Mom And Dad And All The Adults Were Wrong (2017)

ok a lot of pent up feelings about the country.  I couldn’t sleep until I made this

i forgot to put a lil part about the truck i saw in my town with the iron cross and a trump sticker on it but I think my point is made pretty well

please know all of these things are real, this is a nonfictional comic

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terrible people get blocked immediatley stay the fuck away from me


Assignment tutored by David Hine, Isabel Greenberg and Jamie Rich. The goal was to write the outline of a graphic novel,  then create ten comic pages that would be representative of the graphic novel and in the end pitch it to publishers. “Fascist Love” is the name of the graphic novel I worked on. It is inspired by the life of my grandfather that worked for the Portuguese fascist regime.

Can love turn a man into a fascist?