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Are you from the Bay Area? I could've sworn you said something about being in SF at some point

I’ve never lived in California, honestly, although I have written poetry/music about a fictional, idealized version of California that only exists in my rain-drenched Pacific Northwest native brain. 

Today in history: May 22, 1942 - Stjepan Filipović, a Croatian Partisan during World War II, was hanged by the fascists. As the rope was put around his neck, Filipović defiantly thrust his hands out and denounced the Germans and their Axis allies as murderers, shouting “Death to fascism, freedom to the people!” He urged the Yugoslav people to resist and implored them to never cease resisting. Filipović joined the workers’ movement in 1937, was arrested in 1939 and was sentenced to a year in prison. He joined the Communist Party of Yugoslavia in 1940 and was commander of a Partisans’ unit by 1941. He was captured on February 24, 1942 by Axis forces and hanged on May, 22, 1942. (image: famous photograph of Filipović with his arms in the air, moments before his death)


1. Reclaim Australia was very successful on 4 April in aggregating racist and fascist forces throughout Australia.
2. This had been a long term project of the far right in Australia for many years and for many years the left had prevented it from occurring.
3. Reclaim Australia has now split in to right wing racists and outright fascist components. Their components are still as dangerous as they were before.
4. Reclaim Australia and fascist groups have now called something like 18 rallies to take place in various locations in the near future.
5. On 19 July they plan at least 14 rallies around Australia against Islam, against Mosques, against the right to wear cultural dress, against Muslim businesses, against refugees and against multiculturalism. We are working with comrades all around Australia to counter each one of those racist rallies.
6. On 18 July they plan at least one rally in Melbourne on all of the above issues. However, in their publicity, they are describing it as a retaliation against the Melbourne left for having successfully opposed them on the 4 April. We will join with No Room for Racism in a united counter rally that stops the Reclaim Australia movement.
7. On 31 May, the fascist components are promising a very aggressive rally against Yarra City Council, the Socialist Party and prominent members of the Socialist Party including Stephen Jolly, Anthony Main and Mel Gregson.
8. It is possible that on 31 May splinters of the fascist components will attempt to attack the meeting called Uniting Against Islamophobia that will be held at the Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, as the leadership of the socialist party will be participating in the meeting.
9. A number of left organisations are attempting to mobilise against this new threat.
10. One left meeting that was held on 19 May established a coalition to help organise against the fascists and racists. It is understood that what is required is actually a much wider mobilisation in the labour movement and in the left, and in communities across Melbourne and Australia. However, this was a useful first step.
11. We called this coalition Campaign Against Racism and Fascism. It is not meant to be exclusive or even the complete answer to what we are facing. However we need structures in order to organise.
12. We have called a counter mobilisation to the fascist rally expected in Richmond on Sunday 31 May.
13. We have also called for defence of the Uniting Against Islamophobia meeting that will be held on 31 May at the Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne at 2pm.
14. We will defend Stephen Jolly, Anthony Main and Mel Gregson and the Socialist Party and the meeting.
15. We have stopped the fascists before. We will stop the fascists again. They will not break our movement.

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism
21 May 2015


Third Congress of Antifascists was held in Donetsk

The 3rd Congress of Antifascist Public Organizations of Novorossiya took place in Donetsk. The goal of the Congress is to unite antifascist forces for the struggle of neo-fascist ideology on the basis of facts and evidence gathered in the course of unjust and bloody fratricidal war in Donbass in order to achieve the final victory over fascism and Nazism.

On the agenda of the Congress was the anti-fascist struggle in Novorossiya – the continuation of the Soviet people’s struggle with Nazism during WWII, reports of the moderators of round tables, adoption of the Resolution of the Congress and its statements.

Three thematic round tables were functioning at the Congress:

1. “Military crimes of Ukrainian authorities in 2013-2015″. Curator – Andrey Zhygulin.

2. “Historical experience of the struggle with national-fascism”. Curator: Miroslav Rudenko, the member of the People’s Council of the DPR.

3. “The future of Novorossiya”. Curator: Artem Olkhin, the representative of the Izborskiy Club and “Donbass in favour of  the Eurasian Union” movement.

Leader of the Public Political Movement “Novorossiya” Pavel Gubarev took the flour at the meeting of thematic round table “The future of Novorossiya” within the framework of the Congress.

