Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on March 13)

An impulsive decision on Monday – a bolt from the blue, a lark – might be the answer that solves everything, the magic piece in a rather confusing puzzle. Don’t be afraid to challenge fixed ideas. Your instinct is on to something. Tuesday and Wednesday, experiments and discoveries figure strongly. Later in the week, Thursday and Friday especially, require an adherence to standard operating principle, so put away your gadgets and stick to what you do best: communicating with people, covering details, taking care of things as they arise. Saturday and Sunday are wonderfully social.

Career & Finance

It’s sometimes difficult to see change as it’s occurring, even if it’s occurring in plain sight. Be aware that the tides are turning on Monday and Tuesday, and be more perceptive than those around you. This will put you ahead of the game. A small discovery midweek is the key to something much bigger. Thursday, you bring what you’ve observed to a conversation with someone, and you notice, in the course of the chatting, a distinctly romantic subtext. Fascinating! Friday is defined by creative, unique interactions. Wear something eye-catching and be open to anything.

Love & Relationships

Your capacity for wonder serves you well this week. The awe you feel inspires awe in others. Take a walk on the eccentric side (wear a hat, dig out an unusual pair of socks) to combat a potential midweek spell of boredom. The first half of the week is just a warm up for Friday and Saturday, which are sparking with the potential for love. When your emotions are running high on Sunday, don’t overreact. Yes, this may come to an end at some point, but most things usually do. Enjoy the unexpected gifts coming your way.


Interesting that Mister Hiddleston is the only male interviewee with whom Miss Piggy initiates physical contact.  Girl knows her stuff.  

Also, he says “I’m the biggest fan of you,” not “I’m your biggest fan,”  which I find fascinating.  Just sayin’.

Lately I’ve begun describing days like they were people again.

Monday was mulberry lips and mahogany eyes
she looked like something out of a forest
of illusions and she’d swallow you whole. There
are creatures that squeak and birds without
feathers that sleep in her hair. Some people
would call her wild, but she only sees black and white.

Tuesday couldn’t remember the night before
and there’s cigarette butts on the countertop,
her top was unbuttoned and her heels were in four
separate pieces by the doormat. Tuesday doesn’t smoke.

Wednesday was calm and iced tea mouth
she jumps at the sound of thunder and knows all
the lines of Macbeth. Sometimes she goes to the cinema
alone to watch people make out in the dark.
She has four children and she never listens to the radio.

Thursday was lipstick-stained collar. She likes
numbers. She likes the moment before the stoplight
turns green. She likes pulling her hair out strand
by yellow strand. Her kidney is in a hospital room
somewhere, floating in a liquid solution to keep it from
turning black. She doesn’t like coffee and tea.

Friday was frizzy hair. Friday was never home. Friday
was always talking to someone on the phone.
Friday was fascinated by train stations.

Saturday went to a funeral. She spoke in front
of a large crowd. She touched her nose a lot. She
only ate a piece of bread for breakfast. She took
a shower in her clothes. She went to bed early.

Sunday was wine breath. Sunday loves to use her
hands. She painted her fingers black the other day.
Sunday loves to use her hands. She writes and she
paints. She molds clay into pots. She always has a stress
ball in her back pocket. It’s blue, and a line from
Wordsworth’s Daffodils was printed on it: “ten thousand
saw I at a glance”. Sunday has a chokehold on me.

Meet me in the library: Cancer and Scorpio


I was at the public library. I always go there from 4 to 6pm on Fridays, just to not mess things up before the exams. It was a sunny day. Light bathed the tables and shelves filled with books and there wasn’t almost any sound. At the table in front of me there was a boy which I’ve seen all the times I’ve come here. He was always sat in the same place and, let’s admit it, he was attractive. And let me clear that: notice I didn’t say handsome, he was not classically beautiful, not the model-like cliché. He was interesting, hot and magnetic.

While I was thinking this useless things I’ve finally realised that he was staring back at me. For how long I’ve been in this state? For how long he’s been staring back at me?

Fridays went this way with an exchange of glances. But no words.

One day, I went to the Library with Virgo. We took place, but then, Virgo let her things on the table and left. I sat on my usual place and I saw her talking with the misterious guy. They both were happy. Virgo came back and she explained that he was a friend from her neighbourhood. Then both of us started working. I was too unconfortable with Virgo there to realise he was staring at me again.


