fascination with his hair

More Trollhunters fic ideas (help me, I think to much)

- Jim loses a bet with Claire and has to dye his hair. She decides to be merciful and allows him to go with that hidden colors hairstyle, with the top layers seeming normal and different shades of blue and violet underneath. (Claire isn’t skilled enough to do this herself, she either gets help from a friend or they go to a salon. Jim is embarassed, especially when the trolls notice the change and won’t stop poking his hair in fascination)

- Halloween themed fic: Jim and Claire in matching outfits of dark cloth and spooky blank masks. Toby calls them boring and generic costumes, but the trolls are a bit spooked, especially when the two keep moving and speaking in perfect sync. Of course when Blinky starts giving them slightly concerned looks they break character to giggle and reassure him.
Bonus: Claire and Jim don’t spend long collecting candy before they climb up on someone’s roof and start singing haunting songs at random passersby. Toby films the whole thing to show the others later.

- parkour Jim. He just starts climbing on random things at every given opportunity. There is a reason for this. One day when they encounter a changeling, Jim immediately gets to a vantage point above them, and just drops, summoning the armor mid-fall and stomping on their back.

- the kids coming up with various codes and phrases to use if they think one of them has been replaced with a changeling or something else that mimics. All of the codes are based on memes or song lyrics.

- the trolls are concerned when the kids use dark humor. Toby goes “I just realized. I wouldn’t have to deal with this mountain of homework if I just set myself on fire.” *cue concerned looks* Jim replies “nah, that would also hurt. Like a lot” *slight relief* Jim continues “it’d be better if you grabbed an electrical cable. if your heart stops they can revive you” *conCERN INCREASES* “well if I’m not going to die, then what’s the point Jim” *CHILDREN WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS*

- I really want to write a thing where Toby and Jim are severely sleep deprived and really showing the signs of it. Giggling at almost everything, walking and bumping into random objects, having outright bizarre conversations. It ends in fluff, with the two of them falling asleep side by side while Arrrgh sits near them protectively, to ensure that they are safe through the night.

- Claire makes that joke about “drink a mug of Deathwish coffee spiked with Redbull and crushed caffeine pills so you can astral project into a Dennys parking lot and fight your shadow self” and the trolls are just “??? W h a t ?????”

- Jim is temporarily incapacitated, by burns or poison or some other injury, and he has to take a week or so off training to recover. He feels guilty, because he certainly can’t improve his skills by laying around, and he’s frustrated, because if he’d been a troll and not a fragile human, the injuries wouldn’t have even happened. The others reassure him, and bring up his human traits that have given him the advantage (ie his creativity and quick thinking, the nimbleness that allowed him to best larger foes, and his outright refusal to give up in hopeless situations)

That’s all for now, feel free to add your own ideas if you wish!

While a young Elros usually keeps his hair short due his fascination with men, he originally got the hairstyle from Maedhros. He was the only elf Elros had ever seen who had kept his hair short, like men. And since he was a child, Elros had been taken aback by it.  

When he was little and asked Maedhros why he’d worn it like that, he simply told him that because he was  the only redhead elf in all of Middle Earth, people often tried to steal his hair, and he cut it to preserve it.

It’s when Elros gets older that he realizes that Maedhros started cutting it short after his time in Angband, when it was repeatedly  pulled by the orcs. Not only that, but Fingon’s death played a role in it.

Elros wears the style with more reverence after learning that.

Alec’s Affections - Part 4

Characters: Magnus x Alec, Maryse

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Part four? Did you guys even want another part? I’m sorry if you’re getting sick of my rambling. This one is also a bit longer than the previous ones.

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 5]

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Down by the river - Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request by Anonymous <3

warnings: slight angst, reader has a traumatic past, family death

summary: Charles and Moira took you in years ago but never really left your side after what happened. Things change when you meet your significant other.

a/n: you have the hydrokinetic ability to control water


Its been years since Professor Charles Xavier and Special Agent Moira MacTaggert adopted you and treated you as their own ever since. 15 years to be precise. 

Some time ago a new mutant arrived at your school. He seemed interesting from the moment you met him. But it was neither his silver hair, nor his fascinating speed that first caught your attention. 

Your style of water-bending was mostly fluid and graceful but you were a bit out of practice. One afternoon you were in the hallway working on your water manipulation. You were right in the middle of molding it into a variety of shapes above your head.

“Y/N!” Charles called for you from his office across the hallway causing you to lose control over the enormous water bubble above your head, which naturally led to a huge puddle on the floor. 

The next thing you heard was a brisk Woosh followed by a long groan.

