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anonymous asked:

Hey. In my city isnt any antifa so me and a friend wanted to start a antifa group in our city. Any tips? F/e how to find more people for the idea? Sorry for my bad english✌️


Here’s some tips:

1) Get in touch with anti-fascist groups in a city near you, or in your country, or any antifa anywhere that you respect and ask them how they did it!

2) Set up a secure tumblr, facebook, instagram, email - whatever - so there’s a safe way for people to get in touch with you without you having to give your personal contact information out.

3) Do some research and try to meet up with groups or go to events dealing with issues that fascists oppose - immigration, refugees, LGBT rights, religious minorities, etc.  

4) If you know what fascists in your city are up to or where they operate, reach out to people there the fascists have been or might be targeting to offer your support.  Or put up FASCIST-FREE ZONE posters in the area to put the boneheads on notice!

5) When people express interest in joining you, try to have someone that you both know “vouch” for them as good people.  If strangers contact you and want to join, meet them in a public place - don’t go alone, and feel free to continue meeting with them like that until you feel completely comfortable with them.  

We hope that’s helpful.  Best of luck!

p.s. your English is excellent!

“Fate fondere le nostre brande - Il Soldato Italiano sa dormire per TERRA.”

Melt our field cots - the Italian Soldier is able to sleep on the GROUND.