I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again:

You cannot challenge racism, on this level, by being nice to and reaching out to white supremacists.  Their entire ideology revolves around dehumanizing us.  It just does. not. work.  

You cannot fight fascism by prioritizing the feelings of fascists and letting them think they’re safe around you.  You don’t “get them on your side”.  Because treating them kindly and respecting them, gives them your silent approval and access to those of you who are way more vulnerable than you are and who cannot afford to feel safe enough to “debate” with these monsters. 

Our humanity is not a question or a debate topic, and by giving these people a platform you legitimize their views and help spread them to a larger audience. 

Reporters arrested for doing their jobs by Donald Trump

Alexander Rubenstein, RT America

Even Engel, Vocatic

Jack Keller, Story of America

Aaron Cantu, Truth-Out

Matt Hopard, Independent Journalist

Shay Horse, Photojournalist

These are the 6 people arrested by the Trump Administration and charged with felonies for doing their job and covering unrest at the inauguration.  Their press credentials are being ignored and the basic protections of Freedom of the Press are, for the time being, suspended.

Look at these faces.  They are but the first unless we stop it.


It’s wonderful that the Hamilton cast/audience made their voices and protest heard loud and clear, but ~DO NOT let it distract or misdirect~ from the real issues and horrors that Trump and his administration are HOPING YOU’LL MISS or FORGET ABOUT.

Fascism is misdirection of real concerns.

#DumpTrump #NotMyPresident #TheResistance

  • nazi using literal nazi propaganda and hate speech: lol u mad
  • shia labeouf (a jewish person directly harmed by nazism): HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US
  • white supremacist news (also known as just the the regular news): shia labeouf BULLIES an innocent childlike white boy child kid youngling of the age of 20-something because hes a trump supporter!! the inhumanity of it all.

Sally Yates, acting Attorney General of the United States of America, did her goddamned duty to the republic and to the Constitution in standing up against Trump and his fucking refugee ban, which Yates called “probably illegal.” She declared that the DOJ would not enforce it, and Trump just fired her. Trump fired the Attorney General of the United States of America for defending the Constitution, which was her fucking duty. The last time a president fired an AG was Nixon in the 70s. It’s day 10.

Anne Frank was denied asylum in the US. Just lke hundred thousand more jews trying to flee from Nazi-Germany. People with dreams and ambitions are still being denied asylum, are dying on the sea, in the desert, in wars or being deported because people don’t see them as humans, but just as foreigners / refugees etc. Don‘t lament Anne Frank if you’re not willing to learn from history.