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What will the Queen think of ourCiel if she learns the truth? Whose side will she be on? Maybe Real Ciel’s since the real one and yada yada yada but I think she will have a different reaction than that. She will probably be neutral, or side with him (Maybe because he is a Bizarre Doll and she wants them as her allies)

I’ve discussed this before, actually, since it’s part of my Mother3 theory… that the queen would choose real Ciel, and she would think she can control him better than she ever could control our earl. In fact, if John Brown has any activity within the Blue Sect, it would be for the purpose of making sure real Ciel regained the earldom and claimed the role as the queen’s watchdog.

And I think John Brown is the best candidate for Lord Polaris/“Knife Dude” (if it’s not a bizarre doll) and the mystery person in ch137…. I still think he’s one of the attackers at the manor, plus… “Knife Dude” attacked Agni in much the same way one of the attackers injured Tanaka.

Queen Victoria and John Brown would love to get their hands on real Ciel and distance him from Undertaker. Undertaker is no fan of hers for a good reason….


The Mother3 parallel would be how Claus (older mirror twin brother) dies and gets turned into a kind of Fascinating Chimera, by the Pigmask army, using technology developed by Dr. Andonuts. Then King Porky uses Claus (he didn’t know Claus’ name, so he just called him his “robot”) as the Commander of his Pigmask Army… since he was so easy to control.

Lucas (younger mirror twin brother) has a few confrontations with Claus without even recognizing him, but then they have a final confrontation in which Lucas doesn’t have the nerve to attack his brother. Eventually, Claus is reminded of who he was and that he shouldn’t fight his brother anymore. Then Claus essentially sacrifices himself, so that Lucas can win the game.

If two become one

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that Undertaker hopes to combine the soul of our earl with the body of real Ciel. And let’s even say he accomplishes this.

That’s when lies become truth.


Our earl has been calling himself “Ciel Phantomhive” for almost four years now, and the demon likes to tease him over this constant lie. However, we know our earl doesn’t actually like lying about his identity. He says he’s ok with paying the demon (a servant) his soul (wages) for fulfilling the contract (his services). He even comes to like the idea of his soul being devoured, never to be judged, and is happy to end this life (borrowed time) of “being Ciel”.

Now, Undertaker’s possible motives for combining the two are hard to explain, in full, but basically he might wish to create one Phantomhive with the physical strength and some aspects of the mind of real Ciel… and the good (let’s face it, he’s actually good, despite the things he’s done) soul of our earl. This could be the parallel to the Ultimate Chimera of Mother3. We can call this combination the “Ultimate Doll”. But, in the game, Dr. Andonuts loses control of the Ultimate Chimera, and it goes on a killing spree.

Ok, so I should hope that the combination of the Phantomhive twins, the “Ultimate Doll”, wouldn’t do that, but he/it has a good chance of defying Undertaker, since our earl doesn’t want to be Ciel forever. Being combined like that could be maddening, and he/it might want nothing more than for it to all end.

And the demon has said he’ll be around until lies become truth. Unknown to everyone, probably even unknown to Undertaker, the twins might actually need to be combined for this contract to conclude.

In Mother3, it was all about a race to fulfill a prophecy, and everything fell into place for that to happen. Same thing in Harry Potter, really. But, instead of a prophecy in Black Butler, it’s all about attempting to fulfill a contract, and everything will fall into place for that to happen.


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I think that the final battle will be somewhat similar to the one in S2, between Alois and OC, but rather than Alois it is RC and he might have an upper hand at some point but at the end it will be OC who wins.

I think it’ll be more like Lucas and Claus having their final confrontation in Mother3. Claus keeps attacking, but Lucas only blocks or takes hits— Lucas refuses to fight his older mirror twin. Lucas only wins once Claus remembers who he is, realizes he’s just being used, and that he doesn’t need to fight anymore. Claus is already dead; he’s a Fascinating Chimera… like a cyborg made from a corpse. Claus makes one final attack, but he does so knowing it’s going to rebound and destroy himself; he aims a lightning attack at the Franklin Badge that Lucas is wearing, and the strike bounces back. The boys make amends just before Claus succumbs to his injuries. Lucas is the winner, but it’s a very sad victory.

So, I imagine real Ciel going on the offense while our earl maintains defense… until real Ciel can be talked into giving up. Real Ciel might even destroy himself or beg to be destroyed. And there’s a chance that either the hair lockets or the Phantomhive ring plays some role in the fight.

Mother3/Black Butler crack theory: Undertaker being coersed

Posting on May 5, 2017 – I’ve been trying to reconcile the idea of Undertaker being behind the Blue Sect when I really want John Brown to be behind it, ultimately. I’ve found a way to explain it, but it’s a bit cracky….

