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I find quite fascinating that Stephen King loathed Kubick’s Shining. King said that he wrote the Shining because he was himself afraid of the moments of hatred he could feel toward his children and how terrified he was by the idea he could hurt them. But I wonder if he didn’t try too to “excuse” himself too when writing it, since he made the character arc more externally influenced, unlike Kubrick who made the influence coming from inside for Jack. 

Especially when he says the movie was “mysogynistic in its portrayal of Wendy” when in my opinion it was extremely far from it. Wendy is shown to be the one who cares for both Danny and Jack, who craves for simple human interaction, who actually does Jack’s work when he’s in his big room “being a tormented artist”. She is rightfully terrified of him because he has already been abusive toward their son. The way she talks to him, about uninteresting things, like the weather, was for me an incredibly bright red flag. Talking about vapid, uninteresting things with Jack are the only thing she can talk about with him without triggering his violence. And in the hotel, even these topics become forbidden because it triggers his violence anyway.

She is not inherently a “crazy, empty character”. She is an abused woman who walks on eggshells around her husband as she hopes to keep him happy and keep him from getting violent toward her and their son.

And yet in her actions she shows us how incredibly strong she is. She builds up escape plans, she walks around the hotel unafraid, she does all the work that Jack was hired to do in the hotel. When she hears screams, she runs toward it, not from it. She never rejects Danny despite him “becoming” Tony, and she is never afraid of her son but she is terrified for him. 

What King I think probably refused to see is that abusive men don’t become abusive out of nowhere. There is signs and red flags long before the first fist lands on the face, but we refuse to see them and to aknowledge them because “#notallmen”

This movie is far from being mysogynistic imo, but it shows me’sn and abusive men’s mysogyny and the violence it builds toward plainly and how downright terrifying it is in a way that I think men who watched the movie can’t shield themselves from. 

There is no redeemable quality in Kubrick’s Jack Torrance because the terror these men put women and their families in IS iredeemable.

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what are some of your favorite words?



oK so most of my fav words are adjectives because they make all the difference. honestly, nouns would be virtually nothing if adjectives didn’t exist, and all stories would sound the same, with not even a minuscule sliver of diversity.

 im going to list all of adjectives and emotions that i can remember at the moment, if thats okay with you? words that are bolded are words are absolute all time favorites


thunderous, breathtaking, peculiar, meticulous, loquacious, vigorous, reluctant, eccentric, tolerable, savage, ruefully, alluring, ruthless, absurd, gruesome, enthralling, eerie, numinous, fraudulent, vague, charming, fascinating, silvery, minuscule, blank, intriguing, lascivious, pathetic, childish, prodigious, abnormal, detrimental, forbidding, ominous, enticing, malice, frantic, flushed, treacherous, subtle, mythological, questioning, burly, scarce, quivering, uneven, shaggy, glowering, crimson, petty, lavender, strange, inscrutable, hellish, deliberately, muffled, inevitable, significant, unbearabledestructive, conflicting,  vast, stoic, dysfunctional, rapid, swift, mutilated, eminent, rambunctious, boisterous, brutal, bestial, bizarre, unnerving, exquisite, vivid, severe, cavernous, foolish, mountainous, colossal, remarkable


rueful, nostalgia, sentiment, jovial, cheerful, wanderlust, sympathetic, infatuated, agony, indignant, alarm, charmed, euphoria, earnest, fascinated, quarrelsome, loathing, pensive, spellbound, ecstatic, jubilant, elated, intrigued, lovestruckparalyzed, distressed, resentful, infuriated, timid, doubtful, shocked, panicked, offended, sorrow, envy, curious, optimistic

this isnt even close to a fourth of my favorite words, so you can also check out these pages here: one / two / three / four / five