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illegal civ is just a clothing line is it? and you take loads of vids & photos of dem skaters? i find this so fucking cool because you make simple business but its damn FAMOUS around the world. keep it up mikey ur one of the most successful young businessmen in the world!!

YOU NEED TO STUDY but you got a good outsider understanding, we’re heavily respected in a lot of fascists 

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/814444055277680/

The far right ‘Great Aussie Patriot’ has put out a call for a mobilisation at the Richmond Town Hall for Sunday 31st May - to stop the “left wing hate train” (see video here https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=992142347465462&pnref=story).

He, and his supporters, want to shut down the left and to get the Rainbow and Aboriginal Flags taken down from above the town hall.

The Campaign Against Racism and Fascism has therefore called a counter demonstration to meet at 12:30pm to defend the great Richmond traditions of solidarity and support for minorities.

We need to ensure we outnumber the fascists.

Please put this in your diary now. 

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It's fucking Waco. Are you really surprised that the government would shoot first and ask questions never?

Not at all.

But there are many who are distorted by agendas. Authoritarians, fascists, socialists who purport to fight the power while licking its boot and their associates who foster and feed on racial strife with many belonging to a violently exclusive cult of victimhood.

I only want to bring clarity and expose the rotten.

People angry, upset and afraid about the election results should come to the anti-austerity protest planned on June 20th. It should be huge, already 26000 people say they’re going, and most prominent political and protest groups are going to have a bloc. This will be one of the biggest protests since the Student protests of 2010.

It will be more than just an anti-austerity protest, it will be about climate change and nuclear disarmament, it will be anti-fascist and anti-racist, it will be about LGBTQ+ and gender rights. This is the solidarity we all need at a time when we’ll be facing cuts and rising inequality under the Tory neoliberal agenda.

The event page is: https://www.facebook.com/events/460624807433119/

Please come and show support and solidarity, and fight back against this dangerous government elected by less than a quarter of the population.


Palestinians in Jerusalem and Gaza mark Nakba Day after Friday prayers, May 15, 2015. Nakba Day - observed the day after Israeli Independence Day - commemorates The Palestinian Catastrophe which saw terrorist Zionist forces destroy over 400 Palestinian villages, massacre civilians and expel around a million men, women, and children from their homes at gunpoint in the build up to the creation of the fascist state of Israel.

Photos: Ammar Awad / Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

are people really still doing this “EVERYONE NEEDS TO VOTE” shit after the UK elections where like my understanding is pretty nebulous but the sense I get is that literally every party there are either neoliberal privatizing fucks or actual outright fucking fascists and somehow people are surprised when folks don’t bother voting?? Like???????

I saw a post just now with some tortured analogy about “playing the game” of politics and saying that not voting is like passing each of your turns and then wondering why you lost

but if you’re holding a hand of cards that all say “ACTION: GET FUCKED” no shit you’re gonna pass every turn, jackass

the game is badly designed. Acting like you can change the rules of the game just by playing it is idiotic.

The only way you win a rigged game is by flipping the fucking table.

And this trope of “You are a terrible person if you block or ban or mute people” is one of the most common forms of Internet harassment — especially for women. It’s extra insidious because, to people who aren’t clued in to the reality of being a feminist woman on the Internet, it can sound very reasonable. The mere fact of having boundaries, the mere fact of making decisions about who we are and aren’t willing to engage with, gets us framed as close-minded, non-skeptical, censorious, fascist bitches. When it’s aimed at women, this “How dare you block or ban or mute!” trope basically means, “You have no right to have boundaries. It is your job to listen, patiently and politely, for as long as people want to talk. Men have the floor, and women are the audience. You are a woman, and that means you’re a public commodity, and you have to give access to yourself to anyone who wants it. Quit whining, and engage with every asshole who wants to engage with you.”

kill la kill is such a weird show to think about because its a wacky slapstick comedy with limited-animation gags & fart jokes but its also set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic hellscape where one of the world’s largest remaining cities is ruled through an extremely classist violent fascist self-contained meritocracy by five teenage generals who have amassed an army of semi-willing child soldiers in a last desperate hope to save the human race from complete extinction, because they are the only ones capable of fighting the threat and are willing to do literally anything, including martyring themselves and becoming literal violent merciless dictators, to stop the impending apocalypse, And Then Ryuko Shows Up