You turned around to find the new kid lying on the floor in the middle of the mess you made. You heard he was fast but the thought that a simple puddle would incapacitate him made you chuckle.

“Whats so funny?”, he groaned.

Realising how highly inappropriate your reaction was you stuttered “Oh my stars, I-I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t realise-”

“Ah, don’t worry its not a big deal. I should’ve looked where I was going. This was gonna happen eventually. I’m Peter by the way.”, he smirked.

You reached for his hand to help him up “I’m Y/N” you blushed. You gathered all your courage and asked “Can I make this up to you over a nice cup of coffee? Don’t worry this isn’t gonna be a regular thing. You know you slipping because of the mess I made.”, you flirted.

“Can I be completely honest with you, Miss? I would actually love to fall down because of some puddles of yours again some time soon.”

“So that’s a yes?”, you chuckled.

Obviously” he smirked. 


You spent a lot of time together up until a few weeks ago when you finally started dating. You consciously decided to ignore the Professor side eyeing your boyfriend Peter. 

Until one morning when you were in class and Peter was strolling past Charles’ office. Moira stepped out of the door and gave Pete a sign to follow her into Charles’ office. 

Charles looked at Peter and said “You are probably wondering why we are so overly protective of Y/N..”

“You know, I’m kind of getting this parent-protectiveness vibe and I don’t mind it quite frankly.” Pete 

“No, there’s more to it. And we are going to explain. You seem like a honest young man and I know your intentions are good.”

“Woah, I don’t mean to sound rude but this situation is kind of creeping me ou-”

“She had a sister…” he interrupted Pete.

“Amelia..”, Moira added.

“One day they were playing by the river and little Amy fell in. Y/N tried to help but you must know she was a child herself back then. Scared and alone. No one else around to help. It was also the day she found out about her powers.”, he sighed. “But naturally she wasn’t able to control them.”, Peter could hear the crack in Charles’ voice.

Moira continued “Amelia drowned that day. And her paren-her parents blamed Y/N.”, she shook her head in disbelief.

A million thoughts were rushing through Peter’s head but he couldn’t even speak one word. Pete was just staring at them. Speechless.

“You see young man, this is why we are very protective of Y/N. It has been a very emotional time for all of us and we don’t want her to get hurt.” Charles uttered.

Peter audibly gasped “I-I would never…”

“We know”, Moira interrupted him giving him a reassuring smile. 

Charles looked at Moira and then back at Peter

 “Yes, we know.”

The Father She Always Needed

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Bucky x Reader

Request by Anonymous

Word Count: 393

A/N: Y/D/N= your daughter’s name. Enjoy!

Life as a single mom was tough sure, but you knew it was worth it. Your last relationship had not ended amicably, to say the least, and you knew your daughter was better off away from her dad. She was four now, and you hadn’t had a long term boyfriend since your ex. You were always careful to the men you brought around her, and it made you hesitant to enter into relationships. You couldn’t let just anyone around your daughter.

This made you very apprehensive about Bucky. He was tall, dark, and handsome. Not something you needed in your life. You needed solid. Dependable. Predictable. But you just couldn’t stay away from him. And the most important thing was that (Y/D/N) loved him. She was fascinated with everything about him, from his metal arm, to his long hair, to his blue eyes. Bucky was the first real man in her life, and she couldn’t get enough of it. She constantly asked about him, wanting to know if he was her real dad. Or if he could be her dad. It made you realize that she needed a dad, or a least a male role model in her life.

The longer you dated, the more you began to trust him. Bucky loved (Y/D/N) more than you thought he possibly could. One day, Bucky was watching (Y/D/N) while you cooked dinner, playing in the backyard with her. You peeked out of the kitchen window every few minutes to make sure everything was alright. Suddenly, you were snapped out of your cooking by a loud crash and (Y/D/N)’s scream. She had fallen off of the swing and was bawling on the ground, clutching her elbow. Bucky was over to her in a flash, calming her down. You reached your daughter as Bucky was cradling your daughter.

“Daddy, my arm hurts.” Your daughter sniffled, cuddling into his chest. He looked a bit startled. (Y/D/N) had never referred to him like that, and he didn’t quite know what to make of it. Bucky looked toward you for approval, and you gave him a small nod.

“Well Daddy is going to make your arm feel better, I promise.” He smiled at her and picked her up, heading back towards the house. You followed him inside, unable to stop smiling. Your daughter finally had the father she always needed.

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Imagine Izuru and Korekiyo (seperately) doing something with their hair at night so it wont be the second coming of the Tragedy in the morning. What do they do? (like simple/fancy braids, just a ponytail, have (x) character do it for them, etc etc..)

