elected president of the United States.
By Masha Gessen

This gets me to the second common trope: that Trump is like Putin. Yes, he is. As Timothy Snyder has pointed out, Trump seems to want to be Putin: “Putin is the real world version of the person Trump pretends to be on television.” That may well flatter Putin. More to the point, Putin is on record as hating Hillary Clinton and blaming her for much of what ails Russia, so there is little reason to doubt that he would prefer to see Trump win the election. But that tells us nothing about his actual ability to influence the election or Trump himself. Trump is also like Mussolini and Hitler. All of them are fascist demagogues who emerged from their own cultures and catered to them. In fact, Trump is less like Putin, whose charisma is largely a function of the post to which he was accidentally appointed, than he is Mussolini or Hitler.

My great-grandmother, a refugee from Fascist Italy, worked exhaustively for a Catholic charity once she came to America and insisted on being buried in their cemetery when she died because she was afraid someone might track down and kill her relatives if they knew she was Jewish.

One of my mom’s earliest memories is getting called a kike by a stranger. (In public, in New Jersey, mind you.)

But sure, go ahead and tell me how much sense it makes that someone would pretend to be Jewish so people would be nice to them. Sounds likely.


40mins of Oswald Mosley sitting on a train in a “smug, fascist way”