fascist action

cherrycokezeropope  asked:

Hello, friend, I'm new to the movement and I was wondering if you could recommend any specific antifa readings? Thank you!

Sure! Here’s some of the books I‘ve read on it. 

These are mostly first-hand accounts from UK antifascists:
No Retreat: The Secret War Between Britain’s Anti-Fascists and the Far Right by Dave Hann, Steve Titzey

Beating the Fascists: The Untold Story of Anti-Fascist Action by Sean Birchall

Bash the Fash: Anti-Fascist Recollections 1984-93 by K. Bullstreet

Some books about older antifascist struggles:
Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell

The Ghetto Fights by Marek Edelman

Also, I have Militant Anti-Fascism: A Hundred Years of Resistance, which looks more like an international overview, but I haven’t read it yet.

There were also some good articles online about antifa recently but I can’t find them now :/ Any followers care to add any links?

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