Aww this was really cute! Izuru’s hair is probably the second coming of the Tragedy all day every day though :’)

~Mod Maki

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Random Reylo headcanon: As a child, Ben was fascinated by his mother's hair. The braids, the attention to detail. Sometimes he'd try braiding her hair. When he returns to the light side, Rey lets him play with and braid her hair when he needs to concentrate on something other than his past. He's much better at braids now than when he was 5 or 6. Leia likes to tell her so- which always flusters Ben.

This is so pure and I absolutely adore every bit of it. I want to extrapolate this to a Reylo baby who just ends up with all of these beautiful braids and people assume it’s Rey or Leia when it’s really Kylo being fastidious about fixing his little girl’s hair every morning. It calms him.

(Apologies for the Reylo, followers. Well, not really, you know the drill by now.)

How I Imagine The Court of Dream's Kids

Feysand: A little shy at first, but NOT afraid to prove you wrong. Has Feyre’s feistyness but Rhys’ wit. Not afraid to shove it in Nessian’s child’s face. Caught a suriel in a faster time than their mom.

Nessian: Quite the lady-killer. Has all the makings of a jock with the looks and the attitude. Temper can get the best of him, but nothing a little sarcasm and fight training can’t fix.

Moriel: Very goal focused. Will always be in the shadows but is the most honest of the kids. Loves to stick close to their parents and defend the others when they are bullied by Tamlin and Ianthe’s child.

Elucien: Will be a little tiny gardener with flaming red hair. Is fascinated by his father’s russet eye. Very polite and refined, but not afraid to speak their mind. Loves to ride horses and hunt. Has never caught a suriel though.

Tamlin x Ianthe: a conniving little bitch.


Haikyuu!! AU where Bokuto Koutarou is a Tokyo police officer who goes to Yachi and Kiyoko’s coffee shop every morning. Akaashi Keiji is an up-and-coming model working on the same team as Oikawa Tooru. He would watch Bokuto come into the shop every day, fascinated by his muscles his hair and his upbeat attitude. Being the quiet guy he is, Akaashi decided to introduce himself by buying him another cup of coffee.

Oikage headcanons because this ship is adorable

- Tooru honestly loved tobio from the second he laid eyes on the little tiny setter. He felt threatened by him but it kind of excited him as well.

- Tobio has a strange fascination with Tooru’s hair and always loves touching it or nuzzling his face into it.

- Tooru loves it to death when tobio touches him in any way because tobio usually doesn’t like to bother with holding hands or doing anything like that unless he’s in the mood.

- Tooru is a cooking god so whenever tobio spends the night tooru gets up a little early to make him some breakfast

- Tooru also happens to love getting blueberry items just because they remind him of his not so smol but still adorable boyfriend.

- Tobio gets flustered by it and tries to mask it with being annoyed and fails miserably.

- Tobio loves watching “scary” movies just so he can cuddle with Tooru.

- Tooru is completely aware of this

- They both watch volleyball matches just to complain about the spiker’s form and how their spikers are sooooo much better.

- Tobio gets told off for opening his eyes when they’re kissing “it’s super creepy Tobi-chan!”

- Tooru loves tobi’s pout, he thinks it’s one of the most adorable things in the world next to his (tobio’s) smile.

- The first night they spent together tooru attempted to get things heated but it ended up with just them holding hands and talking about how the government is hiding proof of aliens from society.

- Tooru quickly finds out that things between him and Tobio rarely get heated. On the other hand he realizes that Tobio craves touches as long as they’re not in open where a ton of people would judge them (poor blueberry child would be too anxious for pda)

- Tobio is little spoon no discussion it is a simple fact.

- They rarely get into really serious fights but when they do Tobio tries to apologize first because he sucks at it so he feels it would mean more.

- Tooru’s parents practically adopt tobio considering how much he’s over at the oikawa residence.

- It breaks Tooru’s heart knowing that Tobio’s parents work weird shifts where he never usually sees them so he let’s him stay over any time he wants.

- Tobio is very self conscious about whether or not he’s a good boyfriend. Tooru is quick to let it be known he’s the best boyfriend that anybody could ever have and he wouldn’t be nearly as happy without his him.

- Tobio loves falling asleep on Tooru’s shoulder because he feels safe and comfortable there. He also likes to fall asleep on top of him or in his arms. Basically anywhere close to tooru makes tobio feels warm and comfortable.