So, this is what it’s like in Mother3:

Dr. Andonuts is a brilliant inventor who comes up with all sorts of things, including his Fascinating Chimera, mech suits for King Porky, etc. He’s spurred on by his undying curiosity. King Porky stole a time-traveling machine from him, but it was just a prototype, and it caused Porky to age dramatically and become paralyzed. Later, Porky’s “Pigmask Army” gets hold of Dr. Andonuts’ instructions on how to make Fascinating Chimera. His had been mostly useful creatures and relatively harmless, but the self-proclaimed king has his army and some scientists create atrocities meant for warfare… even using the corpses of humans and other animals and reanimating them with mechanics. Somehow, King Porky gets Dr. Andonuts to work in a Chimera Lab set up by the king. Eventually, Dr. Andonuts becomes terrified of his own (new) creations and the monstrous creations of the king’s army. The “Ultimate Chimera” gets loose in the lab and goes haywire, killing anyone in sight. Dr. Andonuts goes into hiding in a trash can. Lucas gets help from Dr. Andonuts a time or two, but Dr. Andonuts gets his own revenge against King Porky by sealing him in a container that cannot be reopened from the outside or from within. Porky ages but cannot die, so he’s there indefinitely. Then Dr. Andonuts tells Lucas he will only use his creativity for the benefit of mankind from now on.

So… here’s how I see Queen Victoria, John Brown, Double Charles, Undertaker and Sieglinde paralleling this:

Undertaker is a (former) reaper who becomes curious (obsessed) with life and death, so he goes on to create these Bizarre Dolls. Some “eccentric bunch” convinced Undertaker to create thousands of these reanimated corpses to see how they would fair at war at sea (on a ship out at sea). Queen Victoria finds out about it through the earl and tells John Brown that she’d be interested in making “allies” of Bizarre Dolls, meaning she wants this technology for herself. Meanwhile, you have Sieglinde creating chemical weapons for the German military without her own knowledge. Undertaker goes to work on other plans, while Sieglinde gets saved from that fake village and is given an audience with the queen. Sieglinde says she wants no more of the weaponry business and now just wants to do things for the good of the people. However, she gives the queen the formula for mustard gas in return for the queen’s support (but hides the existence and whereabouts of the SuLin). Now Sieglinde makes gadgets for boy bands and mobility mechs (for herself), but who knows what other research she might be doing for the queen (who is bankrolling the lab)? –Okay, so this first part is canon. Here comes the crackish part.– Let’s say that ever since the queen found out about the Bizarre Dolls, she’s had John working on it for her… either stealing the instructions from Undertaker, figuring it out all by himself, or finding a way to high jack Undertaker’s plans. How about he high jacks it? Say that Undertaker is working to revive loved ones, like the real Ciel, and John Brown finds a way to take over control of the whole operation. How? Perhaps using some shell company, similar to Osiris? Perhaps by taking control of the Aurora Society, now that Stoker is dead? And he would use Double Charles to assist him, too, probably. Victoria gets the earl involved because it’s a trap. Undertaker has real Ciel to look after and needs the earl, too, so he stays involved (even though he would want nothing to do with the queen). That’s the monarch, the private army, the protag, and the inventor. What about the Ultimate Chimera? Previously, I’d been suggesting that’s the combo of John Brown and Double Charles, since the UC in Mother3 has a little yellow chick on its head, and Charles Phipps has had that chicken since ch66. However, in light of events in ch127… what if the Ultimate Chimera is none other than “Knife Dude”… Lord Polaris?


Oh! I almost forgot. The things Queen Victoria says to John Brown are coded, just like orders sometimes are between the earl and Sebastian. So the BD’s as “allies” wasn’t just her musing about the idea; it was a coded order for John to work on attaining that technology. And when she says “The future of England is bright”, paraphrased, that’s an order to John (right in front of the earl’s face, no less) to also look into the Sphere Music Hall (and the Blue Sect)… and to secretly infiltrate it…. That’s how this theory goes, anyway.

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I am guessing that real Ciel is Yana's way of introducing some type of steampunk genre of biological-machine hybrid android/cyborg into the manga, this is a far-fetched theory that seems like a plausible scenario that could happen. Why not, if we already have demons, zombies, and otherworldly soul caretakers.

That’s what most of the Fascinating Chimera are that the Pigmask Army makes after stealing the technology from Dr. Andonuts. His FC’s were organic… more like genetic experiments and not meant to be harmful. Once King Porky had his army steal that information from the inventor, he had them making weird cyborgs out of corpses and stuff… and many of them were highly weaponized. They were all meant to be “animal weapons”, just like Undertaker said about the BD’s certain people were interested in using for warfare.

I don’t know if real Ciel has fake parts, unless they had to replace organs (like his heart) with mechanical ones. I suspect some particularly weird shit was done with his cinematic records, though.