I’ve arrived at the Library as each friday; later than I would have wanted, as usual. She was there, again; alone and within an air of calmness that was fascinating. Every friday felt the same, but I’ve decided to stop that. Instead of going to the place I use to sit I’ve sat in front of her, so we could watch us face to face.

She looked at me with her angel-like face.

- So… you’re friends with Virgo?

- Yep. - She answered.

“Oh god, what do I say? She must think I’m a creep..”

- Oh, sorry I’m such a disaster. I’m Scorpio, I’m a friend of Virgo since we were kids. - I added.

Then she smiled, she told me that her name was Cancer and explained me that she was in the same class than Virgo. We chatted about the typical thigs you talk about when you meet someone for the first time: age, where you study if you’re studying, where you work if you have a job… Then each one started working and at 6pm she left.

We started sitting together and we took a coffee together during this last weeks. She was interesting, we’ve got really similar intests, but I was worried for her because she seemed fragile. I’ve felt attraction towards her since I saw her in the library, but things are getting stronger since I started knowing her.

Before she left I’ve asked for her number. I was with my mobile in hand, prepared to hear a bunch of numbers, but instead, as it was made decades ago, she took a red pen from her pencilcase and noted her phone in a piece of paper. She waved me goodbye and left.


“Today he asked my number” I thought while I was lying in my bed at night. My mobile rang, someone was calling me. I was expecting it to be Scorpio but it was a stupid phone company. I threw the mobile at bed regretting of being so silly. Then, that shitty machine sounded again.

- I’m sick of meeting you on fridays. - Said a voice from the other side.

- Me too.

- What do you do on Sunday? I know an incredible bar in the center. Would you like to go there with me? We can invite someone too if you want.

- Okay. See you on Sunday Scorpio.

- Cancer… Good night.

- Scorpio, why have you let a big lapse between saying my name and good night?

- For nothing.

- Nothing?

- Just thinking that I’m glad to had met you - and after saying this words he hunged me.

Ezekiel Jones--Becoming His Best Self

so I’m just going to wallow in Ezekiel feelings, please bear with me

Okay so it’s obvious that Ezekiel is experiencing some growth and character development, however subtle and behind-the-scenes it might be compared to some of the other characters–we got to see a little of it when he used magic to identify the contract and confessed that he wouldn’t use the library’s resources to steal for himself anymore.

But what killed me, what absolutely KILLED me, was listening to the words of the temptation offered to him by Sess.

“you’re a swashbuckler, Ezekiel … . you really could save the world, and twice before friday.”

What’s fascinating to me is that of all the librarians, Ezekiel is the ONLY ONE whose deep-seated heart’s desire is to save the world.

Cassandra’s heart’s desire has to do with living, with achieving in the fields of science and magic, bringing the best of both for all mankind.

Jake’s has to do with protecting the people closest to him and fulfilling his promises (defeating prospero).

But Ezekiel

Oh, Ezekiel

He has this broad, sweeping scope in mind.  He’s so young and so ambitious, he has seen the best of what the world has to offer (and stolen some of it) and he thinks he’s not worthy of it on his own.  He refuses to accept that he could be the hero.  Hero is for people like Jenkins.  Eve.  Cassandra. Jake. It’s not for him.  He’s not the guy that saves the world, he’s the clever one who runs away before it blows up.

But oh, how he wants to be the hero.

and IDK I just have a lot of emotions about this young genius who thinks everyone else is better suited to this business of protecting humanity but desperately wants to be the one who is doing the saving.

And let’s not even talk about how Jenkins assumed his heart’s desire would be the basest, cheapest version of his desires–cute girl, lots of money.  That’s what everyone assumes he is, and he’s good at projecting that image.

But when the real him cracks through the surface, when his better self begins to grow up past the worst self that held the Apple of Discord and didn’t change, you can see that he really has the makings of a true hero.


Caught on camera SAPD officer arrests woman waiting for bus, but why

Published on Mar 3, 2014

SAN ANTONIO – For 25-year-old Abie Kyle Ikhinmwin, a criminal justice student at the University of Texas at San Antonio, the police speed trap along Highway 281 was fascinating last Friday. So she took pictures and began to share them.