Lost in Lost in the White City

It’s honestly so fascinating how Bob transforms his face his hair his body language so that each character doesn’t even look like another. They don’t even look like him. Bellamy doesn’t look like Avi-who doesn’t look like Bob.

Avi is the catalyst

Which is a hell of a lot different than the love interest.

People keep saying how awful it must have been filming this and why would he choose to do w move where he’s scantily clad but that’s the character. And he must have known before signing up.

And as I said. This film is poignant. And really shows off what Bob as an actor has to ability to do.  

I know Bob’s  default setting is to make a joke and be embarrassed about his body. But nothing was gratuitous. Everything had a very specific purpose in Kyle’s story.

And let’s be honest between home and away and road train its nothing we all haven’t seen before.

Now while I have some personal issues with the film itself, mainly the ending, Bob’s performance is truly brilliant.

As I said Avi is the catalyst but more with the theme of the movie he is the bomb. (As Kyle has an obsession with bombs and things that have been blown up/destroyed) he essentially blows up the semblance of the normal life Kyle has been content on living thus far.

Then Avi comes in with his cocky blasé attitude, as many Israeli men are, and completely knocks him off of his axis.

He has the woman he lives with and occasionally loves. And now he has this beautiful man who is slowly becoming an obsession, sexually and mentally, who will drag him down, inadvertently, and bring him back up, before it all crashes down on them.

As a character I think Avi is maybe an unfinished thought but I suppose that’s what makes the movie work, because Kyle is an unfinished man.

And ultimately it is an unfinished story.

I hardly recognized Bob in this film. His voice is so different than his own. Than Bellamy’s. I’m always so astonished how brilliant he shines, how passionate he is, how devoted to his craft he becomes. The accent, the very simple way he smokes a cigarette, it exudes confidence and a flawless interpretation.

I have now seen 99% of Bob’s filmography and except for that tiny period of time on Neighbours, I have never been more impressed or in awe of an actor more than I am of Bob Morley.

I love the idea that Pypey has no idea how humans work, so everything Ezra does is new to him.

Pypey being kinda scared when Ezra bites his nails because “Doesn’t that hurt? That can’t be healthy.”

“Tell me more about teeth, Master.”

Pypey believing Kanan to be Ezra’s dad until Ezra laughs and says “No, my dads name was Ephraim. Here’s a picture.”

Human skin is a lot thinner and more easily broken than ithorian skin and it causes Pypey no small amount of stress.

“Your fur is so soft!” “It’s called hair, Pypey.”

Pypey hearing Ezra sing and being amazed that a human voice can sound so melodic.

Pypey being fascinated watching Ezra cut his hair.

Pypey thinking Sabine’s hair is naturally colored and being amazed when he learns that it isn’t and humans can change their hair color with chemicals. Sabine decides to let Pypey watch next time she dyes her hair. (He’s so excited)

“What, exactly, is the function of the eyebrows?”

Ezra gets him a book on human physiology for his birthday. (Pypey stays up all night reading it)

Ezra being allergic to nuts and after Pypey almost kills him with peanut butter cookies he has to explain what an allergy is. Pypey now checks his ingredients thoroughly before cooking anything he intends to give to Ezra.

Pypey being scared the first time Ezra smiles at him because he doesn’t know that when a human bares his teeth, it means he’s happy.

Feel free to add on.

single dad!michael’s little girl being so fascinated with his colored hair and asking him one day if she could dye hers purple (“it’s my favorite color daddy!!”) and when he says no she looks at him with big puppy dog eyes and he ends up putting a purple strip into her blonde hair because little girl clifford’s got her daddy around her finger


for @anarchyaustralia and @darkmikeyrises’ single dad blurb night!

Baby AU

Imagine Hide and Kaneki meeting as babies. This time Kaneki’s and Hide’s mom meet at the park after their their boys are born. The moms are just walking, Hide is strapped to his mom’s chest while Kaneki is in his stroller. They are about to pass each other, Hide’s mom is like “Oh my goodness, look at the little cutie!” And Kaneki’s mom is like, “Oh my goodness, same!” regarding Hide. They talk because they are both first time moms. Kaneki’s mom takes Kaneki out of the stroller and holds him up to Hide to say “hi.” Here, though, Kaneki is fascinated by Hide’s hair because “oh my god, it’s golden brown,” Kaneki has never seen anything like it before, since his parents both have dark black hair, so he reaches out and grabs Hide’s hair and tugs on it, making Hide cry.

After that meeting, Hide’s and Kaneki’s mom meet up to chat and have their boys bond. For a long time, Kaneki liked tugging on Hide’s hair but Hide always ended up slobbering in Kaneki’s hair so it’s all good.